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Fun Monday, it’s the little things…

Those who know me, know that I haven’t done Fun Mondays for a while, it’s not that I don’t have Fun, it’s just that I refuse to acknowledge Mondays. But this one was just too good to pass up (in fact I’m surprised no-one has thought of it before).Β  Rayne at Crunchy Bits wants to see any useless crap that we save for no good reason. (that’s not exactly what she said, but I don’t even know if I signed up in time, I only got the assignment by reading Swampy’s blog, and if I did sign up in time, I’ll be so far down the list that you’ve already read the assignment too may times anyway).

I have lots of stuff that I can’t throw out for one reason or another; old T-shirts, books I’ve read, pens that I don’t even know if they work, old cell phones, three dogs and three cats…you get the picture. Those things I consider ‘collections’, this on the other hand is just plain dumb…

Yes those are the gizmos you get with a loaf of bread, I just can’t seem to throw them away for whatever reason! MDW even bought me this to help me break the habit…

It’s even spring loaded!…

And if you think that was exciting, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Tomorrow I’m posting about poached eggs, I’m not bullshitting, I’ve got pictures and everything!!!

UPDATE: I can’t believe that people have actually asked how my permanent bread gizmo works, I would have thought it was pretty straight forward, evidently not, so here’s a picture that I took for someone who asked about it earlier today…

As I said it’s spring loaded.

Now piss off and let me play with my bread gizmos.


36 Responses

  1. Oh my. I will be waiting with baited breath for the egg post!! πŸ˜‰

  2. LOL, my grandmas always saved those, too. Feel better now? πŸ˜‰

  3. Kila called you a grandma. Ha.

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you got me beat.
    ha ha ha ha ha.
    Yours are even more useless than mine.

  5. Your description was spot on WT, “useless crap” sums it up beautifully.
    Do your neighbors know you are poaching eggs? not from them I hope.

  6. Now this is the good stuff that keeps me coming back.

  7. Ha just knew you would keep *useless crap* my crap is at least re-useable I still have to write the post LOL

  8. Such language! Everyone will think we are all uncouth down here or something! Now why the hell are you keeping those things anyway?????? You really did not explain yourself at all! Seriously you can keep your eggs! What are you going to do with all those bread tags?

  9. the bread tags are just a wee bit psycho. but what’s the contraption in the last two pictures?

  10. thats something!

  11. I could use a few bread tags. I tend to drop every, single tag from every, single loaf of bread wrapping that I open. The fancy gizmo would not help either. I would lose that too. I usually end up twisting the plastic wrapper and tucking the end under the loaf. 😎

  12. This would have been the perfect Fun Monday for me, but I’ve long since lost track of upcoming Fun Monday assignments and even when it is Monday. I think you need to make some fabulous work of art with all those bread thingies. Have you ever seen the commercial with Martha Stewart doing a tile mosaic in and around her pool with old credit cards she’s cut up? Yeah, something like that.

  13. My grandmother-in-law saved those. When she passed away, we found THOUSANDS of them in her cupboards. Wish I have saved them. I could have mailed them to you !
    Poached Eggs? I might just up-chuck on my keyboard if I see photos. Please tell me you don’t eat vegemite with them. Please !

  14. I have a huge plastic bag collection. I hate throwing them away.

  15. Now that is a darned tootin’ SNAZZY gizmo! I want one.

    Have a terrific Fun Monday. If you haven’t visited my post, do drop by sometime! I love to have company you know.

  16. I have some of these too :-), also plastic bags, boxes, magazines, books, the list goes on…

  17. I have never seen a springloaded bread bag saver before. Glad to know they exist. What do you do with all of the bread tags?

  18. I tried to save those, but someone would always throw them away. Then there is NOTHING to keep the bread closed. :O

  19. I am sure a psy would be very interested in your case, lol !

  20. :0) I have seen a lot of the bread thingys today. Maybe you all need to start a support group of sorts.

  21. I save the twist ties. But I don’t have as many of those as you do!

  22. That is a terrifically useless collection! Perfect!

  23. That is a neat little device. I need one of those.

  24. That is the most bizarro thing to collect. In fact, as soon as I open a loaf of bread or buns, I throw that dang thing AWAY. Are you going to make a mosaic?

  25. Very cool little gizmo. My husband would be jealous of your pile of bread thingees. Every time he opens a loaf of bread he always manages to lose the little plastic tag which drives him nuts because he can’t put the bread back with out the plastic tag.

  26. Do you know, I’ve just realized they don’t have those bread tags over here anymore. We had them when we were younger, but now you just get a sticky tab thing that doesn’t reseal. So now, even though your collection is a bit pants, I covet it. That’s just wrong.

  27. It is perfectly obvious now WT…you must do an art project with those thingies….or better yet…send them to me and I will have my girl scouts create something for you!!

  28. I must say that is the most useless collection of junk I’ve seen on anyone’s Fun Monday post all day. And it makes me adore you just a little bit more than I already did.

  29. Well should society ever break down, Ala, Mad Max. With all those Bread Clips your going to be a better position to…………………..No, your going to be up shit creek live everyone else. At least start hording something useful, like Plastic Straws.

  30. Bread gizmos could be used when playing poker. With the cats and dogs, seeing as you live far from… well, anywhere.

    Love the spingloaded thingy!

  31. OMGosh, I should have mailed you my bread tabs – they’d been in good company. You need to make some kind of art thing with them – make them different colors and make an art box or something! I loved your post!
    I love “now piss off” too! He-hee!

  32. I HATE those bread tags…see we NEVER had them at my house…our bread came with twist ties. So I had never SEEN one in my LIFE. So one day wehn I was in Kindergarten we played this game where you were supposed to reach in the bag and guess what the item was…and I grabbed one of these and didn’t know what it was even when I pulled it out and looked at it, so I lost the game, and I didn’t think it was fair because I had never heard of these tags. I’ve hated them to this day!!! Everyone else got EASY things that EVERYONE had seen a million times. I like the gizmo that your wife bought you though…it looks handy!

  33. I have another friend who also can’t throw those away, she has boxes of ’em. (She also found a bat in her freezer which had died and she was keeping it as she was meant to take it to the bat research people three years previously, so I think she’s worse than you).
    Looking forward to the egg post, I read the reviews of that product and they were hilarious!! πŸ™‚

    PS what happened to your thumb nail? Is there a post in that too?

  34. Dude – I just twist the bread wrap tight and fold it underneath the loaf. No need for any gizmos.

  35. I open the loaf and toss that thing right away. Just pisses me off trying to put it back on!

  36. Now THIS is the reason I am a regular reader of your blog. I can’t wait for the Egg Post!

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