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Ok! Ok! I get it! You want Belle.

Geeze you try to do the right thing and all you get is abuse (and not the nice ‘self’ kind either). Here I am trying to be a nice guy (which you all know is not easy for me) and letting someone use the Dingo to pay tribute to her cherished (but somewhat late) companion and all I get is hate mail!

Here’s just a small portion of what I received yesterday “Hey fuck you dipshit! So you don’t want to post any more, boo fucking hoo! Getting someone else to do your posts is just bullshit, suck it up you turd-sniffing moron! If I wanted to read about touch feely crap I’d buy a Care Bears comic. Get over it you pussy and post about Belle, or any other dog you throw under a truck, I love me some crippled animal stories.ย  And teach that other bitch you got doing your work for you to swear for chrissakes! – Sincerely, Laurie

Now you all know that I’m a rather cultured person who is averse to bad language, so I’ve cleaned it up a bit and redacted some of the more unpleasant stuff, but you get the gist. Plus, truth be told, I almost drowned in the milk of human kindness you guys were spraying around yesterday, fuck me you women are a supportive lot!

Anyway, in an effort to forestall any more of these missives from this miss, and to avoid further pissy epistles, here’s a Belle update:

Her leg is about as good as it ever going to get, it still doesn’t bend and probably never will, but she’s getting around just fine and annoying the shit out of everyone within reach. I do still manipulate her leg every night in the vain attempt to restore some range of motion, but it’s pretty unsuccessful.

Here’s a bunch of short clips that I’ve strung together into one really long boring one, but I like the music…


31 Responses

  1. I hate my connection playing this in fits and starts I’m going to look for it on you tube. I see you’ve driven Belle to the bottle!

  2. Now I’ve managed to play it properly. Great little movie…. Are you heading for a new career! Feeding time in your house is a lot of fun remind me never to accept a dinner invitation. However, a great way you get the house hoovered LOL

  3. Its obvious you don’t beat them enough, they don’t even cower when your in the room!
    Belle has not slowed down, in fact she seems to have gotten faster, must be the “Chester Phenomenon”.

  4. ah. now that’s what i was looking for! sorry for all the blue language in my email, WT, but i didn’t know how else to get your attention.

  5. A fine film that I found entirely entertaining. Travolta and Willis were in fine form as usual, but the Gimp stole the show. I particularly like the way the filmmaker combines the chores of feeding the pets and vacuuming. That is a clever idea and one I’ll put into use myself. I give this film two thumbs up.

  6. This bitch says “WTF, WT.”, or in a more supportive light, “what a wonderful video you’ve created.” I love the video, the title, and the music seems to fit the action. As usual, you have entertained your adoring fans.

  7. I like this much better than the original. I’ve been sucked into watching far too many Quentin Tarantino movies. I think from now on I’ll just watch yours. Even if they suck, at least that’s only 5 minutes wasted instead of an hour. Might I recommend that you turn down the background music before filming if you’re going to put other music over top though? That’s hell at only halfway through your first cup of coffee!

    I’m very glad to see that Belle is doing so well! She’s seems quite active in spite of her stiff leg, and she seems happy too. You’re such a good doggy daddy! I can’t believe I just used that term. Excuse me, I have to go throw up now.

  8. Great vacuum cleaners! I was going to mention that Belle’s tail is quite a tool but the guy on the song said the husband had a “wacker.” So Belle’s tail is quite a wacker! I didn’t see any cats though?

  9. Chris – Your connection seems to be a catch-all type excuse.

    Paul – Ah Chester, Matt’s faithful dropkick.

    Laurie – Flashing your tits would have worked just as well.

    Rudee – Well that’s better than the one finger I got earlier.

    Molly – Aww shucks ma’am..

    Jenni – I know, it annoyed me too. That particular clip was meant to be stand alone with it’s own music included, but it was too short so I just threw it in with the others. I had muted all the sound from the clips and just had the score playing, but it seems a little fake, so I brought the clip sound effects back up a little.

