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WT’s charity appeal.

I know what you’re thinking, “how can WT have a charity appeal when he has a shrivelled up prune for a heart?” And of course you are completely correct, I really don’t get too worked up about people starving (it’s not like I stole their food), because if I did I’d live my life in total depression. But I do get concerned when one of my blog buddies is feeling unloved.

And seriously, what could be worse than not getting many comments? Yeah I know, just about everything; losing your house, a loved one getting sent to Iraq, being told that you have cancer, losing a child, having a fat ass (all of which have happened to various blog buddies of mine) but let’s face it, I can’t really do that much about the really serious crap. What I can do is ask you to visit her and show her some blog lovin’. She is one of the better writers in the blogosphere, but because she doesn’t pimp her blog, she receives relatively few comments (even though the quality of her writing certainly deserves more). She always makes me laugh at her wit and marvel and her literary skills (too much? Yeah probably)

She not asking for much, just a lousy comment or three…and her stuff really is worth reading. So come, show some holiday cheer and visit Daily Diatribes, and while you’re there leave her a comment for old WT’s sake (hell you don’t even have to read anything if you don’t want to, but you should).

And for being such good sports and supporting my friend, here’s new pet clip for you (it’s Bentley transferring his mud to my house).


27 Responses

  1. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown xoxoxoxox

    Mal 🙂

  2. You mean person!!! You put the stuff in his ears again, didn’t you!!!! Poor Bentley!!!
    As for Daily Diatribes, I agree, it is a WONDERFUL blog, and she DOES deserve some GREAT comments. I’m so glad I’ve marked her and started making her blog a regular stop!!!
    Speaking of ear stuff for dogs…I ordered a bottle of the stuff I’ve always used. The last bottle I bought was $18. (granted, that may have been at cost)…but I about shit my pants when they told me this bottle was going to set me back $43!!!!! See why my money left me faster than I realised?!!??? Thankfully it will last a long time, but holy hell!!!

  3. Equoni – I’m serious, he’s trying to getting mud off and dry himself (you can tell because he’s doing his back too, which he never does if I put crap in his ears). If I had put crap in his ears I would have said so, that’s just as funny.

  4. I never knew you were so charitable, WT or DB or whatever alias you go by these days. And DD really is a must read and is just as cool in person as she is on her blog.

  5. Wow. The Grinch’s heart grew bigger earlier this year. But I agree, Daily Diatribe’s blog rocks. I have been a faithful reader, although I’m always late to comment because I don’t get there every day.

    And the music in the video was perfect. I wanted to reach through the screen with a big bristly brush and give Bentley a good brushing to get rid of the itchies he must be feeling from all that dry mud!

  6. I have already been to visit after your plurk appeal. From the few I read, I agree DD writes some great posts.

  7. *Will go visit the Daily Diatribe. I like listening to other people rant.
    *Who is your blog buddy with the fat arse?
    *I love Yakkety Sax, though since it’s accompanying dog dancing, perhaps we could rename it Yappety Sax just for this clip?
    *Bentley did a very well choreographed performance, I thought.
    *The little wagging tail in the foreground disturbed me until I saw it was actually attached to a dog.
    *Do you use the exercise machine on the left? I only ask as mine is stashed in our garage … I should bring it in, it’s very handy for hanging clothes on.
    *With above point in mind, am I the fat-arsed blog buddy??
    *Ha ha …

  8. Joy – He was still wet at the time.

    Melissa – I only use the exercise bike to hang stuff on too, mostly wet doggie towels.

  9. Haha! Melissa, you always make me laugh! I also called over from plurk and left a comment! So how much is she paying you? C’mon spill the beans!

  10. I can’t believe you said that about my ass!

  11. Woohoo, a new WT post, that perked up my day. Loved the video (and Buddy’s little wagging tail, LOL), and thanks for sharing us Daily Diatribes with us! I hadn’t read her before.

    Now we’re all paranoid about our backsides.

  12. I’ll pop over there….but in the meantime, I can’t help but wonder how the hell do you keep those carpets so clean? I know you said that the mud dries and the gets vacuumed but just how often do you vacuum??? Wow!

  13. Been there, left a comment, and thanks for the new video!

  14. Best laugh of the bleedin’ week! And very good compensation for a comment.

    And speaking of, could I become a pet project, too? My comments are woeful, I tell ya, woeful! Some days, I get 1 and am overjoyed when they creep into the teens. Sigh.

  15. Love the blog title.

    Will forward to pen pal Pam (Sienna) in Victoria, Australia

  16. I’ve created a monster! Now she’s got more damn comments than I ever get!! Oh well, I still have two more dogs that I can throw under a a truck, let’s see if she can beat that!

  17. What we will do for pet video’s!

    And, I think your penance for your miserly heart issues is to watch, ad nauseum, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to plump and grow your heart size.

    Why the hell should you be immune to what stresses the rest of the world about!!!!

    Oh… and I did comment WT *kiss*

  18. Bentley is hilarious. I love it. Jack does something similar when I bathe him to dry himself off, but instead of the floor, he rubs his body all over every single piece of upholstered furniture in our house. He runs as fast as he can from one piece of furniture to the other. I follow him around the house and laugh.

  19. I did as you asked, she is funny and you are much nicer than I knew :-). Also cute video.

  20. Do you also stand outside your local shop and ring a bell wearing funny clothing? Great video! And yes, I will pop over to DD!

  21. Willow Tree, you are the best friend ever!!! You totally delivered the comments!! Such shameless promotion. Such guilt provoking sentiments!! I’m up to 62 comments now and all because of you!! You are da’ bomb!!!
    BTW, I haven’t lost my house, my kids are not in Iraq, but I do have a fat ass. So I guess I should stop whining about no comments and work on my lard butt!!

  22. Thought You needed a comment ❤

  23. what a great video. i’ve never seen a dog do that for quite that amount of time.
    you must have itchier dirt in australia than we do here.

  24. Thanks for the suggestion. (I always do what you ask.) Jennifer does write some good stuff.

    While I was off reading the Daily Diatribe, you have posted another entry. I am a lucky girl . 🙂

  25. Poor bugger. I kept thinking why you didn’t just hose him off, but that wouldn’t have been as entertaining, eh?

  26. why do dogs do that??

    Jennifer is one of my favs also!!

  27. My sister’s dog does that when she sprays him with “pet deodorant”. I don’t blame him.

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