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It’s our Anniversary.

MDW has finally got herself a broadband connection, which may be good for her, but it’s really cramping my style…because now she reads my blog!

So Sweetheart, if you’re out there lurking…Happy Anniversary xoxo

Such a handsome couple…..


The bride and groom weren’t too bad either.

Update: We have had the first instance of MDW meddling in my blog! She wanted this one in the post because it has her Matron of Honour and my Best Man (the Legendary ET!)



44 Responses

  1. Sweet!! I’d like to chat up every single one of those folks in a pub!

  2. Happy Anniversary, you do indeed make a handsome couple.

  3. Is that you and your wife? You look different than I pictured you :-). Happy Anniversary!

  4. Altaglow – WTF? Are you seeing the same pictures as the rest of us?

    Molly – Thanks.

    Annie – That’s us in the first picture, I have no idea who that is in the second pic. (just kidding)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Great looking couple and nice looking bride & groom, too ; )!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

  7. YDW is beautiful, WT. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous pic!

  9. oooh, you’re getting daring, putting up pics of the wife and family now!

  10. Dude you landed a hottie! Happy Anniversary!

  11. Oh how sweet! Happy Anniversary!!

  12. Happy Anniversary, you two look like a great couple and your DW is so pretty! No wonder you fell under her spell. Not a bad pic of your younger self either.

  13. Happy Anniversary. Your wife is lovely. Now, why are you wishing her a happy anniversary from a distance? Isn’t that a day to spend up close and in person?

  14. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! 🙂

  15. Happy anniversary, you two – that’s one hell of a wedding picture! You both look lovely although, admittedly, YDW is lovelier. Sorry ;))

  16. My goodness MDW is stunning! What a beautiful woman. You’re ok too. Happy Anniversary!

  17. Happy Anniversary! My flower bouquet had pink roses too!

  18. Your wife is lovely, and you’re not half bad. Her parents are the cutest thing ever.

  19. I love that picture WT.
    I’ve seen it before of course. You still look handsome in it.

    ps. You look like you’re got a stick up your backside holding you straight. hee hee

  20. Wait! Is it the first pic or the second that you are on? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. It’s nice to put a face to the famous DEEBEE! What a fantastic couple you two make, congrats!

  21. Happy Anniversary- so if your DW is now reading what you write your wings really have been clipped LOL get her to join plurk she can dish the dirt on you!!!

  22. Happy Anniversary, many more to follow!

  23. Happy Anniversary!!

    It’s pretty funny she’s reading now…guess that means the quality of your writing will improve…;)

    And you’ll finally stop posting naked pictures of YDW!!!



  24. Happy anniversary – how lovely, you got married in the 60’s.

  25. your wife sure is pretty.

    but you–did you dye your beard just for the occasion?

  26. I know I said it last time you posted a pic of her, but YDW is beautiful. (Not the naked pic–I was too embarrassed to look at that though I’m sure it was also lovely.) And you look much taller than I remember you looking in another pic you posted. I think it was someone else’s wedding pic. Are you standing on a step? Anyway, a very happy anniversary to you!

  27. Oh gosh. I can’t do it. I don’t know YDW. She may freak out over my above comment. There’s no naked pic (that I know of). I just couldn’t help myself after glancing up and seeing Robin’s comment. I will try to behave myself better in the future. I don’t expect too much success with that effort though.

  28. Happy Anniversary – And now we finally get to see a pic of the legendary ET! WOO HOO (maybe you’ve shown him before but I don’t remember).

    and I’m laughing at Jenni’s first comment. heh heh

  29. lol! NIce pics, have a great anniversary!

  30. Jenni – In the first photo, everyone else is just really short, in the second photo, MDW and I are on a step.

  31. Congratulations!! You are a very handsome couple!

    I actually think, now that YDW’s internet connection is 21st Century, she should do a Guest Post!! I suspect it could be both entertaining and enlightening! :o)

  32. Are you that tall or is everyone else that short?

  33. Your wife is hawt.

  34. Happy anniversary mr and mrs willowtree.

  35. I adore the vest the best man is wearing….is it velour? Happy Anniversary!!

  36. Happy anniversary. I just completely snorted laughing at the comments here.

  37. Happy (belated) Anniversary!

  38. happy anniversary!!!

  39. Happy Anniversary to you both! Your wife is absolutely beautiful/gorgeous/hawt… these words just don’t do her justice! You both make a beautiful couple! Here’s to many,many more happy years!!!
    Finally getting to see ET, priceless! Glad YDW “meddled”!

  40. How many years?

    And yes … YDW is a hottie.

    And it was fun to actually FINALLY see a picture of you. You’re a good looking dude!

  41. Happy happy Joy joy!

  42. Awwww! Happy Anniversary, belated and all! Don’t know how I missed it! (Maybe the fact that you RARELY post anymore!) B looks stunning! Your not so bad yourself! hehe! That ET looks like a trouble maker! I bet he is loads of fun!

  43. sorry to be late, but lovely photos and happy anniversary anyways!!!

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