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WT is in da house!

I know it seems like I’ve been ignoring you, but that’s just not true (well actually is it is, but it wasn’t on purpose, I swear, profusely, specially when something doesn’t fit just right). The thing is, I’ve been on the Coast for a few days, and while the good news is that MDW finally has broadband there, the bad news is I forgot to take my passwords with me, so my intention to ‘post from the coast’ was unfulfilled. I promise to tell you all about it tomorrow.


14 Responses

  1. It’s sad when you get old and forgetful LOL we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow…oh and remember ‘don’t forget’!!

  2. LOL! Sure Sure you have just been too busy plurking all day!

  3. What a perfect excuse to just enjoy the Coast, YDW, and a little time away!

  4. my old Email address to you is rejecting. I tried to send you personal b-day wishes.

  5. You were able to plurk, yet you couldn’t manage a simple post?!?!! I’m not sure I’m buying this story!!! Eitherway I’m glad you are going to put up SOMETHING new…that last post wasn’t that great to begin with and it got old FAST. Not to mention I was getting sick of being your personal secretary and forwarding all of the messages meant for you!!!

  6. Lame excuse! You managed to Plurk! 😉

    Can’t wait to hear all about your birthday weekend. “Happy Birthday” once again, in case you missed my earlier ones! I was thinking of you!

  7. Did I read somewhere that it was your birthday? Or was my mind addled and confused by the mere sight of you in pirate panties?

    Must find that Swampwitch…

  8. I had a feeling you were at the coast, hope you had fun, now come visit my blog will ya, we miss you.

  9. He’s BACK!!! The world was wishing you a happy birthday, and you weren’t at the party! You’re cheating on us with plurk, that’s what. It’s a sort of blogger infidelity. Was going to suggest to Swampy that we hold a Where’s Willowtree contest. Belle being the prize … … 🙂

  10. Hope you had fun WT.

  11. Birthday? Really? If there were a microphone available, I’d sing you the Danish birthday song. Since there isn’t one – and given my voice, that’s probably a good thing – TILLYKKE MED FOEDSELSDAGEN!!!

  12. Gee.

    And I thought it was something that I didn’t say.

    (Happy Belated B-day, ya big galoot).

  13. Hmmmmmmmmm. MDW … YDW … I should be able to figure these out by myself.

  14. p.s. And happy birthday some more.

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