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Fun Monday-Word Games

It’s Fun Monday, and Emily at Mother’s of Brothers is our hostess and has given us this fun assignment:


So here is your Fun Monday Topic:  Wordly Wise

Words are our building blocks, our stepping stones, and, for many of us, our salvation.  We string them together so quickly at times, we often lose sight of how precious they are.  So tell us about your favorite word… or if you can’t pick just one, tell us about a few.  Are there certain words that feel good the way they roll of your tongue?  Do some words make you feel smart?  Or silly?  Or happy?  Which words do you find yourself selecting to put in your posts?  Since this response could be a short one, feel free to poll your family and friends and include some of their favorite words as well.  If you think a definition is required, please share one.  Please keep the words rated G for all audiences.  Any language is acceptable, but please provide a translation.  And stick to real words as opposed to ones made up along the way.   We then challenge everyone to visit the posts on Monday and try to use other bloggers’ favorite words in your blog next week.  We can’t wait to expand our vocabulary!

The first thing that comes to mind is a phrase from one of my favorite books, Border Music…”like the curl of woodsmoke on a rainy night in deep autumn.”  I love that.  I just love the way it makes you think of a crisp night in fall when the smell of the cold rain mixes with the sweet smell of the autumn leaves, and you are inside next to a nice fire with maybe a bowl of homemade soup and a slice of fresh baked bread for dinner, and a good book to read.

If I have to choose just single words then three come to mind.   See, I grew up on the Gallatin River in the Gallatin Canyon and it is my most special place.  Pictures will explain.


classic view (2)

Castle Rock at Sunset

And River:


And Marley:

Marley Puppy

Speaking of Marley, I have a request.  Tomorrow is her birthday and I have been working very hard on a special post in her honor.  Please come back tomorrow to see it and help remember her on her Birthday!  Thanks!


15 Responses

  1. Oh that is the sweetest picture of baby Marley! I did not play FunMonday this week. Been to busy even to blog myself. Trying to catch up with everyone today, multitasking while the kids do their school work. I will try and email you today! (Long time/no speak!) My darling husband has once again moved me to a different computer and I am adjusting to all its differences! (I swear he does it just to confuse me! Me being the computer whizz that I am! LOL)

    Hugs xxxx Lisa
    PS. I also love the word RIVER it has a beautiful sound to it! And is very appropriate to its source! Peaceful!

  2. Those are wonderful words, and you have included pictures. I will be back for the post about your Marley.

  3. I love that quote…It makes me long for Fall, I love it when the seasons change!!!

    I will definitely be back tomorrow to read about your Marley!!

  4. I love all the onomatopoeic words like ooze and tranquil… words that sound like their meaning.

    Marley is gorgeous

  5. Now I’m hungry!

  6. You have a way with words…..I could give Marley a cuddle right now… see you tomorrow for the birthday celebration 🙂

  7. Good words. Beautiful dog.

  8. Those are great words … and even greater pictures! 🙂

  9. I hope you got to actually experience the peaceful feeling that must come from being on this river or in this canyon. And Marley is the essential cute dog! Lucky you!

  10. Wonderful pics — and I love the puppy. The phrase you chose is perfect — I can actually smell the fire I think…. thanks for joining and posting on Fun Monday!!

  11. Great photos, and what a gorgeous dog! Happy birthday to Marley.

  12. I just want to cuddle that adorable puppy!! I really liked the images to go along with your words! Really nice touch! Beautiful photos.

  13. I’ve been to the Gallatin River. My sis lived just outside Bozeman (up Bear Canyon) for a few years. I remember when she was in her front yard and a bear came strolling through….followed by the neighbors boys.

    Love the smokey autumn rain —

  14. Love all the pics! Marley sure is cute!

  15. Hey, Equoni?

    I am wondering why you don’t get your own fabulous blog. I’m sure we’d all love to visit you there, too.

    Just wonderin’. You have cool pics, you write in a cool style … you could have your own followin’.

    Heck … it would be all of us … but it would be all your own.


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