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Some housekeeping and some thoughts.

Before I do anything, I need to clear something up about the Belle Update post, and I’ll do so by what’s known in html as an ‘ol’ or ordered list (as oppose to a ‘ul’, see if you can guess that one for yourself). Both tags come from the precursor to html, which was called GML (or Generalised Markup Language) and has been around since the 60s. The earliest migration to PC usage was through Wordstar (yes I know there’s sources other than Wiki, but Wiki is written so morons can understand, damn! did I just type that, I only meant to think it). Anyway, long before MSWord made documentation accessible to any clown with a keyboard, we Mainframe types had to write all our documentation using codes (or tags) that were very similar to HTML, in fact that stands for HyperText Markup Language so you now know where the name came from. Hahaha, ok enough…I was going to make this a humorous post, but humour is just too easy, so I went with tedius instead. Ah tedium, now that’s a real art!

So, onto the housekeeping:

  1. Laurie did not write that email (hers was way worse…kidding!).
  2. I have no idea who did write it.
  3. Ok, I did.
  4. Don’t piss Equoni off, the consequences can be uncomfortable.
  5. Don’t wear tight underwear, for the same reason.
  6. Don’t piss Swampy off, ah heck, go ahead and piss her off, it’s fun.
  7. Don’t piss in bed (not related to the incident, but important nonetheless)
  8. ‘Bitch’ is such a subjective term of endearment.
  9. Be careful with satire, when it’s sharp it can be very dangerous.
  10. Laurie is lucky she wasn’t near Montana or Colorado yesterday morning.
  11. I’m glad I don’t live near Montana or Colorado (just a personal preference).
  12. I think people should show me more love.

I was going to explain why I have sold my sole to plurk, but that can wait for another day, I can see you all starting to nod off.


19 Responses

  1. Of course you wrote the letter. Your style stamp was all over it. Can we all be pissed off at you now? Sometimes you just need to seethe and work yourself into a good blow up. It’s either that or eat chocolate. The chocolate is not good for your teeth or your waistline, but the anger is not good for your blood pressure. I’m not sure what the best solution is, but these are the two best remedies I’ve found. What the hell am I talking about?!? I don’t know. It’s freakin’ 5:43 AM here and I need to wake up enough to take the quiz and write a post before heading out to do more yard work. For that matter, what the hell were you talking about? It’s much easier to understand when you say it in humorous little emoticons. Thank you for explaining what HTML stands for though. That’s one of life’s little mysteries solved.

  2. uh oh. was my life in danger?

    now i finally know what it’s like to be wrongly convicted of a crime!

  3. Right. That shall be my mantra as I head to dreamland (11:15pm): “Don’t piss in bed. Don’t piss in bed. Don’t …”
    Damn now I need the loo.

  4. Hmmm Karisma is also grateful that she looked at Lauries blog first and came to the conclusions she did! Ah dubya-t what can I say? I love ya but your an arsehole! Im sure Swampy sorted that out for you/

  5. Why yes indeed, this makes everything perfectly clear. Watch who you piss off the results might be bad.

    I love sharply honed satire and sarcasm. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), some people miss where the blade is applied.

  6. you’re getting rid of your shoes to plurk? what is wrong with you MAN!

  7. Well yes, I was nodding off :-). I want you to explain what is so great about plurk, I just don’t get it…And I don’t want to get it, as I spend too much time on the computer as it is! And I do love you, even when you are an arsehole :-).

  8. You sold your “sole” to plurk??? No wonder your feet are cold!!!
    Bitch is a term of endearment??? Can’t you think of something a little nicer???
    Just so we’re clear…I was really HURT…which brings a similar reaction to pissed, but it’s not the same. You haven’t seen me really pissed. I don’t recommend it. It makes tight underwear look appealing.
    I DO appreciate you clearing everything up…that was nice.
    And I think people show you plenty of love! That’s why we need Swampy around to put you in your place once in a while!!!

  9. Somebody owes Laurie an apology for the “fuck you”. I think it’s WT.

    Hey, I send you love all the time. Until you act like an idiot. Then I usually do anyway.

  10. ah, laurie deserves a good “fuck you” every once in a while.

    just not from equoni.

    it was worth all the grief, to see that Belle video!

  11. Yeah, satire in print doesn’t always work. (I knew you were joking around.)

    Hopefully “bitch” isn’t uttered around YDW!

  12. #12. Jeez. Coming out of lurk mode to give you some love.

  13. 13. Since you’re in the housekeeping mood, my windows need ‘warshing,’ furniture needs dusting, kitchen needs cleaning…you get the picture.

    I think I just posted something, but don’t see it. Are you monitoring your comments these days?

  14. OK, so maybe I forgot to hit ‘submit comment.’
    And now, I’ve forgotten what I posted…something like, I don’t have a clue what you said in that paragraph, nor do I care !
    Second, did you just make a list? You know how I love lists. Does that mean I love those who make lists? So, I’m sending you some love…NOT ! What I’m sending is a kick to your “big girl panty covered arse” for upsetting Equoni and making Laurie look like the bad guy. No one who has a blog called Three Dog Blog would ever write something like that about a tribute to a dog.
    Third, I’m still happy Belle is Welle !
    Fourth, I love it when you piss me off…

  15. Cracking up at #7! wasn’t expecting that! GREAT!

  16. Wow. I never even noticed anyone was pissed off. WT, I am sending love your way today. It’s so hard when you’re a misunderstood genius, isn’t it. Only yesterday I pissed off a friend at the pub when they said to me “Your round” and I replied “So are you, you fat bastard”.

  17. Just here to show you a little love bitch!!

  18. ….. gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    oops. nodded off. But I cuddled up with you while I was dozing. Does that qualify as giving you more love?

    Hey. And I LIKE Equoni. The feeling is mutual.

    We are getting engaged. Or she had a previous engagement. Something about “engagement”.

  19. oh yes. And I still need to know what plurking is.

    Bet I could google it.

    Sigh. Too lazy.

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