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Fun Monday. Picture this!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Fun Monday, partly because they seemed to be getting away from the ‘show and tell’ aspect which was the whole idea in the first place (but mostly because I am lazy). So now Angela, of Aoj and the Lurchers fame has finally got it back on track.

Having signed up, I realised that I don’t actually have any favourite photos, but then that’s no excuse is it? I’ve decided to bend the rules a little, and post several, the first is rather clever I think, given that it’s a photo of a bunch of my photos! Shit! I just found it and it’s a crap photo, so that idea just bit the dust, but here it is if you’re interested.

Okay, let’s just go with a couple of arty/nature ones for starters…


and now some intersting Coke Cola shots…


Boy it sure is hard to write a post, plurk, IM and talk on the phone at the same time!!

Have a nice Fun Monday and be sure to do the rounds.


47 Responses

  1. How very funny. Neither of us posted a gratuitous puppy pic! I like your artsy ones. Very nice.

  2. Cool pictures! What language is that and what exactly IS it anyway? Coke? Love the first pic the best…the dark sky and the whiteness of the tree…very dramatic.

    (I give you 6 karma points 😉 hehehehehe)

  3. nice pix, wt! love the trees.

  4. Can’t decide if I like the first or second the best, but they’re all very nice. I recognised on the photo of the photos, the pooch with the hooch that is your blogger ID pic and at the top left on this page. Cool!

  5. Wow, that first photo is incredible! They are all great, but that’s my favorite one.

  6. The first two pictures are fabulous. I love the moon picture, and the other two are intriguing. They must be from your adventures around the world.

  7. Love the moon picture. I’m trying to figure out what that thing is sticking out of the plaid cup. I haven’t been able to pick up my new prescription of contacts – so my eyes are a little blurry.

  8. Love the arty ones. Especially the first one. Very nice.

    Where was that last Coca Cola one taken? Looks cool.

  9. Nice pictures! The moon one is really good…moon pictures are hard to take, especially good moon pictures.
    There seemed to be a lot going on in that first coke a cola picture…I’m not sure I figured it all out!
    Good to see you doing Fun Monday again! I couldn’t have picked a favorite picture….I have several, and just posted most of them!

  10. Isn’t that last picture the cabana in Thailand that you staggered out of and fell into the water?

  11. I love the light in the first photo. Definitely that one is the best.

  12. I love the first picture the best…the contrasts are wonderful. My thought when I saw the last one was “I could never live in one of those house” what country is that?

  13. Moon thru the craggy branches — always a winner.

    (Aren’t you glad I didn’t show you a moon shot.. ha ha ha… which I do have of my kids being born)

  14. Now you’re making me wish I’d visited Australia as well as New Zealand with those first two photos. Don’t know that I’ll live long enough to get back to your world though. . .

    BTW, since your Cokes come in tall, skinny bottles does that mean they have fewer calories?

  15. Wow! Well done! And here I was thinking I was multitasking! I however have still not gotten around to My Fun Monday Post! If I can manage it before I fall down from exhaustion I may just get there!

    Love the tree shots! Beautiful! Some of my favourites are similar type shots too! But I have far too many favourites and no time to resize them.

  16. AOJ is happy that she got @DingoBarbie back….oh wait. This isn’t Plurk.

    Superb pictures and I am happy your back doing FM!!

  17. I love the 1st picture – very dramatic

  18. All great but my favourites are the first two, although I wouldn’t mind joining you for the third;)

  19. I think I like the first one best. I like the trees and the sky. I agree about the fun mondays lately. I posted more before but I prefer the show and tell like this one.

  20. Hey DingoBarbie, love the pics!

  21. The first one gets a “wow” vote from me.

  22. They’re all great photos…but I think the very first one of the tree and then the moon shot would be my choices!! Your photography skills are super…well, wait….I’m thinking the last photo would be a perfect one for National Geographic magazine…so, maybe that would be my favorite.

