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This time it wasn’t really her fault.

Belle (aka the Walking Disaster) came home the other night and it was pretty obvious that she had something in her eye besides an eyeball. This is not the first time it’s happened, for not only is she too stupid to come in out of the rain, she’s also too stupid to close here eyes when there’s all kinds of crap getting them as she runs through fields of seeding rye grass and all other manner of sharp, pointy flora (which we seem to have more than our four share of).

She wasn’t making a big deal about it, but I’ve learned not to be fooled by her (don’t forget this is a dog that failed to mention her leg was shattered and her hip socket broken). I think that one of the reason’s she gets so injured so often is that she has such a high threshold of pain. Anyway, I had a quick look and decided that whatever it was, it would probably just come out in a tear-drop, leaving me with four scientists and a submarine in my living room*.

eye-thumbBy the following morning her eye seemed to have swollen quite a bit, so I took a closer look and saw what at first appeared to be an eyelash, but later proved something else entirely. The picture on the right was all I could see, and it really did look like an eyelash at first, but when I looked closer I discovered that it not only didn’t come from the eyelid like all the other eyelashes, but it seemed to have something connected to that disappeared out of sight beneath the lower eyelid. No matter how hard I tried it just wouldn’t budge, plus I didn’t have enough hands to hold her steady, keep her eye open and grab the object at the same time. The was nothing else to do but panic, which I’ve gotten quite good at since Belle entered my life.

I called the Vet and told them that I’d like to pay for one of their kid’s education, so they told me to come on in. Here’s where it gets interesting. I was worried about looking silly because I couldn’t get it out by myself, but in the end, each of the things I mentioned in the previous paragraph required a separate person, meaning it took three to finally get it out. And while it didn’t go so far as having the Vet standing on the table with his foot on her head, two hands straining at the object gripped with a pair of pliers and a pop like a champagne cork when it finally came out…it was pretty darned close.

In the end, it took me holding her firmly and calming her, the Vet holding her eye open while squeezing the object forward, and a vet tech easing it out with a pair of pliers. So what could possibly take this much effort just to get out of her eye?

May I present…”the object“.

No Belle post is complete without a picture of the Walking Disaster, so here’s the one that goes with the story, this is after we got home.


* Fot those who didn’t get the reference.


40 Responses

  1. How the hell did that seed work its way around to the back of her eye?

  2. She is such a brave little dog.

  3. Poor Belle! And poor WT getting all panicked! So much trouble caused by a tiny spikey thing.

  4. Oh my! That is pretty incredible. Is her eye/sight okay now?

  5. I once had a gorilla stuck in my eye.

    It was actually an eyelash but it felt like a gorrilla.

  6. Ouch! Bellleeeee! Its time you came to stay with Aunty Karisma for a while! Big hugs and smoochies! xxxxxx

  7. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! and just for the record, for those who don’t know! One of those in your paw can cause lots of nasty infections etc etc etc……so just imagine how painful it is in your eye!!!!!

    Ummm WT have you been drugging her??? Surely she was in a LOT of pain!!!!!

  8. That sounds painful! I’m glad the vet could get it out okay.

    We have something here called Spanish needles. It’s a weed that produces all these sharp, needle-like seeds that dogs are great at getting stuck in their paws. Once in, the seeds just keep twisting their way in further. Dh’s folks have had to take their dog in several times to have Spanish needles removed from her paws–and she’s almost exclusively an indoor dog.

  9. Good grief! Poor thing.

    Glad she’s OK now. Mind you just about need to be millionaire to own a pet these days.

  10. At least you keep your vet in business and most likely, highly entertained. Poor dog.

  11. Ouch, don’t know how she could stand that! Glad the vet could get it out without causing (too much) damage.

    She really does add about as much excitement to your life as a young child would!

  12. Oh such a small piece sticking out to represent the mass behind it. Who would have thought? I’m glad for Belle and you that it’s out now. Geez!

  13. Finally! I’ve been so worried about Belle. Is there such a thing as social services for pets? I’m thinking of calling them on you.

  14. Oh God! I just looked over and saw the doctored pictures of your animals kids. HAlarious. Especially that redneck cat Beau. Hoohoo.

    Anyway, I can see how that little piece could get lodged in so tightly attached to that huge pod. Poor girl. It just never ends.

  15. Wow! That is a NASTY looking thing! I can’t believe it didn’t do damage to her eye! Or that you were able to get it out without anesthesia. I’m so glad she is ok! She is one tough little girl!

  16. “The was nothing else to do but panic, which I’ve gotten quite good at since Belle entered my life.’

    I laughed like an idiot.

    Holy crap! That was almost a submarine!! How could that have burrowed its way in there? Poor baby. And you have my sympathies. At least your heart’s getting a good aerobic workout regularly with her around…

  17. ohhh, poor Belle! She is a brave girl! Jake would have been screaming like a baby girl, nonstop, if something like that even LOOKED at him. Good thing she’s got you to buy her out of all of her scrapes!

