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It must have been subliminal

I’m not quite sure how to approach this post, maybe I should just dive straight in and disregard the consequences.

Yesterday there seemed to be a small blip on the bladar; it appeared that the blogworld (or at least the oestrogen driven half) had it’s collective skirt in a tangle over an incident that occurred between two bloggers in a public forum (one widely known blogger and one reasonably well known blogger). And while the whole sordid affair was interesting, and generated a lot of extra traffic for those who wrote about it (I’m not going to write about it because a) I wasn’t even there, and b) I think it was fucking stupid anyway). In fact¬† I won’t been mentioning names at all, because I don’t want the artificial traffic that would come from all the google searches being performed on it right now.

In keeping with my intention not to be picked up by errant searches, I’ll just change the name of the event to Blogwhore a) because it sounds similar, and b) because of the sexually non discriminatory, inclusive nature of the actual name.

While I was ploughing through the thousands of words written on the tens of blogs about the incident, there was a partially formed thought being conceived in the back of my mind…”there’s something familiar about all this”, but I couldn’t put my finger on just what it was (mainly because thoughts aren’t solid objects, and also because I can’t stick my finger through my skull without causing unwanted side-effects). However, head poking notwithstanding, the thought continued to gestate, and the more I read the more it took shape, a little hand here, a clearly discernible foot there, and just like it’s old man, a huge penis right in the middle.

There was something vaguely familiar about all the fervour being spewed across the blogoshpere; those who were attending were constantly obsessing about going, and those who weren’t going were just as constantly obsessing about not going. They all seemed to be consumed with the notion of assembling at a venue somewhere and interacting with a heap of others who were obviously consumed by the same notion. They sought companionship and understanding, they found the type of solidarity than can only be achieved when a group of like minded people who get it,¬† get together and discuss how sad it is that the rest of the world just doesn’t get it.

They were able to delve the depths of their distraction, hail the hallmarks of their hobby, ogle at the objects of their obsession. And then it struck me! Holy Fuck, Blogwhore is just a Star Trek convention in disguise!

PS. What ever happened to Blogging Chicks?

PPS. I almost forgot, the title came about becasue after I had the thought for the post, I went to the blog to click on the link to the dashboard, and saw the post from yesterday.