    My FM favorite photos are shared also, I do hope you can find time to stop by.

    ….wishing you a glorious week.

  23. i love the tree photos. I’ve been missing from fun monday for about 3 months too, and i’m glad to be back. please come visit.

  24. I really like the sky in that first picture and the way the tree limbs stand out against it–almost like a bolt of lightning.

  25. so, being a snoop, i clicked to see your photo of photos. and my eyes not being as sharp as they used to be (and it being a crap photo, as you say), at first i thought one of the pictures was of a woman, head thrown back in ecstasy, big white globular breasts ….

    so i leaned in closer, thinking, that disgusting man, WT! and saw that it was a picture of a fuzzy snoopy. the full breasts? his beer-grasping paws.

    i really need new glasses.

  26. Love the sky in the first photo….
    Margaret, Soon-To-Be-Mama

  27. Love the photos, the 2nd one is my favorite. I think we need to do an intervention with you, this plurk thing is taking over your life! :-). You still have not explained it…

  28. Neat pics. but what is a little multi tasking amoung friends. – Rules there are rules – who put rules onto this game?

    No post on my end just enjoying everyone else photos.

  29. I was so hoping to come over and find a picture of a Pirate in Big Girl Panties…
    What drink are you getting ready to concoct in the third one?
    The first two are spectacular and I’m assuming the fourth was taken somewhere in Kansas.

    Do you have Skype?

  30. Fantastic! Coca Cola translates to any language, does it not? :0)

  31. Those are great!! I lvoe branch photos too!!

  32. Ok what’s the stuff in the bottle in the photo with the coke? Curious. I enjoyed your photo tour here…

  33. Love your moon shot! I obsess over moon photos – taking them and looking at them. I also think the name of your blog is hysterical. Really enjoyed visiting here.

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  34. Your first two pictures are wonderful! I’ve given up on FM, too much work!!

  35. All great photos but the first one is my favorite. It looks like there might have been a heck of a storm coming.

  36. I can’t believe you broke the rules; don’t ask me why, but I figured you’d stick to the one-pic format. So far, I haven’t seen anyone beside The Lurchers who has!

    And I do love those first two pics (not the link); you should blow ’em up to poster size and frame ’em!

  37. Dahling, you never disappoint!! You are half sensitive, artistic soul, and the other half complete nutjob!

    And that’s what I love about you!!

    Love to the fuzzybabies!!

  38. What is the bottle in front of the Coke can? Your pictures are great!!!

  39. Twit.

  40. What awesome photos! I just love the first 2.

  41. Plurk is down so I’ve resorted to blogging!

  42. Playing catch up AGAIN. What is plurking? I loved the photos. And I also loved the photo of all of your photos. Did you take all of those ones on your wall?

    Made me want to visit your house.

    So I could tidy that shelf.

    I am compulsive.

    Seriously, I loved your photos.

    Good to see ya’.

  43. OK. Not that I expect you to read all of the comments i just wrote on your previous posts (… OK, I do.) … just letting you know that I read ’em all … and they made me laugh. And Belle looks great to me.
    And I love bubble wrap.
    And your poems were super. The book cover was too much. haaaa.

    Sorry I’ve been MIA …. just spending the summer with the kids and being kinda lazy, actually.

    Just took them camping last week. Great scenery. Will post photos on my blog this week.

    Good to see ya.

  44. Woohoo, it’s like old times 😉

    I like all of these, but especially photo 1. Very striking.

    The last one is cool for its own reasons.

  45. You have forty-four frigging comments. (That is alliteration but not irony.)

  46. Here I am, finally doing the rounds…and I swear, I’ve seen these before…

    BUT..like you, glad FM got back to where it started, you know?

  47. Swampy is giving out karma points? I want karma points!

    Yes. It’s all about me. And dog uprisings. (Belle imposter! SAve the real Belle! Save the real Belle! The dogs chant.)

    OK. I’m going to bed.

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