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Oh look! It’s WT!!

Yes here I am, and aren’t you just thrilled to bits? It’s about time I gave you all the long awaited explanation of why I’m two timing my blog, and what I find so attractive about plurk.

Have you ever been in any of the following situations?

  1. You’ve laboured for hours, to produce a post where all the pictures are lined up just right, all the grammar and spelling are perfect, and most importantly the content is interesting and informative, only to have it sit on your blog for days struggling to get out of single figure comments.
  2. You subtly raise some contentious, thought provoking or ironic point, only to have the nuance completely ignored for the more obvious cheap shots about what you were wearing some 20 years ago.
  3. You pose a question, and wait with baited breathe for the next morning, where you can read all the humorous responses, except there aren’t any.
  4. You get tired of waiting hours, if not days, for positive feedback(or any feedback) for a post that has been a labour of love (and quite often requested by someone).
  5. You suffer from severe blog exhaustion after visiting all you friends’ blogs and waiting for the myriad of header pictures, sidebar bling and blaring music to finish loading before you can even read the post.
  6. You leave a breathtakingly brilliant comment on a blog, come back in a couple of days to check for a reaction and find nothing, not even any recognition that you took the time to input something in the first place.
  7. You write 800 well chosen words, arrange them in neat sentences and put all those sentences into pretty paragraphs, only to have the blog software malfunction and eat the lot.

No? Me either, but if you have experienced any of those situations and didn’t like it, then plurk may just be the thing for you! Plurk is like a cross between Instant Messaging and Blog Commenting. It’s supercharged commenting without the distraction of having to spend hours visiting blogs, wading through epic posts that would put War and Peace to shame, and wrestling with Word Verification.  The term for this whole process is ‘Micro-Blogging’ and the attraction for me is that all the comments from all the plurks (which are in fact just mini posts) appear in the one place and in real time. It makes for a fun diversion, although it can be addictive and terribly time consuming. There are some idiosyncrasies, like the timeline going backwards, and people’s obsession with karma, but it doesn’t take long to get used to. (I did try Twitter for a while, but that sucked big time).

So there you have it, the reason I’ve been absent so much lately. However, having said that, the thing that I’ve noticed about plurk is it’s accererated life cycle, you get up and running much quicker than when you started blogging, and you attract readers (friends) much quicker too, but I also see the potential for burnout as being extremely high if you get too involved. Who knows how long I’ll keep doing it, but for now it’s a lot of fun.

**Updated: As an interesting aside, it seems those who are most likely to comment on a post, also seem more likely to enjoy plurking. You just need to check the comments on this post for evidence of that.


43 Responses

  1. Wonders if you’re getting paid for this?

  2. I love Plurk, it’s got me back in touch with my blogging friends and even reading your blog again!

  3. Of course making lots of comments here isn’t going to help my karma there.

  4. There’s been a lot on talk around ‘in the blogosphere’ about blog burnout. It’s a lot of work quite often and often a labour of love. It’s true also that many blogs have diluted their content across several social networking platforms such as Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr etc and I know I’ve started to see blogs that are entirely composed of RSS feeds from an individuals various ‘life streaming’ services. I tend to feel it’s all part of the evolution of blogging and communicating on-line (ooo-er). Like garlic bread, it’s the future (like it or not).

  5. 😉

  6. I even came back to read your witty response

  7. What? You want me to comment here as well!? 😉

  8. Prairie Air has had all of those things happen to her. Prairie Air is not sure if she has ever gotten beyond single digits for anything other than a Fun Monday post.
    Prairie Air hates all those things about blogging.
    Prairie Air loves blogging though.
    Prairie Air thinks that plurking is sucking her time, brain cells, creativity, and powers of normal speech.
    Prairie Air shares that she has begun speaking in Plurk throughout the course of her day to people who don’t even know what Plurk is.
    Prairie Air wonders if these people think she is just full of herself for always speaking in the third person.
    Prairie Air needs an intervention.
    Prairie Air wishes she had never started plurking at all.
    Prairie Air was better off without Plurk.
    Prairie Air asks all you plurkers to forgive her for saying that, but it’s true.
    Prairie Air has spent way too much time plurking to the detriment of other aspects of her life.
    Prairie Air will probably quit soon and go back to writing epic blog posts.
    Prairie Air hopes she can kick this plurking habit.
    Prairie Air says she knows WT will probably only read the first paragraph of her epic blog posts if any.
    Prairie Air wants WT to know she is okay with that.
    Prairie Air feels for WT because she understands the difficulties of living with ADD.
    Prairie Air gives you all the plurk verbs in one comment.
    Prairie Air was going to freestyle on her blog now, but maybe she should shut down her computer since there is a storm raging outside.
    Prairie Air must play Fun Trivia first.

  9. Plurk is very addictive but I’m happy because Beccy is back in the fold!

  10. Glad to hear you’re still enjoying Plurk. I haven’t Plurked for quite a few days now and I’m considering resisting forever. I found it was consuming way too much of my time. I wasn’t worried too much about the Karma thing, but I found that to ‘stay in the loop’ of what was happening I needed to invest a decent amount of time in it. Who knows, I may be back.

  11. I missed Plurk while on hols…now I’m back and still loviing it! 🙂

  12. emalyse – Good points.

    Beccy – Thank you

    Aoj – Only if you want to.

    Jenni – Step away from the verbs.

    Michie – Someone was asking about you today.

    Louby – It’s fun, but it does take time, luckily I have plenty.

  13. WT, this is a fun and thoughful post about plurking, You certainly have highlighted some positive points about the medium, and your critique about blogging is valid. I definitely entered the world of Plurk because you and all of the other fun people were involved. I continue to Plurk because it is fun, addictive, and immediate.

