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It must have been subliminal

I’m not quite sure how to approach this post, maybe I should just dive straight in and disregard the consequences.

Yesterday there seemed to be a small blip on the bladar; it appeared that the blogworld (or at least the oestrogen driven half) had it’s collective skirt in a tangle over an incident that occurred between two bloggers in a public forum (one widely known blogger and one reasonably well known blogger). And while the whole sordid affair was interesting, and generated a lot of extra traffic for those who wrote about it (I’m not going to write about it because a) I wasn’t even there, and b) I think it was fucking stupid anyway). In fact  I won’t been mentioning names at all, because I don’t want the artificial traffic that would come from all the google searches being performed on it right now.

In keeping with my intention not to be picked up by errant searches, I’ll just change the name of the event to Blogwhore a) because it sounds similar, and b) because of the sexually non discriminatory, inclusive nature of the actual name.

While I was ploughing through the thousands of words written on the tens of blogs about the incident, there was a partially formed thought being conceived in the back of my mind…”there’s something familiar about all this”, but I couldn’t put my finger on just what it was (mainly because thoughts aren’t solid objects, and also because I can’t stick my finger through my skull without causing unwanted side-effects). However, head poking notwithstanding, the thought continued to gestate, and the more I read the more it took shape, a little hand here, a clearly discernible foot there, and just like it’s old man, a huge penis right in the middle.

There was something vaguely familiar about all the fervour being spewed across the blogoshpere; those who were attending were constantly obsessing about going, and those who weren’t going were just as constantly obsessing about not going. They all seemed to be consumed with the notion of assembling at a venue somewhere and interacting with a heap of others who were obviously consumed by the same notion. They sought companionship and understanding, they found the type of solidarity than can only be achieved when a group of like minded people who get it,  get together and discuss how sad it is that the rest of the world just doesn’t get it.

They were able to delve the depths of their distraction, hail the hallmarks of their hobby, ogle at the objects of their obsession. And then it struck me! Holy Fuck, Blogwhore is just a Star Trek convention in disguise!

PS. What ever happened to Blogging Chicks?

PPS. I almost forgot, the title came about becasue after I had the thought for the post, I went to the blog to click on the link to the dashboard, and saw the post from yesterday.

42 Responses

  1. possibly your best post ever. (s_dance) (I’ve just got to try to make the dancing banana appear though I doubt it will)

  2. I like to hang out with social rejects instead. It’s safer. PS – Reject Club Monthly Meeting is scheduled for the third Sunday every month.

  3. Never hearing of either blogger before I looked into it after YOU brought it up on Plurk. I read two blogs on the subject and didn’t bother delving in any further because I thought it was so stupid. I did however find another blog I like to read….and not the widely known blogger either.

  4. melissa agrees with mark – (s_dance) WT (s_dance)

    marnie – I would like to be in the Reject Club, and if you reject me from your club, I will probably cry, become obsessed with the fact that I am being barred from attending, and then hate you on that basis.

    Also can we please work out the cocktail schedule. I’m a vodka drinker. Thx.

  5. If I want to hear people bicker about strange things all I need to do is go to work.

  6. I’ve got a bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla… will that do?

    Also, we at the Social Reject Club don’t ever reject someone who has passed all the qualifers for being a (air quotes)Social reject(air quotes). I’m happy to inform you that you qualify.

    BYO Dr. Pepper.

  7. Wait, if I get rejected from the Reject Club, does that mean I’m one of the cool people?

    Social hierarchy always confuses the shit out of me!

  8. You hold the “Always Reject WT” card. You can’t even get into The Hair Club for Men.

  9. (air quotes) Social reject (air quotes) may be the best phrase in the history of language. I accept your (air quotes)invitation(air quotes) and your smirnoff (air quotes)vanilla.(air quotes)

    WT – if you get rejected you have to buy the Dr. Pepper.

  10. Hey!!!

  11. Wait, just heard from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! You’re in!

  12. (s_dance)

  13. Melissa – I just don’t think (air quotes) (s_dance) (air quotes) has the same impact as an actual dancing banana.

  14. What? have you got HTML linking turned off?

  15. LMAO! I missed whatever it was you are so subtly discussing, but your rendition of it has me laughing so hard I quickly went from “…wha…?” to hysterics!


  16. Oh hey melissa…. never mind!

  17. LOL… I’ve missed you! I haven’t a clue about the whorebloggers either but hey, you are as wickedly fabulous as always!

  18. I think Mark probably (air quotes) linked (air quotes) to something awesome.

  19. HAHAHAHAHA….blogwhore! That sort of made my day.

  20. My God Willowtree, this post is wonderful. I don’t even know what you are talking about, except I figure it must have something to do with blogher. Now I have to go find out and see if I think it is stupid too :-).

