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When reality isn’t.

This morning I bounded out of bed with an enthusiasm for life normally reserved for the mentally challenged. And why should I be so happy? Easy, after a day without power or water, my future was positively rosy! Time to check in on my Plurkazoids… (queue the ominous music)

Let’s take a brief interlude here to bring you up to date with my current (non) life… For the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing with Twitter (which I don’t like, and will soon jettison) and Plurk (which I do like, because it’s fun). That’s in addition to my IM conversations with blog buddies. I’m kinda like the cyber world’s equivalent of a ham radio operator. Then of course there’s my blogging, so as you can see, my (poor excuse for a) life is pretty darned full!

So there I was this morning all full of unbridled optimism for what the day would bring when my (imaginary) world came crashing down. I hit the Plurk button and nothing happened! “Fuck it!” is a pretty close representation of what I said (although I’ve edited my actual exclamation in order to maintain my PG rating), “never mind” I thought, I’ll just check twitter to see if anyone has mentioned it.

“What the fuck?!” I blurted when I nothing happened after I hit the twitter button. “Hmm” I thought (all this thinking was starting to make be feel dizzy, I prefer plurking, no thought required). “Okay, I’ll just log into IM and ask somebody about the situation” again, that was a thought, not an actual conversation,  as I live by myself, a conversation could be dangerous at this point.

Well cut off my legs and call me Shorty! There’s not one person on IM, not one! Bear in mind that I use Pidgin which is a multi platform client, so if there was anyone connected anywhere, I’d see them.

Fighting back the urge to panic, I calmly reviewed the situation. At first I was convinced I had died in my sleep, but my hands and feet felt really cold, and I had always imagined it would be quite a bit warmer where I’m going, so I discounted that almost immediately. I thought about what could have caused this catastrophic event and remembered that just before I went to bed last night, I ran one of those ‘total destruction’ type programs that gets rid of all the temp files, cookies, history, clipboard, memory dumps etc., I had also cleaned the registry, so maybe that caused it. “Nah, I can get other sites up, I just can’t get Twitter, Plurk or anyone on Google talk, Yahoo or AIM” was the unnerving thought that went through my obviously less than stable mind.

Then it dawned on me! Somehow I had been transported to some kind of parrallel universe where I was the only person. Yep that’s got to be it, no way could this all just be a coincident. Or could it?

Man, I have to got get a life.