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Just a short clip

Not much happening around here lately, but I did finally leave the house and go for a walk, and I filmed some of it for you viewing pleasure. I think it may be a bit jerky as I made it low res to upload quicker, sorry.

Did you notice the stiff legged pee position that Belle has now?

Updated: My apologies to those who asked about the music, I realised I hadn’t put it in the credits until it was too late, and it takes too long to redo the whole process, so here it is… it was the Canadian band Bourne and MacLeod, the song was Dance and Celebrate.


23 Responses

  1. It was so good I watched it twice! šŸ™‚

  2. Why is your quiz site too busy to let me in damn!

  3. what a happy little movie!

    is that what winter looks like where you are? it looks lot like our summer.

  4. Nice short movie. Wish that was my back yard! The crew looks pretty happy and yep, caught the stiff legged pee, but hey – at least she still has a leg that works somewhat! She looks rather perky and not like she is in pain and can’t get around….Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with us.

  5. This video seemed strangely familiar…

  6. I got a sense of deja vu…

  7. Dude! You have a FANTASTIC backyard!! I’m a committed urbanite, but looking at that, I got a hankering for something decidedly non-urban. Can I come visit?

    Loved how excited the dogs were – all of them circling you, looking back, making sure you were coming, that you were really going out. And I tried looking for Belle’s leg, but she moved to bleedin’ fast.

  8. p.s. also loved the song – name/band, please?

  9. They look so happy! Belle is still a beauty, even with the stiff leg.

  10. I love the soundtrack! PERFECT. who sings it?

  11. Love the video, love the music. The dogs were soooo
    happy to go for a walk! Glad to see you out and about and off of plurk :-). Yes, her leg is stiff, but she’s walking and running, that is what counts :-).

  12. Nice walk! It’s so green for being the middle of winter! And nice and sunny! The dogs look very happy! Belle does better with her one stiff leg than Poncho does with his two bad hips…he can barely squat…he just bends his knees a tiny bit…mostly he just stands still. Looked like a very nice day for a walk.

  13. Ah, that was nice … It looks so warm and sunny. I’ve had enough of snowflakes for now.
    I love the way the dogs kept turning to seek your approval. Or perhaps they just wanted you to hurry up and open the doors and gates for them. But they looked very happy to have you along!

  14. LOVED the music! Woohoo, that put me in a party mood! Gotta make some margaritas…

    Buddy is so gross! He’s all male.

    Winter doesn’t look too bad there. You even have greenery!

    And, yeah, you forgot the band name on your rolling credits!

  15. Nice choice of Canadian music! What? Your cats don’t join you for walks? Mine do!

  16. Steven Spielberg, move over.
    **enter DubYaT and Company**
    Loved the clip, especially Buddy’s antics while Belle is peeing stiff-legged. Great backyard. A bit disappointed that there was no didgeridoo somewhere, but did enjoy the music !

  17. So nice to see Belle running around like the goof she can be, even with the stiff-legged pee. Nice choice for the music, they’re not very well known outside of Canada as far as I can tell.

    Yay for Belle! And good for you for hoofing it that far, too, old man *grin*

  18. thanks for the update on the band!

  19. I’m writing down the name of that music, that was an awesome song! The video was great as well. I just love when dogs know they’re going for a walk and get so excited. As for Buddy in the video? So cute but soooo gross!

  20. I have always wanted to take a walk in Oz. It is just beautiful there, thanks for the walk. It was so nice to see Belle traveling so well. So she has a stiff leg when she pees, it is just nice that she is getting around so well. She seems happy!

    It looks nice and warm, but since it is winter in your neck of the woods what temp is it?

  21. loved the credits. ha ha ha yeah right.
    The whole thing made me wish I was there.

    (Hey… a Three Dog Night song would have worked, too. just sayin’)

  22. So erm, Buddy is into golden showers. Niiiiice. Great clip WT, and your back garden is amazing. I’d love to have a stream nearby like that. And Belle and Bentley look pretty good too.

  23. sings: “Thank God I’m a country boy! … erm girl!”

    Well … you are anyways!

    Hey … how many gates have you got over there? Is it like an aviary, where you have multiple layers to exit so if the birds exit with you they are still trapped by the next layer of the aviary?

    I thought it was smart. And it just reminded me of aviaries. Do you know aviaries kinda looks like ovaries?

    Maybe you could make a movie about ovaries.

    With the fun music you add, I’m sure it would be good.

    Liked it! If the rest of the group is coming for a visit, I’m hiding in their luggage. I hope it’s LARGE luggage with meal service.

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