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It’s Buddy’s turn…at last.

Poor old Buddy doesn’t really get much of a chance to feature in our pet clips, not that he’s boring or ugly (well, he’s a little ugly), it just that he’s not accident prone or goofy like Belle and Bentley respectively. Yesterday he finally got the chance to strut his stuff on the Silver Screen, ok I know it’s a monitor*, humour me will ya?

*This is also a monitor, although we call them Goannas, and there’s quite a few of them around here too. Notice how it’s standing on it’s hind legs? Trust me, it’s scary when they do that because they’re getting ready for ‘fight or flight’


32 Responses

  1. FINALLY! A Buddy clip. Even though it reminds me of a scene out of Jurassic Park. OR was that Land Before Time? Whichever. He’s adorable and so reminds me of my Bubba.

  2. Swampy – he’s Mini-Bubba. But then if your guy went bowling, I guess he’d be Alley-Bubba.

  3. Love how he’s all “Look what I found! Wait! Lemme see if it’s still there… ! Yeah! Look what I found! Wait! …”

    Looks like he got some exercise, too.

  4. Buddy is not ugly, he is a doll. Great video!

  5. oh, golly, seeing him in the cage at the end…. poor guy.

  6. The boys love this video. Especially the music.

    They want to know if Buddy killed the dragon/lizard.

  7. Shades – Ha ha ha! Exactly.

    Annie – He’s a real character.

    Laurie – Hey, I’m the one who had to pay for the anti-venom!

    Kila – No, I called him off, but he probably would have otherwise.

  8. Good grief it was big ‘un!

    It looked quite small until he hoiked it up.

    I think I’d keep him in to keep the bills down.

  9. Glad to hear no animals were harmed in the making of this movie WT.

  10. Your Buddy has a great big dog heart. The other picture of the intimidating looking Goanna was incredible. I don’t think I’d make a good country girl.

  11. Oh Buddy is so cute. I love pugs. My old boss had one, (when I worked in kennels), and she was the feistiest little tart ever. She was hilarious.

  12. That was fantastic, the Jaws music was pants-wettingly funny!!
    I’m glad he didn’t kill it, lizard-breath must be an awful thing to live with.

    Someday you’ll have to do a tutorial on how to make a movie clip with inserted text and cool music and stuff. Very impressive.

    OH and I watched it all in one smooth hit because Telecom came to the party today and connected us to a local exchange, (as opposed to one 6km away which is what we were on before) and now my internet speed is soooo fast! :o)

  13. It won’t let me see the goanna pic, sniff …

  14. So, was Buddy ok? Did the lizard get any solid bites in??? I hope not!
    We had to x-ray a monitor one time, and it was a MEAN bastard, and somehow when I went to develop the film I exposed it! I could not BELIEVE it…I was SURE they were going to KILL me if the monitor didn’t kill them FIRST, because it meant risking life and limb to retake the x-rays!

  15. He’s adorable! Tiny, with a voice to match, but the heart of a lion! That lizard (holy jumpin’, it’s big) should be afraid! Love how despite getting bit a lot, he’s still out there, protecting the family from scary monsters (better interpretation than “just never learns, innit?).

  16. I’m a little sad for the lizard. BUT, if I came to visit and wanted to go for a walk, I would take Buddy along to protect me.

    I have a friend with a buddy, but his name is sebastian.

  17. Geez when he grabbed it and threw it up in the air…twice!! I actually kinda felt sorry for the lizard dragon thing but I can imagine Buddy was pretty excited. I have to go google these things. Now I’m curious about them.

  18. Hey animal fights! and people call me a monster for me cock fighting.

  19. Ohhh buddy is cute. I hate lizards. He’s braver than me, but I guess I have a brain about 20 times the size of his (doesn’t mean I use it though).

  20. Eek! Buddy’s been bit by one of your Australian venomous snakes? I’ve heard some of yours are much worse than ours.

    I’ve been wondering about goannas. Another Aussie blog (Bush Babe) I visit has posted several pictures of them and I thought they looked like what I had seen called a monitor. It’s one of those things I’ve been meaning to look up on a long holiday weekend of endless web searches, only the ADD doesn’t always let me remember the old questions before introducing new ones.

  21. Yeah, ok. I’ll keep my snow over the lizard things any day.

  22. I think Buddy is adorable. And brave. And maybe a little dumb.

  23. I’m glad to see Buddy is star of the show, I’ve always thought he was cute the way he is so often the onlooker but not this time!

  24. Big lizards give me the creeps.

  25. And that is just a little one, right??

  26. I see somebody is NOT a wildlife warrior WT!!!! But I have to admit the lizard was holding its own there! I love lizards but not snakes! Interesting how males seem to be the same no matter what breed animal/human! Maxi had a run in with a blue tongue once, she did not go back for seconds! She ran screaming round the other side of the house and stayed right away! (Mind you she will go for smaller lizards, just not the biggies!) Buddy is very cute!

  27. Karisma – As soon as Buddy started throwing it around, I called him off and took him inside to let the lizard get away, that’s why the clip ends when it does.

  28. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for that poor little lizard….Buddy is pretty cute though!!

  29. My gosh, that’s brilliant! Do they make lizard vaccine? I know they make rattlesnake vaccine, Bug and Sadie having had personal experience with that one…lol.

    Glad Buddy has “friends” to play with.

  30. Buddy is just adorable! And friendly! Maybe a bit too friendly?

  31. OK … that’s the kind of thing we NEVER see poke it’s head out of the grass in our neighborhood. We see dandelions.

    … I guess that couldn’t have been a TOO scary lizard otherwise you would have shoo’d him off.

    Your movies are always so dang entertaining.

  32. I love how he flung that thing around. And then his pitiful look from “behind bars”. Priceless.

    I gave him a little nod in my blog world.

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