  18. Holy crap dogs are tough. Hope there’s no permanent damage done, it made me cringe looking at the object.

  19. is that like our cheat grass — it crawls right up your pants and your sleeves.. and cows throats etc.

    Poor dog.

  20. I pretty much have to say what everybody else said. Ouch, poor Belle, and “Are you sure she’s part Border Collie?” Those things are nasty when they get stuck in fur – I can’t imagine the eye.

    I’ll add that once my mom’s cat had a cactus spine stuck up her urinary tract.

  21. Holy CRAP!
    That makes me feel ill. Well it’s either that or the one too many bundys last night.

  22. Aaack my eyeballs are watering at the thought of having that stuck in there! What a dog, she looks so darn sweet but I’m sure glad you own her and not be because I swear I’d be a complete wreck by now and all the things she’s gotten into. I’m going to go hug Mushu now.

  23. i love the way belle lives life–with abandon and enthusiasm and passion.
    but man, it’s painful.

  24. Yikes! Poor Belle, poor you. I love that little girl of yours.

  25. Oh my…poor Belle and poor WT’s bank account.

  26. Poor Belle! Lucky for her to have found such a good daddy. But honestly? She needs one of those suits like the boy in the bubble.

    You remember that movie, right? Ha You are old like me – of course you do!

  27. Your pets are more expensive than my children.

    I hope her eye is okay.

  28. Holy crap!!!

  29. Ouch, poor Belle. That must have been so painful.

  30. Your poor walking disaster. I cant imagine how you cope with all the stress..lol

  31. MiBELLE, MaBELLE sont des mots qui vo bien ensemble, trA bine ensemble…

    My apologies to The Beatles.

    So glad to know that Belle is feeling well enough to go crashing through a field of wheat-looking weeds…only to impale one into her eyeball.

    We have what is knows as cheat grass that looks very much like what Belle captured with her eyeball. Bubba came in sneezing, snorting, drooling, coughing, hacking…ok, you get the picture, which went on for about 2 hours. Took him to the vet, and yes, I’ve educated his kids all the way through dental school now, and he removed something very similar to Belle’s treasure from Bubba’s nostril. (Cheat Grass) It is taped to his records…that’ll be $100 please. The very next week Bubba came in scratching his ear, shaking his head, rolling of the floor, rubbing against every piece of soft furniture…you get the picture. Two hours later, the vet removed and taped another piece of $100 cheat grass to Bubba’s chart.

    Which reminds me, I had pink eye, compliments of my grandkids about two months ago. I went to the vet to see if he could remove the sand paper that had attached itself to the back of my eyelids. He told me he only specialized in cheat grass. That’ll be $100 please.

  32. Re: Your question at my place…We’ll fry one up at Christmas when the adventuresome son who likes to create grease fires arrives. Hopefully, Thanksgiving will pass withouth the fire department showing up.

  33. WT, I think it is just admirable that you are willing to educate another man’s children!! Just think, before you know it you will have built each of them their first home with Belle in your life!!

  34. Yikes! Poor Belle! And poor WT!!! Must have totally freaked you out! And actually you are a good guy…for calling the vet and offering to pay for his son’s college education!

  35. Holy Moly Batman!!! I swear, that dog has more lives than any cat on the planet!!!

  36. Oh man, that hurt looking at that enlarged picture. Was Belle stuck in the birth channel at all during her birth? Y’d think so wouldn’t you? Poor all of you going bankrupt. Glad she’s okay.

  37. Dear willowtree. Panic! ha. Belle seriously is a walking disaster. She must have gotten it from her father. Nice to see you’re still at wordpress. Better than paying for typepad’s ineptitude.

  38. I love your story telling … and I should be ready for it … I should expect it … but when you pop up with a line like: “I want to pay for one of your children’s education” it catches me off guard and makes me laugh EVERY time.

    Have you ever seen Patch Of Heaven? Well … if you don’t watch cartoons you wouldn’t have … but there is this evil character with triplet nephews who only recognize him in one outfit. Whenever he puts on a different hat they bug out: AAAAGGHHHHHH! And he’s all: “It’s ME.” They do it over and over and you’d THINK they’d see it coming …. why did I bring THAT whole thing up? I’m sure you already figured out the connection. I’m the triplet. But you’re not quite the evil character … just catching me off guard all the time.

    I really shouldn’t comment after midnight. And Happy Thanksgiving again. I am thankful that all of your pets are OK now that Belle’s eye is all better. btw we have those cat-tail thingies in our fields too. They hurt when they get into your socks.

  39. I have been a bad girl, not visiting, and blaming it on NaBloBoZo….but I am SO GLAD I am back, for the misadventures of Belle!

    I think you should rename your blog, “A Barb is in My Dingo.”

  40. I have 2 cats and a pit bull, the bull just managed to break a leg(back) and it cost me $700 for surgery we still do not know howq she broke the leg she got it caught someplace chasing a rabbit, klutz! aren’t pets wonderful! Any good posts on how to learn to knit online?

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