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Pensieve’s Poetic Licorice

I haven’t done a Pensieve’s Poetic Licence for a while and since she went to all the trouble of inventing her very own form of poetry, the least I could do was sign up. Here’s how it works…you have to write a five line verse using one of each of the following per line sight, sound, scent, taste, touch.

The fugitive.
He entered the room, such an unholy sight.
The sound of the women all screaming in fright.
The dogs were baying as they followed the scent,
So close they could taste him, onward they went.
Touch wood this shit never happens to me!

Ha ha ha! You should have realised that being a computer programmer,  I would follow the instructions literally!

Ok, now for the real stuff…

All around I saw angst and emotion,
And heard the hum of fervent devotion.
Such a big stink for no real reason.
All fairly bitter, like fruit out of season.
No push and shove, but what a commotion!

The Picnic.
The panorama is startling,
the birdsong sublime.
The roses are wafting
and delicious the wine.
Warm is her hand upon my chest.

I look in her eyes
and whisper her name.
Her perfume’s enticing
the chocolates the same.
I press on her thigh,  you fill in the rest!

Updated: Jenni in KS wanted to see a book cover for that last poem, so to keep her happy, here it is…


30 Responses

  1. clap clap clap clap…
    a wonderful variety of pensieve verse ( I think) (:

  2. Faint! Cough! Who are you? And what have you done with WT?

    I am now feeling a little rebuked! I, in my laziness, business, whatever you want to call it! Was not inspired straight away this week! Miss Robin did not give me a picture and Swampy did, so I wrote for her instead!

    Your poetry dear stranger! Coz Im sure someone has possessed our most beloved WT! Is amazing! Speaks to the heart and all! (Well except for that last line in the last one! I think that one is my favourite! Probably just because you mentioned the wine!) But then again Blogwhore is also rather appealing! Oh decisions decisions! Ok I love them all! (They do rhyme after all, and thats what counts in my poetry world!)

  3. There’s something about poetry that makes my eyes glaze over and forces me to become deaf. But this…this is FUN! Well done.

    (If I were even a teensy bit talented, I would have responded in verse…but I’m not…so I didn’t!)

  4. I totally agree Susan, for the life of me I can’t read poetry! I haven’t read one line of verse in the Tolkien trilogy (and I’ve read LOTR 4 times).

    You don’t have to be talented, just bored.

  5. Nice work, WT! That last poem reads like a Harlequin Romance. I’m not a big fan of those, but the last line was your saving grace, and it occurred to me that if romance novels could only make me laugh they might be okay. I think you need an illustration to go with it–one of those covers from a romance novel. I seem to remember that you have some artistic talent as well.

  6. Jenni – Done!

  7. So are you the chick with the long red hair on the novel cover?

  8. Nicole, Nicole, wherefore art thou, Nicole?

  9. You’ve got the tickler done for you book. I guess we should all submit a chapter.
    Mine will be about the velvet sheathed sword. bwaa ha ha ha ha. Oh I’m hot this morning. You’ve inspired us all

  10. I can’t say you’ve exactly inspired me – but your verse gives me hope that I can write one too. Although mine will be a bit less….meaty. hahahaha

    (okay, give me a break, I got about 4 hrs of sleep last night and it was NOT all at once)

    Oh – and LOTR – I’ve read those books 1/2 dozen times and I always skim the damn poetry.

  11. I love all the poems, but Blogwhore is my fav :-). Love the book cover!

  12. Karmyn, Hmmmm…yours will be less…”meaty”….just WHAT are you talking about??

    WT, Bored or not, you’re a good poet…always.

    It helps if people know the origin of BlogWhore (they should read for context), but the picnic?

    Oh, my…for a minute, I thought you were waxing romantic, but the last line fixed that!

    Wonderful submissions…looks like you nailed the pensieve!


  13. Love the poetry … and the bodice-ripper / penny-dreadful book cover is just hilarious. “Hide the Sausage” … hahahaha …

  14. I think you could give grandpa a run for his money with that book cover…

  15. Dare I say it WT, a masterstroke (or 3 of them).

  16. Excellent!

  17. Your poems really took me away…oh my…

    and then I had to LOL at the book cover.

    So much talent.

  18. The poems are great, very creative, but that book cover just cracks me up!!! I wish I could come up with a worthy comment! Anything that can make me laugh out loud at 8am is pretty damn good! I had to come back tonight to fully appreciate it.

  19. LOL! I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Looks like she won’t either! Bwahahahaha!

  20. Perfect cover. PERFECT.

  21. Loved every one of them! How clever you are!

  22. Thanks for some reminders of some great previous picnics in my past…lol.

    Terrific job, WT.

  23. Oh you make me laugh when I shouldn’t be. It hurts. I have missed your humor.

  24. darn but that is a good book cover!! Tears away any thoughts of insects or nastys while that is beside you in your mind rippling.

    Oh yes, poetry. Rhymed. Made sense. Instigated thought. Fantastic.

  25. Ah, great book cover. Can you write that novel, perhaps as a weekly column on this very blog.

  26. Hilarious! These are great!

  27. Who knew? DubYaT the romantic poet. Nice picnic.

  28. I’m all caught up now WT. Love the poems. @I press on her thigh and she spits in my eye??”

    Nice prezzies, that chocolate sounds good, and nice to hear about the set up you and MDW have, or should I call her YDW?

    The bone me up scotty pic was hilarious, and I’ve missed the gossip on blogher as I’ve been having a life for once. ah well, I’ll cope. 😀

  29. …. wow.

    Those were great.

    And the book cover? LOVED it. But why “a picnic gone WRONG?” I’m thinking a picnic that goes that way is a picnic gone RIGHT.

    Or is that just me who thinks that way?

    WT. You are just too talented. Love visiting your blog every stinkin’ time.

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