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Please stay tuned, or not.

I seem to be having some technical difficulties here at the Dingo (what else is new!), a whole bunch of posts seem to have just disappeared, it’s no big deal, no-one ever goes back and reads my old crap anyway (not even me). It’s just a bit perplexing, and I hate mysteries. Anyway, while I decide what I’m going to do about it, here’s a repost of a pet clip (as you may recall, for some reason all the YouTube clips disappeared too).

I think the YouTube stuff went becasue they changed the servers that all my stuff was on.


20 Responses

  1. I think this was the first Dingo video I watched on plurk. What a couple of lovely and happy furry critters they are!

  2. Awwwww….that’s so much sweeter than my travails with horny teenagers!! I kept thinking of Disney’s “Fox and the Hound”. You should have used the song from that, altho I really did like the song you chose.

  3. WT that was just so gorgeous. I love seeing them tumbling together. Do they ever do that now? And that song was really cool. I’ve never heard of them before.

  4. I just about fell outa my chair when I saw you stopped by and commented at my place, LOL.

    Bummer about the posts. Classic WT posts are my favorite! 😉

    Awww, babies! Liked the song, too.

  5. Great video WT. I don’t know about people never going back to read posts, I think I may have read all of yours at one time or another. That proves that either what you wrote was interesting or I have no life. hmmm.

  6. Memories……….oh how quickly they grow! Miko is turning into a chewer already! My poor garden!!!!!!! Don’t hold your breath for videos from here. I tried to upload a short one this week and 12 hours later I quit! (And yes I got into trouble for wasting the bandwidth, I should have shrunk the file or something first!!!! Blah blah blah) But seriously if you would like a video, fell free to drop in and do it yourself. I will make the coffee!!!

  7. you can watch videos on plurk?


    i miss you, WT. get those technical problems fixed, would ya?

  8. I love all your pets. They’re like my pets without having to clean up their shit or pay the vet bills.

  9. Grr to technology that makes things disappear on you! 😦 pooh.

  10. I’d forgotten just how happy your pet clips make me – am sitting here with an idiotic smile on my face. How are the wee critters? Has the accident prone Ms. Belle had any recent hairraising adventures?

    I forget if I’ve asked this before, but how come your house is sort of on stilts (low stilts, but there nonetheless)? No basement, then? Different building styles in different countries is fascinating (yes, I know I need to get out more).

  11. I was starting to think you didn’t love us anymore (if you ever did).

    Thanks for the video. So damned cute!

  12. It must be frustrating figuring out what has been lost and what is still there, and trying to restore things. As you restore lost posts you could repost them so we could read them and enjoy them….Some of us may have read them, and some of us have pulled some things out of your archives….but most of us have really bad memories! And we’d rather re-read classic WT than go for 2 weeks between posts! Especially because there’s a good chance some of it will be new to a lot of us! And we always love cute pet videos!

  13. Loved that charming interlude! They are darling and you need to send them to me at once!

  14. I was going to comment on the clip but I was rendered speechless by the editing of the pictures…lol.

    Great job on both.

  15. What Laurie said. We miss you so much, please come back when you get things sorted.

  16. Oh, and thanks for the wonderful video.

  17. hmmm…I remember the days you still had dial-up

  18. Definitely cuter that PuppyCam, which I am addicted to…

    Ready to read all you have to offer – you are missed! (I lost the internet at home, so all I can manage is to twitter and check email from my mobile. Sigh.)

  19. That sucks when that happens. hope things are going well.

  20. Sorry about all those lost pet clips. That sucks.
    Love this one. First, I’ve love the song. Have never heard of Things of Wood and Stone. Must go check that out.
    Love this clip of the ‘babies.’ I so wish we had introduced cats into our dogs lives when they were puppies.
    Great wood floors. Do you wax them on wax them off?

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