  21. Hey Peter, you’d better put some lotion on, with everyone stroking your ego you’re liable to get raw.

  22. okay. where can we go to be informed??

  23. this is the first I have heard of this and now my curiosity is piqued…I just heard of the blogher convention, or, I mean the blogwhore (I love that) and it was happening just over the bay from me!! I heard it was $1000 just to register…what a waste of money, I thought.

    Can I join the reject club too??

  24. I think I know what you’re talking about; agree with “fucking stupid”. Actually, I thought that about D long before now.

    Mark, don’t you have some studying to do?

  25. I have totally been missing out….again.

    (s_dance) ~ I love that thing!

  26. Hooray, They’re ba-a-ck! I sort of miss the Mark-Marnie-Melissa-WT banter that used to fly here at Dingo. Even though half the time I haven’t a clue what you’re all on about!

  27. It took me a while trying to work out what you were talking about, till I got down to the last couple of paragraphs! Lightbulb suddenly turned on. I have to admit I clicked on one link for that little party and did not go any further. So sadly I missed out on the bickering part. Oh what a shame!

  28. Don’t have a clue which bloghers you are talking about! I’m just playing with Plurk!!!

  29. WTF? I’m confused. I don’t do the Blogher thing or Blogwhore thing, but now I want to know what happened. Your post says almost nothing yet leaves me curious to know more. (Of nothing?) It’s probably going to drive me insane. With the rising gas prices it’s a good thing it’s such a short trip there.

  30. if you’re not going to put a link in here so that we clueless ones know what you’re talking about, maybe you should consider footnotes. i’m about as lost as i’ve ever been over at the dingo, and that’s saying a lot.

    (i’m so lost i forgot to use capital letters!)

  31. Dammit! I’m tired of looking. Now I know who, but I don’t know what happened. Funny that I hate UFC but will spend half an hour looking for a catfight between two bloggers I don’t read.

    BTW, I’ve tried reading that famous blogger that everyone likes so much, but I don’t find her the least bit interesting. I think Ree’s is the only blog I read regularly that has such a huge audience.

    Oh and also BTW, what do you suppose the etymology of the term “catfight” is? I’m going to have to look this up later. The last time I used that term, Danny told me he thought it was derogatory since it’s usually used of two chicks fighting and that it refers to another term which I don’t like to use. He was totally bluffing, but now I have to check it out. Thanks for a post that would remind me of something else for which I will spend another half an hour in yet another pointless search.

  32. Well, it is official – I am completely OUT OF IT. Because I have no clue who was arguing, or what the argument was about or that Blogwhore was going on right now.

  33. Hey, if you are offering to host a BlogWhore convention, I am SO IN!! I’ll wear my BEST DAMN BLOGGER IN THE BLOGIVERSE t-shirt!! Let me know the dates so I can get it on my calendar! Australia, HERE I COME!!!

  34. To Plurk or not to Plurk, may be the question. Whether it is nobler to sneak around googling and lurking into others’ conversations or to ignore the whole damn thing. Or as usual, I can pretend that I know what the cool kids are talking about…so Princess Jenny and Queen Heather had a little tiff at the convention in San Francisco.

  35. Laurie – A footnote would still attract unwanted attention from google.

    Karmyn – We’re all out of the loop.

    Jenni – I agree with you about D00CE, I find her bland and extremely overrated, it’s that whole ‘cult of fame’ thing, without the notoriety she gained from being fired, she’d only have a handful of readers.

    Jennifer – Funny you should mention that, we’re actually working on something as we speak. DUM has coined the term ‘Blunder’ for Blogging Downunder.

    Molly – You should plurk.

  36. I’m so confused. But, I am highly entertained.

  37. I’m with Rudee. Guess I’ve been away too long.

  38. Ok…so you’re dissin’ me again. I actually have no interest in attending BH but I DO feel like I’m missin’ out on something. If nothing else, The Bloggess in her confidence wig making speeches and partying in the bathroom (men’s, although I’m not sure why).

    I threw a last minute cyber party and I’ll be durned if half the county didn’t show up! It was cool considering I had no idea it’d get that kind of attention.

    Anyways……..I have no idea what/who you’re talking about. I’m a lovah not a fightah.


  39. I haven’t a clue whats going on, don’t have the interest or energy to go searching, and loved the post!

  40. I feel sorry for the reasonably well known blogger as everyone seems to have called attention to the fact she was drunk at a convention. Who doesn’t get drunk at work parties? Really?
    D disappoints me. I loved her about 3-4 years ago, but feel like nothing but fluff has been posted since then.
    Great post WT. Dancing Banana Nirvana?

  41. Let’s have our own annual BarbieBlogBlast at WT’s.

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