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Thank You, Swampy!!! Palisade Peaches!!!

Those of you who frequent Swampy’s Place may remember a bit of a racket being raised a few months ago about a desired box of Palisade Peaches.  Once the idea was out there I set my sights on it and begged, pleaded and groveled in pursuit of this imagined box of peaches.  You must realize that Palisade Peaches are not ordinary peaches…they are SO much better!  They are WONDERFUL.  I know this because for a short period of time I lived next door to Swampy and was able to buy these peaches…in great quantities.  I made full meals of them!

Time has passed and I figured so had peach season.  But today the FedEx truck trundled by and stopped at my house!  And he had a box for ME!!!  And that box just happened to be from Swampy!!!  I opened it up and this is what I saw:

Package and Note

What was so tenderly wrapped in those little bundles???

Palisade Peaches

Beautiful Peaches!!!  See Fishy in the background too?  He’s my 9 year old goldfish!

Thank You SOOO much Swampy!!!  You don’t know how much I appreciate these peaches!  I never have fresh fruit, so this is such a BIG TREAT!  And I appreciate so much you taking the time out of your crazy busy life to get these peaches for me and to wrap them so carefully and ship them to me!  You are the best!  I’ve already tried them, and I can tell you, they taste WONDERFUL!  You have to eat them over the sink because they are so juicy!  What a great package!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!


21 Responses

  1. they look amazing – you can almost smell them through the monitor!

  2. Those look lovely!
    I love peaches and I still resent that my father chopped down our two peach trees- what you get in the store just doesn’t taste right.

    I can’t believe you’ve had a goldfish for 9 years! Now that IS an accomplishment!

  3. I think that Fishy’s mouth is watering!! I know mine is! Yummy 🙂

  4. So glad they FINALLY arrived…don’t you just love it when that juice drips off your elbow?
    I can assure you, those were “The Last of the Mohicans”…peach season is over, finale, finished here. There is a nip of cold in the air already.
    As you know, the big party weekend is looming.
    We are expecting about 200 guests Friday and Saturday nights…including the Blue Angels, and about 50 for breakfast Sunday morning.
    It won’t be the same without you.
    Watch for pics.
    Also, I have a surprise “visitor” on my post Tuesday. You’ll just love it.

    Sweet dreams, my friend. Thanks for the Thank You Post. That was so sweet that you took the time to share with everyone.

    Where’s that Pantified Pirate friend of ours?

  5. Yay! Glad you finally got those peaches! I was getting worried you’d give up your vegetarian ways and eat Poncho instead! Enjoy!

  6. I was soooo confused reading this. I couldn’t understand why Swampy would call WT Cristy. Wait, is WT really a woman? Or is his real name not Peter but something girlier? Did he really live next door to Swampy at one time? And Swampy is from Oklahoma and may or may not know Ree and Pamela is Karmyn’s (or some blogger’s) mother and OH MY! I can’t keep up! Thank goodness I remembered to go back up to the top and see who wrote the post. I’m glad Equoni got her peaches, but the question still remains: Is WT really a girl? Also, who is this Pantified Pirate friend? Very strange.

    The peaches sound delicious, but I hope you peal them before eating. I’m choosing to believe you do. Peach fuzz freaks me out. I usually just buy their bald cousins.

  7. Peter, I thought you had written this, too. All I kept thinking is WHY don’t you ever have fresh fruit? Don’t you know that’s the quickest way to scurvy?

  8. That’s like the best gift EVER! And reading you write so…so…gleefully…well, let’s just say THAT was a treat in-and-of itself. 😀 It’s true what they say: “The way to a man’s heart…”


  9. That is such a great gift and they look wonderful, Swampy is such a kind neighbour.

  10. I can almost taste those peaches now.

  11. Oops. Hi Cristy. Peter caught my mistake.

    Nice to meet you!

  12. Jenni! You are making it all much harder than it is!!! And to answer the Pirate question, click on the link to Swampy’s place, on the right side go to the Archives, click on August 2008 and go to the post for August 25 and look at the picture that was posted on WT’s birthday, August 24th…all your questions will be answered…well, at least the Pirate one…..

  13. Wow, what a wonderful gift! (I need to send Swampy my addresss…LOL) Enjoy!

    I’m stuck on “9 yr old goldfish”!

  14. Fan-bloody-tastic! Oh lucky you. Yay! 🙂

  15. Those look gorgeous. That’s so cool that Swampy did that. Slurp.

  16. I sure was confused by this post too……I had to read everyone else’s comments before I figured out that it really wasn’t WT that was posting, because I didn’t really think that he could possibly have been a neighbor to Swampy! It’s all good now and I am glad that someone enjoyed the peaches!!

  17. And at first I thought “Cristy” was one of those Aussie names…and Swampy was being cute.

    Thanks a lot – I now have drool in my keyboard.

  18. Those are gorgeous peaches, Equoni.

    Now for the real reason for leaving a comment. WT, when you brought Equoni on board, I figured you both would be entertaining us (your faithful readers) on a regular basis. But I got to tell you, this kind of regular is getting to be kind of constipating. So write already. Post some pictures of your furballs. You can do it, I know you can…

  19. You are a lucky bugger old boy!! Hope they taste great.

  20. mmmmmm!!!

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