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For Me???

Yesterday as I was chatting to Equoni, a package arrived on my front verandah. Here’s the interesting bit, it was actually a package from Equoni. I was both surprised an alarmed, surprised because it was totally unexpected, and alarmed because I had never given her my address! But then I remembered that Swampy had it, and that she had threatened to write it on the wall of the Colorado Springs bus stop, so it turns out that Equoni wasn’t really a stalker, she was just someone waiting for a bus.

But before I get into the package, there are a couple of other thankyous that have been owing for a long time. First off, about ten years ago (I know it was that long ago because she was still blogging at the time) Beccy (Peppermint Tea) sent me a few tasteful items (with some input from ChrisB)…

But wait! There’s more……

The first one is a postcard, the second, a thick plastic sign. Very nice of them to send me a 12″ x 10″ saying that men are full of crap don’t you think? There was also a fridge magnet that I absolutely love, but I’m too lazy to go to the other end of the house and get a photo, another time. Thank you Chris and Beccy!! Hugs….

Now this next one is a bit more complicated. A while ago Beckie (sounds the same but spelled different) had a sort of “Welcome to my new Blog, I’m quitting” give-away that I happened to win. I wasn’t trying to win anything, I was just saying hello. Anyway, she sent me a $50 Amazon gift certificate, which ordinarily would have been fine, but since there’s no Amazon in Oz, it would have cost almost the entire value of the certificate for shipping. But as luck would have it, MDW just happened to be in LA for the past month, so I forwarded it on to her, and she’s now the proud owner of an iPod Shuffle. Thanks Beckie…(smooch).

Ok, on to yesterday’s package, let’s see what in it….

Could it be? No! No-one knows of my secret obsession with bubble wrap!!! I can’t believe it! Woo hoo…

Okay, okay, don’t get your knickers in a knot, I’m getting to it…

Have you ever seen wrapping paper like that before? I know I haven’t! Ok, so now I’ll just show you what was under the wrapping without any further commentary….

Take it from me, if you’ve never had Huckleberry chocolates, you haven’t lived!

Thank you C.


17 Responses

  1. Somehow I almost believe that address works.

  2. Oh woe is me! My internet speed is at minimum! I am being taunted with half a chocolate box there! Make sure you save me one hey? I will have to come back tomorrow and have a look at the other pictures. Hopefully they will load up by then. I also was excited to find some bubble wrap in my sewing room yesterday! My daughter just shook her head at me as if I was nuts! She just does not know what she is missing! Enjoy your sweets! Don’t eat them all at once!

  3. My favorite. Huckleberry.

  4. You made a haul with Equoni’s surprise!

    You hit the nail on the head with that ‘welcome to my blog/I am quitting’ thing. That made me smile.

    I’m glad YDW got to use the gift certificate. I’m not sure that one could have turned out better.

  5. Yum – I have had huckleberry chocolates – but what a pain in the arse to pick those huckleberries. Around here you actually have to climb a mountain to get to them.

  6. I love bubblewrap. A few Christmases ago, my sister gave me a roll of the wee bubbles. We spread it out on the floor and I drove over it with my electric wheelchair. Funniest thing ever. Never gets old.

  7. How sweet, you got presents! You deserve them for all your funny posts that make us laugh. I have been meaning to ask, how is miss Belle?

  8. Awesome!
    It’s always great to have thoughtful friends who just “get” you.

  9. Nice prezzies! 8)

    I like the bubble wrap with the small bubbles … It’s a bit like a string of worry beads, except they’re just as good for general fidgeting as for outright panic. Actually knitting is also good for fidgety fingers, but then there’s no **pop**.

    I know, I’m waffling …

  10. stuff the bubble wrap, I’ll take the chocolates!

  11. You made me laugh several times!

    What great gifts you received! Perfect. (Nope, I haven’t had huckleberry chocolates.)

    Sorry, but I do like the men sign.

    Equoni will have to post about her adventures in Colorado.

  12. I can’t think why I always see things to remind me of you~ it was a huge banana yesterday!!!

  13. What a wonderful surprise, fantastic gifts! Love the 2 from Beccy and Chris!!

  14. Glad the postman has been friendly to you this week… twas my birthday, and I got ferking nothing! Pooh.

  15. Now what makes you think I gave her your address?
    All I know is: Willowtree, Somewhere in Australia.

    Nice gifts, C. I’m waiting on the peaches to send you. I promise.

  16. I live in America and I have never heard of Huckleberry chocolates? I am SO in the dark.


    And yes, bubble wrap is the bomb. THE BOMB, I tell you.

    Oh wait. I don’t need to tell you. You already told US.

  17. chris b ~ lol!

    and how come Pamela knows what Huckleberry chocolates are? Cuz she’s in the know. I’d expect that from Pamela, though. she is one sharp cookie.

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