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A plurky post.

Here’s how we do it in plurk:

Willowtree wonders why are those most likely to complain about me not posting often enough, the least likely to comment when I do?


30 Responses

  1. It’s definitely one for the twilight zone!

  2. Thinks maybe people are too lazy to click through to comment after reading your blog in their reader. I know I am guilty of that one from time to time.

    Having said that I do enjoy reading your blog posts

  3. Well, exsqueeze me, but I think I commented twice on yesterday’s post, you friggin’ plurkaholic.

    Okay, I’m just kidding. Either that or I already feel the need to yell at someone this morning.

  4. He, he…you are always the best teacher. I notice that the three commenters above are all Plurkers. However, Jenni in Kansas has been missing in action from Plurkville for sometime. I have missed her conversations.

  5. I’ll add another comment from a follow plurker.
    I do miss your posts and your comments!!

  6. Jesus Christ. You’re worse than an old lady.

  7. comment comment comment

  8. I both nag and comment, so I’ll assume that this was not directed at me!!!

  9. I’m slow on everything lately. But it wasn’t me either. I do read you though.

  10. Wendy wonders why anyone would complain about Willowtree at all? He’s swell. 🙂

  11. Well, I for one do not believe it :-). I complained, many times and here I am posting a comment, so there.

  12. Ha ha ha! You guys!!!

  13. Hmm….glad I didn’t say anything 😉

  14. Not I.

  15. YOU sneaky bugger!!! complaining is not posting !!! Not unless your my nanna.

  16. Ha ha. I’m definitely in the nag-and-comment boat, I do both, and so well too.

  17. Well I didn’t complain and I’m commenting soy ou love me right??

  18. That’s irony for you!

  19. I had to quit Plurk cold turkey. It was too addictive and eating away at my time. Now if I could only do the same for blogs and internet porn.

    Hahaha! Just kidding on the internet porn. Do women get into that stuff? Then again, you have no proof I’m a woman. Except Kaytabug, and she could be covering for me.

  20. Misses you when you are gone, and laughs with you when you are here. AND, I stopped by your blog today too!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  21. Well you aren’t talking about me ’cause I don’t complain…well not often!

  22. First you complain about getting/not getting awards and now you complain about getting/not getting comments.

    You would bitch if you were hung with a new rope.

    Now, run with that last sentence…

    Your admirer from Colorado and faithful commenter, most of the time…Swampy.

  23. Hey, wait just a minute. My feelings are so hurt. Stomp on my chest, will ya? I think I shall roll up in the fetal position and cry…
    I’m not one of your READS? I’m devastated !
    And I thought we had something here.

  24. Karisma SAYS perhaps they were too busy plurking??? I can’t use that excuse….I have been avoiding the computer a bit as it was taking over my life! LOL! Say hello to B for me! xxxxxx

  25. I always get a kick out of your blog! Hey. At least your honest. My blog really made you seasick? I quit twitter and plurk as facebook and blogging are taking over my life.

  26. No comment.

  27. I thought you gave up blogging to Plurk full time.

  28. Yeah, ok. I’m commenting already.

    Comment hog!

  29. sorry. i’ve been out of town!

  30. Blue Momma shares that she didn’t comment because she though you quit blogging.

    Of course she never complained either — but now that I know you are back —-bwahahahahahahaha

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