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Seeing as I haven’t used my TypePad blog for a while now (because it turned into a pumpkin halfway through the year) I thought I’d cancel my TP account. In case you live in a cave, TP is a paid blogging service, so why pay for something you’re not using right?

I clicked on the Cancel Account button and was met with a really nice farewell message that basically said, “Fuck you! If you don’t want to use our PAID service, we’re going to delete everything the second you click the OK button, this cannot be undo by anyone!” And they did.

So if you, for whatever reason, are browsing posts older than June, you’ll just get a message that says “Image not Available” where the picture used to be. If there are posts that were worthwhile I may upload the pictures again, if not I’ll probably just delete them.

So all I can say is “Fuck you very much Typepad, it’s been real”

PS. That’s why all the guys in the sidebar look different.

PPS. The Cancel Account Message also said that if you pay yearly (which I did) they won’t refund any unused months. What a bunch of pricks, just as well I waited until a week before my account was up for renewal.


30 Responses

  1. I just love it when the say fuck you without a kiss, not a pat on the hand, no foreplay at all. Bastards.

    I figured I’d stop by and make sure you could still sit down comfortably.

    Oh, and ask you to put the Moon over Australian picture back!

  2. What, no lube? Ouch.

  3. I like the way the guys on the side are looking in those new pictures!

  4. Just Ain’t Fair!! No Warning….nothing….nada. Well F*** them. But I still love your pics on the side!!

  5. Happy Halloween! Did you know that smelly farts lower your blood pressure? Eat more beans!

  6. Bastards.

  7. TP also stands for Toilet Paper. Just a thought šŸ™‚ Seems to fit here, doesn’t it?

  8. Ferking asswipes! Grrr šŸ˜¦

  9. and blogger is still free…how about that?

  10. so does this mean no more dingo?? At all?? No beagle updates? No kamikaze dog (belle) updates? what about the pug? And the kitties??

  11. seems very petty to me you paid for all that at the time-glad I stuck with blogger

  12. Love the “guys” in the sidebar.

    Is Belle not a “gal”?

  13. Love the “guys” in the sidebar.

    Is Belle not a “gal”?

  14. OMG!!! That sucks!!! Not only are images missing, entire posts are MIA too! I am sad. I would complain until the gave you back all your hard work!
    I love what you did with the kids pictures!

  15. All I can say is poor Buzz.

  16. Buzz got to kick that habit, whatever it is! Poor bugger.

    Does it also mean that your four-legged buds are going trick-or-treating tonight?? Nifty costume.

    Anyhoo, feel free to post more. Sadly, Plurk is not nearly as entertaining as your posts here, but for some of the cartoons.

  17. Wow, I clicked right over to the trivia quiz because I’m used to there being no new posts here, but just before I did I caught the words, “Fuck you Typepad” and I thought, “YES!” WT’s back! I also thought, “Let’s leave him a run-on sentence in his comments, shall we? Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s talk to ourselves in first person plural like we’re the freakin’ QoE.” New post tomorrow? More swearing? Pretty please? Love Buzz’s new pic!

  18. Wow, that sucks! Bummer.

    But what a treat to get a WT post on Halloween! šŸ˜‰

    I see your “kids” are dressed up for the holiday, LOL. Cute.

  19. Nasty b*stards. WordPress seems to be working well over here? I like the decorative pictures, your team looks very jolly and festive! :o)

  20. i love that belle smile. though i miss her puppy picture. that was damn cute.

  21. That is so rude.
    By the way I am thinking about plurking because I miss you so much, don’t make
    do it, please blog more, I beg you :-).

  22. Blushing at some of those comments! Oh my! But seriously, are they related to Telstra, Optus or Co? They all seem to be in cahoots with each other! I tried to video the dogs for you today, I promise, but they were not obliging! Bella cried a lot and kept trying to play soccer and the puppy was just looking all stupid and all! I gave up! I cannot throw Bella’s Ball and hold the camera all at once! If you want video, you will just have to come over and take it yourself!

  23. So, T.P. stands for Toilet Paper…right? Nothing liked getting screwed with not even a kiss.

    Love the side bar accoutrements.

    I tired to figure out how to Plurk with you, but my IQ doesn’t allow me.

  24. Your old type pad site is now advertising stove pipes.
    I finally took it off of my bloglines —

  25. Good lord, that’s unbelievable! Have these morons never heard of word-of-mouth? Easier to make an existing customer happythan get 10 new ones? Idiots.

    Love the new sidebar pics.

    p.s. Just realized – all the great puppy/kitten videos are gone! Waaah! D’you think you might re-post?

  26. The sidebar pics are wonderfully funny. However, The Trivia Quiz came up with image not available too. Without your trivia quiz, I will suffer withdrawal symptoms and wither away intellectually. šŸ˜¦

  27. Okay, I really have withered away as the Trivia game is still there, I just did not scroll down the screen far enough. Oops indeed šŸ˜³

  28. Well they sound like a bunch of ar*eholes WT. The pets look fab, especially the monkey carrying Buzz. All cats should wear monkeys. Did you check out the Lemonheads? I used to love the ‘It’s a shame about Ray’ album.

  29. All that just to get a picture of Beau in a trucker hat?

    Totally worth it.

  30. They probably all voted for John McCain too. Damn the corporate world!!!

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