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Could this implode?

I think I have just reached another level in cross promotion. But I’m a little concerned about the effect on the space time continuum.


25 Responses

  1. Care to explain, for Plurk virgins?

  2. Implode, no. Get dizzy, yes.

  3. ha ha ha!

  4. thinks very dizzy not to mention a sea of tabs.

  5. Yeah, you can end up with a whole bunch of tabs.

  6. but i still don’t know if the universe is trouser-shaped.

  7. and i still don’t know

  8. this could go on forever.

  9. Tell me how you did it.

  10. Oh that was quite fun. But then, I don’t get out much.

  11. Har har …

  12. If anyone has a spare Life lying around, I could use one …

  13. Glass of wine, anyone?

  14. Yes please Mel, I’ll have one!

    Im starting to think I will cave and join this Plurk thing but considering the amount of time I have been on this computer today, I think I am going to turn it off instead and join Melissa! Good night!

  15. If I take up plurking, I need to not only have a split personality – but a hidden body. ( Hell…there is a skinny woman inside of me fighting to get out.)

    Definitely needs to be two of me or 32 hours in a day, 8 days a week.

  16. ps.
    I’ve discovered how to go green.
    Devour 2 pints of fresh blueberries.

  17. i hate plurk because it is taking you away from us.

  18. I can’t take anymore.

  19. Especially when many of us are not even on the same day as you, I think that implosion is impending unless Superman flys very fast in the opposite direction of the planet’s revolution cancelling your intricate dastardly time loop.

  20. Laurie you could Plurk too.

  21. Yes, you might enlighten us novices.

  22. I think it’s hysterical that it recognizes you as DingoBarbie. Could you not be DingoKen?

  23. I think DingoPee suits him better!

    Bloody hell! (hows that for Aussie lingo!) I somehow joined and now the silly plurk has planted itself on my blog! Naughty boy! Seriously its not my fault, it really is wine time and I was just following the prompts!

  24. Sandy,
    DingoKen might be a ‘mo, that is okay. But WT is not. Oh no, I have made four comments on this post.

  25. yes. Plurk virgins! I am a plurk virgin.

    Of course .. . it’s the ONLY kind of virgin I am.

    … married. what’d’ya expect?

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