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No Whiners

Today I came across an old friend in the grocery store.  Spanish Peaks Black Dog Ale.  This brings back fond memories.  See, I was there when it was born.  Spanish Peaks was a microbrewery that was started in my hometown in 1991.  My chem lab partner use to bribe reward me for completing our lab assignments with a trip to Spanish Peaks.

And the mascot for Spanish Peaks was a GORGEOUS black lab named Chugwater Charlie.  He was also the source of their classic motto, “No Whiners”.

Chugwater Charlie

Chug’s motto, “no whiners” arose from Chug’s experiences in competing in the Gun Dog Hunt Test circuit.  The dogs must wait quietly for their turn to retrieve.  Its meaning has since grown to encompass these three definitions:

  1. Only quiet dogs allowed,
  2. No unjustified annoying complaints, and
  3. No people who are under the delusion that somebody cares.

Seeing Black Dog again also reminded me of a funny story.  See, Chug was an expensive but sought after stud dog because he had wonderful bloodlines, was beautifully conformed, and had a wonderful temperment.  Well, one day at work one of his puppies came in.  As he and his owner were leaving I went up to the receptionist and gushed, “Did you see him?!?  Wasn’t he GORGEOUS!!!!!”  She said, “Who?  The guy???”  I said, “NO!!!  Not the GUY, the DOG!!!!!”

She just shook her head and said, “I should have known…”


15 Responses

  1. Great story!!!

    You do realize that the Canadian is going to have all kinds of fun with you now………..?

  2. Whoops!!! I thought this was a WT story…………LOL! I should have paid more attention……

  3. Colette, that’s why I added the thumbnail.

  4. I love it! My friends and I would often gush over one particular horse at shows and whatnot. Our stories parallel each other!

    Just thought I’d pop in to say that I am back from stinky L.A. (which was surprisingly friendly) and finally have internet access. I’m now catching up on all that I missed. Sigh. Quite a bit, I’m afraid!


  5. Well, some people look like their dogs – so maybe the owner was good looking!!!

  6. He he! I also thought WT was talking at first and was finding it a little weird! (Sorry, it was the “home town” part that go me! I was totally lost!)

    Okay Equoni Im still finding it a little weird! But I get it, the dog thing! (And it took me seeing Marley up there for me to realise it was you!) Never mind, I have had a sleepless weekend( nothing new) but Im really not with it at all.

    Good to see you blogging again! 🙂

  7. I am also guilty of thinking this was a WT post, :-), it is funny either way.

  8. Ha, funny! 😀

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was funny that WT would admit to “gushing”!

    I’m still laughing at the idea that our outback curmudgeon would gush…………next I suppose he’ll be blushing…….

  10. Good thing I glanced at the comments–I simply started reading and thought it was a WT post! Seemed like a WT post… The “hometown” mention threw me off a little, but I kept reading, LOL. And then I thought about how amazing it was that they carry that beer at his little local grocery store in the middle of nowhere, LOL.

    Good post, Equoni. You fit in here great!

    We have a black lab, and yes, they are gorgeous 🙂

    Dang, I’m thirsty now…

  11. Do what? Come on guys. I stayed cornfoosed enuf as it is.
    Love the pic of Marley.
    That was my clue…after about 4 minutes.

  12. WOOF! Thanks for the smile 🙂

    Cyalayta, Mal 🙂

  13. For once I can honestly say, even under the influence of a glass of champers, I’m not confused!

  14. I agree with Karmyn. Dogs and their owners resemble each other.

    Which one of WT’s dogs looks like him?

  15. Heh heh, Im like that too. And when I used to groom dogs I’d comment on their hair dos too. 😀

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