    Now about the Karma obsession…:roll:

  14. Im still not convinced on the plurking! It does not like it when I type too fast and puts up two silly sentences instead of one! And it does not like me, I have bad Karma! Its not my fault everyone is always in bed when I get there!

  15. So far, I am a plurk virgin. Between work, sleep, and reading all of the blogs on my reader, including yours, I just don’t have the time. I am also not a fan of IM or text messaging, though, so maybe the real reason is that I am just…dare I say it? OLD!

  16. I plurk but not well! It is true I like your comments the best though.

  17. thinks that WT is a comment whore no matter what platform!

  18. First, hey Michie, that was me asking about you. Good to know your absence from Plurk was through choice.
    I started on the Twitter, Plurk, Digg, Stumble!, Delicious, etc …..path of confusion as a thoughtful and deliberate step towards finding my voice to begin blogging.
    Now I fear you may be right WT, in that the time, addiction and venues I have chosen may actually be counterproductive in that journey.

  19. Yes, I do agree about all the negative stuff, but I really don’t have the time to plurk, I don’t even have time to blog! If I had the time I would probably plurk. Since you have soooo much time, why can’t you blog and plurk? Actually you do come to my blog and comment and I appreciate you :-), but I miss your posts…

  20. I read your blog because it either gives me something to think about, makes me feel good or, occasionally, helps me feel connected to the rest of the world. Where does “plurk” fit in there?

  21. uh, did I miss out on making fun of your clothes from 20years ago? Damn!

  22. Blue Momma thinks the same as Kaytabug. WT, or DB or whatever, is a comment whore.

    That said I have thoroughly enjoyed exchanging verbs and emoticons with Papa Smurf!

  23. Prairie Air…I want of what you’re having !

    DubYaT…Are were you wearing Big Girl Panties with a pirate hat and funky knee socks 20 years ago? It’s been that long?

  24. I think Kaytabug is on to something.

    At the risk of being murdered by plurkers and being the last defender of blogdom, I think there is something to be said for putting a little time and thought into a post and actually having it in a place where people can come and see it when you are done. Maybe sometimes you feel like your work wasn’t as appreciated as you would like, but other times people really do appreciate what you’ve done.

  25. Check it: I can comment again! (thanks WP!)

    Plurk? what’s that? Never heard of the blasted thing. But, I hear people that use it do it often and with great enthusiasm–sometimes a bit too much. 😀

  26. Am I still allowed to comment if I don’t plurk?

    In other news WT, I will send you a new blog address soon. Mine got busted by a family member and I’ve taken it off line. Argh.

  27. Incredibly excellent and entertaining post, as always! You know how to hit the nail on the head.

    Beccy is there? I’m on my way!

    I’ve visited your plurkdom a couple of times. Even went through all the necessary steps to leave a comment. No doubt I would love plurking, but lack the time and energy these days. 😦 I’m a regular on some mommy-message-boards, which provide similar quick, easy feedback.

  28. aspotoft says: @PrairieAir is hilarous! And @DingoBarbie’s post is spot on!!

  29. hmmmpph. there’s no music on blog. so, no excuses.

    the last thing i need is another time-consuming interweb thing.

    but i’m glad to finally understand (more or less) what plurk is.

  30. I think you Are, therefore you Plurk.

  31. I believe you.
    I believe Jennie.
    I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows.

  32. That was enlightening! I had no idea that I was SUPPOSED to comment back on comments. I sometimes do just cuz I want to … but for instance, when you comment on MY blog, it never occurred to me that you would come back to that same post AGAIN to see how I responded. Wouldn’t have thought you had the time or interest.
    I thought only Speedcat did that on his blog.
    I am totally up for that.
    I am a comment addict.

    And for the record, I appreciate your “labors of love”. And you KNOW you have double digit comments.

  33. is there some sort of Olympic medal fer intellectual gymnastics?

  34. I’m pretty slow on the uptake, as you know! hahahahaa 😛

    Mal 🙂

  35. The only reason I even come to this blog anymore is to click the link to Trivia. hahahaha

  36. Just like you WT I miss the interaction (comments??) so decided to go off at a tangent with the blog to see if that gives me some incentive to keep blogging, you know my thoughts on Flurk already.

  37. the funny thing is I almost commented here in plurk! hehe.
    I just started plurking this week and it has been fun. I’ve had a few of the experiences you say about blogging and not worrying about getting everything to look just so is nice. It is eating into my time a lot and my hubby thinks it’s nuts!

  38. The addiction potential is exactly why I’m staying away from Plurking. I know myself – just look at the teeny Trivia problem I had last year. Glad you’re having fun.

  39. If I could figure out how to plurk from my cellphone, I would do it AND Twitter…surely there is a number to send plurks to?

    Then again, I still haven’t completely figured out Twitter. Or blogging.

    Email me if you know the cell number for plurk!

  40. Interestingly enough, I just spent hours on a post that no one commented on.
    sigh. Sigh of “I can relate”.
    (Three days ago. I’m tempted to comment on it myself. It just looks SO dang lonely with NO comments.)

  41. So scary….it’s as if you’re in my head!! No one ever comments on my blog and it makes me very sad. And I work so hard at it. Because if I wasn’t blogging, I would be forced to deal with the crap laying around my house. I don’t think I can check out plurk just yet. I am in the throes of a Facebook addiction right now!!

  42. Hi.

  43. after being away from blogworld I questioned what plurking was when I seen it someplace (can’t remember where). I made a mental note to catch up on reading blogs and then google plurking and see what’s up with this mess?

    How ya been?

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