    Junebug – Yes, my dogs certainly suck alright!

  10. I missed you! And Belle. I am glad to see she is doing well, dispite the weird leg :-).

  11. That’s more like it!! I can’t believe you’ve withheld pet video from us this long. Wanker.

    Nice to see Belle being her twitty self, clearly completely unaffected by the leg – it’s like that thing about bumblebees aerodynamically being unable to fly, but since they don’t know, they do it anyway. Good on yer, Belle. May you annoy the shit out of everyone for many more years to come.

    with love,
    from one gimp to another

  12. Ha!! That Belle’s got some form of doggie ADD…. (stick,stick, I’ve got a sti–ooh, look, graaaassss…)

  13. Yeah Belle!!!

    I can’t watch the clip – for some reason my computer is being a turd and keeps having problems finding the server – and if I try to watch videos – watch out.

    I tried to Plurk last night but it kept timing out and freezing. So gave up after 30 useless minutes.

  14. She is just so adorable and you can see how much she loves you!! It is so nice to see her so active, to see that she has adapted to the stiff leg. I loved seeing her run and play!

  15. Laurie, Thanks for your support. Two words…Fuck you.

  16. Wow. That does not sound like the Laurie I know. I think you bring out the worst in people, WT.

    I’m pumped to get the Belle update, though.

  17. Great video! Love the videos!

  18. By the way — how does a girl flash her tits via the world wide internet? Just in case I ever want to get your attention . . .

  19. i tried, WT, but youtube wouldn’t accept them……

  20. I feel much better having seen your crew, sir. Thanks.

    DUM’s post was such a downer today – mostly for him but I just needed a dog-inspired smile or two. The cursing helped, too, especially when I tried to picture Laurie saying it…lol.

  21. I’ve just got one word for you … webcam!

  22. The Captain Matchbox Whoopie Band? My musical education has been severely neglected.

  23. Well it is nice to see that Laurie got your attention, and wonderful to see Belle is doing so well, but its a shame that someone else had to get hurt in the process! 2 steps forward, 10 steps back! Hmmmm!

  24. always thinking, aren’t you, WT?

  25. LOL! Nope, not boring; your doggies always make me smile.

    Belle sure gets around well! And Bentley sitting up and begging, how cute was that?

    Guess I’ll try not to piss off Laurie, geesh!

    You did kinda need a smack upside the head, though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Kila – Belle used to beg like that too, before her leg got broke. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  27. Glad to see Belle is doing Welle.

    Just returned home, so this comment is coming “a day late and a dollar short” but I’m posting here instead of on the Plurk Post. I’ll probably get nailed by Laurie for posting “a touchy feely” comment but just couldn’t help myself. Equoni’s post about Marley brought back some wonderful memories of her and her BEST FRIEND when she was my next-door-neighbor. Also of losing our Boxer, Junior, and what every dog lover goes through when this happens. I do know that Equoni worked a long time on that post, honoring Marley, and was very proud of it. So proud, that she shared it with me as she was working on it several weeks ago. It was a beautiful tribute and I was so happy to see most everyone appreciated it.
    Equoni not only loved Marley with all her heart, but she also worked helping save other animals and worked to provide them more comfortable lives.
    A BITCH SHE ISN’T. That was harsh !
    OK, I’m ready to get slapped around and have swear words thrown at me…bring it on !

  28. Wow – ‘the Gimp’ is doing great!

  29. Looking good! ๐Ÿ™‚ And you’re right the music is good too.

  30. Do you think that hoovering/feeding trick would work with my kids?

    Hey … Belle looks like she is doing GREAT.

    And I totally loved the music.

    Geezshhh. Everything you do is funny.

    I about lost it when you tossed the handful of dog kibble across the room. By itself? Not that funny. When you do it? Cracks me up.

    I am way too easily entertained.

  31. Belle is looking fab, and imagining Laurie saying that made me laugh my bottom off. ๐Ÿ˜€

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