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Well that’s strange.

Lene mentioned in a comment on the last post that the pet clips have disappeared too, so I checked it out for myself and sure enough they have gone! That is really bizarre and has nothing to do with the TypePad fiasco. The photos disappeared because they were actually living on the TypePad servers, so when they deleted everything, the links no longer worked, but the clips are on YouTube’s servers so the problem lies either with YouTube or WordPress.

Either way, when I get back to the bush I’ll reload some of them, oh yeah… for you non plurky types, I’m on the Coast for a few days.


15 Responses

  1. That is really weird. Damn TypePad.

    I hope you have a great time on the coast with your honey. Give us a shout when you’re back.

  2. Normally, I like being right (I know, who’d have thunk it), but not this time. Happy that you’ll post ’em again, though.

    Have a greta time on the Coast!

  3. hmmmm….the more I hear about Typepad, the more I think I’ll just stay with Blogger. Have a great time on your little adventure to the coast!

  4. Plurking is evil.

    Blog for us.

    Pretty please?

  5. While you’re at it, would you PLEASE put your clock back up? It’s important for me to know what time it is there…even though I very seldom know what time it is here…
    Stop Plurking and Start Blogging !

  6. Have fun and I look forward to seeing the guys again!

  7. See look what happens when you don’t feed your baby! It starves to death and starts to disappear! A little bit at a time!

  8. I am with barbara from Nova Scotia. I miss you.
    Hope you are having fun at the coast.

  9. Enjoy the coast … and I am assuming MDW.



    haven’t been by in FOREVER … not to ANYONE’S blogs. … so thought I would take a moment to stop in.

  10. what’s a “non plurky type”? Isn’t everyone on plurk?
    Heeheehee πŸ˜‰

  11. We NEED pet clips! πŸ™‚

    Swampy, I miss the clock, too.

  12. Bizarro…so now do we get new animal videos?

    And I can’t plurk. I’m Twitterpated.

  13. G’day WT, just open a blogger page and keep in touch with your loyal fans…. Oh and me too.

  14. What the hell…you can’t blame this on the computer or Type Pad, or Word Press…it’s a simple case of ATROPHY due to neglect and un-use. If you don’t use it you LOSE it.

  15. Hope you got back to the Plains OK, and alls well with you.
    Mal πŸ™‚

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