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I really am planning to post…

Believe it or not, I’ve been meaning to write a post for about a week now, I’ve even started it. But every time I try to write it, I get sidetracked by maintenance and general gardening work; Spring has hit and the grass has gone crazy…


That stuff is over my head in case you’re wondering.

Then there was this…


Which meant I had to slash the grass around it so I could get to this…


And of course, Belle had another calamity that required Veterinary attention (more on that soon). BUt in the meantime, here’s a short clip I did the other day…

See you soon.


19 Responses

  1. I came over to do the quiz so was surprised to you had done a post AT LAST. That pipe work looks quite deep; good job you can fix it yourself.
    Did you plurk about Belle?

  2. missed out *see*

  3. Heh, you mean you’ve been too busy plurking. We don’t buy all that other crap. Whatever you’ve been busy doing, it’s good to see you post again.

    I can’t believe your house is as clean as it is with those dogs getting muddy and rolling about. When we kept our dogs inside more often (and didn’t allow them in muddy), Bear would always lay against one spot on the wall and you could see a dog sized smudge just from the little bit of dirt on him and the oils in his skin and coat. And when we pulled up the carpet in that house? Eek! Carpet is evil. There is no telling what lurks beneath.

  4. uh oh. is belle ok? plurk me! no, wait. i don’t know how to do that. IM me! no, wait, i always have that turned off because otherwise i’m subjected to lengthy and meaningless IM messages from my nieces (sometimes both at the same time).

    email me!

  5. News of Belle, please. Right away. Don’t e-mail Laurie. Write a post!

  6. Oh, the joys of a broken poly water pipe! gagh! At least you were able to fix it OK – I hope?!?

    We had a minor flood at our little country sailing club last year… when we dug down to check where the leak was coming from the hose from the top-of-the-hill tank, there was a small round hole… someone had been camping [as people do all the time out there] and had somehow accidentally driven a tent-peg thru the pipe! Gagh! A one in a million thing. Luckily we were able to fix it pretty easily.

    Mal ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. uh, the grass over your head does not make the grass that tall,shorty! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. You do look busy. Good luck with that pipe and I hope Belle is okay?

  9. That’s a lot of mud. You must have an industrial sized vacuum. I hope Belle is OK.

  10. It’s obvious a woman doesn’t live with you…a dog that muddy would have never made it past the door. You know, if you don’t want tall grass, just invest in a couple sheep. I love sheep. I shouldn’t mind seeing sheep on your ranch… Just thinking of you, of course…

  11. loved the video and wow that is some grass you need to take care of!

  12. Can’t watch the video. My computer has gone on strike with anything that takes longer than 20 seconds to load. But, I did see the picture of the shooting water on Plurk the other day. Wowza!

    Hope Belle is okay – my cat, Skunky, is currently at the vet hospital – they can’t figure out what is wrong and are worried about kidney failure. I think I am going to have to put him down. sigh.

  13. Yeah my back yard has grass that high too. Unfortunately I don’t have the excuse that it’s a paddock, because it is a tiny suburban yard – I’m just lazy ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hope Belle is ok. Blimey that hound is accident prone. Looks like they had a fab time in the mud.

  15. please willow, we know you just like digging holes in your yard. If I remember correctly, you’ve done this a few times already, no?

  16. Oh my gosh, I think dirty is an understatement.

    I want film of the 12 hour Belle jaunt ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  17. Dang I wish we lived on the same continent!! We love patients like Belle!! Accident prone but immortal!

  18. That’s one hell of a muddy puppy! It’s great to see that Belle’s exuberance hasn’t been affected one bit by the ;eg debacle. And speaking of debacles – what the hell’s she been up to now?

  19. I love the video…the mud would bother me…but I love Belle…wanna trade dogs??

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