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Poncho’s Adoption Day

Three years ago today I adopted Poncho!  It’s really pretty amazing that I ended up with him.  For one thing, he was in the shelter about 4 hours from where I live.  I was really sick at the time, so my parents drove me all the way up there because I had seen a dog on their website that I liked.  We FINALLY got there and I walked in and said I would like to meet “Hunter”.  The girl said, “Hunter’s been adopted.”  I told her he was on the website that morning.  She said, “Oh, well I haven’t updated the website for a while.”  I was very disappointed.  After standing there very dejected for a while, I finally decided that since I was there I might as well take a look around at the other dogs who were up for adoption.

I didn’t have high hopes, but I walked out to the outdoor kennels, and this quiet dog caught my eye because he looked like a German Shorthair.  (I grew up with shorthairs, so I’m partial to them.)  I told my parents, “Look at this one!  I like him!”  They kept trying to drag me away from his kennel to look at other dogs.  “Yeah, he’s ok, but look at THIS dog…”  But I didn’t care about the other dogs, there was something about this dog.  And he was so quiet…all the other dogs were barking and carrying on…he was just sitting there quietly.

I asked if I could take him to the meet and greet room.  We took him in there.  I took a look at his teeth (I can’t help myself, I worked for vets, I brushed Marley’s teeth every night for 12 1/2 years…I always look at teeth!) and was quite shocked to see that he still had PUPPY teeth!!!  This was not quite what I had planned on, but I was in love so I said, “I want THIS one.”  I did ask them to give him a bath before I took him home…you’ve never seen anyone look so pitiful!  They kept telling him, “this is a GOOD thing!”  He did NOT believe them!!!  They gave him a nice crocheted blanket to take home with him, especially since he had a long ride ahead of him.

Seems he’d only been in the shelter a few days.  He was found with a dog they think was his mother, walking along the side of Highway 93.  He obviously had a hard life…when I got him home he didn’t even know how to play with a toy, didn’t know how to hold a bone!  He was 5 months old and no one had ever played with him!!!

Now he’s gone from being a poor little shelter puppy to being spoiled rotten!!!  And those teeth, they’re pearly white!  I tease him that Hollywood will be calling any time!  I brush them every night!  And toys!  He’s got more toys than most kids!!!  I’m so lucky that Hunter had been adopted so that I was able to find my Poncho!  But I still tease him when I give him baths that they are “good things!”


Poncho Raincoat


21 Responses

  1. People always think that they pick their Dogs!
    Like that’s going to happen.

  2. What a handsome looking dog. I bet he loves it that you adopted him all that love and care and plenty of toys!

  3. I would love to know what Poncho is thinking in that second photo. Poncho in a yellow poncho !

    How lucky that Poncho chose you !

  4. Swampy,
    Poncho LOVES his yellow raincoat! He HATES getting wet, and won’t go out to go potty if it is raining…unless he has his yellow slicker on. If he has that on he loves to go out in the rain! He’s so cute in it! Then he comes prancing back in so proud of himself that he went out in the rain and didn’t get wet!

  5. He is stunning! Good for you both!

  6. Equoni,
    This is a heart-warming story. I love the picture of Poncho in his poncho.

  7. Awww… Look at that personality! Happy Anniversary/Adoption Day!

  8. What a beautiful dog! Lovely story.

  9. Poncho’s a beautiful dog. I’m glad you found him.

  10. Ok now I feel like a BAD Mama! Im supposed to brush their teeth? I thought thats what bones !were for! Cute Poncho on Poncho!

  11. Such a cute story. I love animals… I see that you do too! I found you some time ago, and have been lurking…. I am now commenting because this post got me…

    You are a lucky person to have such a good looking doggie!

  12. Equoni, did Poncho turn out to be a German Shorthair? He is stunning, and does have a set of teeth to be envious of 🙂 Bron

  13. Bron,
    Poncho is at least 1/2 German Shorthair…I’ve yet to figure out what the other half is!!! The other half had to have been a mix of some sort, and many theories have been thrown out there, but none have stuck! But his mother did look like she was a full Shorthair, and he shows that.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Hi Equoni!

    I loved that poncho is wearing a poncho. That is cute.

    And glad you found a wonderful dog to love. Poncho looks like a winner for sure.

    The other half of him (German short hair = the first half) is rain slicker.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WT !! It’s already the 24th here … Hope you have a nice day! 🙂

  16. I think Poncho was the lucky one! Thank God there are people out there like you who give so much of their love to their pets. Can’t hardly call them “pets”…more like “family”!

    BTW…Happy Birthday, Peter!!!!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Willowtree–Swampy outed you. You may want to consider a lawsuit when you see your photo in your pirate getup–I recognize the forest backdrop for your photo, but I’m confused. It looks more like New Zealand to me. Although I didn’t see you in your pirate panties when I was hiking this forest, I did see a lovely white shepherd.

    Your Poncho struck gold–and so did you.

  18. Happy birthday to WT for yesterday. Love your undies.

  19. Thanks Equoni! I thought Kelpie or shorthair Border Collie cross when I first saw him. Such a beautiful young man.
    Happy BDay for yesterday WT. Those legs! Is that circa 1990?

  20. Oh, Poncho is adorable.

    And Happy Birthday DubyaT. Swampy reminded me. Hope you have/had a wicked day. 😀

  21. And Happy Birthday from me, too, Peter!

    We practically share the same birthday. Mine is tomorrow. Well … it’s 15 minutes til tomorrow … but that still counts. ha.

    What did you do that was fun, I am wondering?

    I hope you post about it.

    Now get on over here and give us a hug. (((((hug))))))

    I wish you many happy and healthy years to come.

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