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Hmmm. there seems to be change afoot.

Kila just told me that WP had changed it’s dashboard, and so it has. I’m just trying the new QuickPress facility. Not bad, a bit easier to use than the normal post editor.

Now to see if pictures work…
I can’t see if it does or not as it didn’t show up in the box. Oh well may as well hit publish and see what happens.

It didn’t show up in the post either, so I’m editing it.

What’s in the little red wagon?


I don’t mind this new setup, a little different but very workable.


21 Responses

  1. Looks like Santa’s little red waggon 😀

  2. So its true, people on limited incomes really do eat pet food.
    I’m disappointed that your wagon does not have an aerial with a little orange triangle flag on it.

  3. Glad to see the guys are well fed!

  4. Do you drive that thing to town to pick up supplies?

    Paul, I once knew a family that ate dog food. They didn’t seem to be on that limited of an income. I think they were just crazy.

  5. Is that what you drive? :-).

  6. If that’s like Santa’s wagon, is Belle like Max (in The Grinch Stole Xmas)?

    You can’t click on the pics to a get a larger version now. That’s a bit annoying for those of us who haven’t bothered to get new glasses for too long (and who want to see Ms Cutie-Pie in more detail)(or the wagon contents – whatever floats your boat)

  7. Bella knows she’s one lucky dog!!!

  8. I was quite frustrated Thursday night–it was too late, and I was too tired, to have changes sprung on me, LOL.

    Today I have it (mostly) figured out.

  9. I’d love a little red wagon to drive stuff round in.

  10. First off (and I hate to disappoint you all), NO I don’t drive that to the shop. I had a lot of groceries, and I wanted to get the mower into the house yard (so I could mow) before I let the dogs out of the house (I need to open the gate to get the mower in, and they usually take off). I just unloaded the car which is in the big shed in the background – which is where I drove from.

    Lene – I didn’t realise that you couldn’t click on the photos until you mentioned it, that sucks!

  11. whats this “when the time comes will you be ready” box business.

    Is that a big prescription for ED? ha ha.

  12. Lucky dog, lucky dog…. I remember those commercials from way back even though I don’t know if they still sell it here in the US

  13. I wish I had one of those wagons to unload my groceries! It is a pain in the ass to carry them down the hill from the garage, around the house, and finally to where my door is. I carry as much as I can a trip, but it still takes forever. I was supposed to go to the store today, but I didn’t feel like it, so I went pantry surfing and came up with enough to eat for the weekend.

  14. I was thinking you’d finally talked the dogs into some slave labor, until I saw the contents…

  15. I can’t even comment now….I’m laughing too hard after reading Pamela’s comment! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I used to like to blow the pictures up too…..bummer.

  16. What a cute little helper you have there! I wonder if the help would have still been on offer if the contents of the trailer were something else?

  17. 1) Pamela, who is ED?

    2) WT, I thought you had another vehicle, but I was wondering if maybe they revoked your license to drive a regular vehicle.

    3) When we lived in Wichita there was a 40-something man who lived up the street with his parents and drove an old tractor everywhere. I don’t think he was allowed to drive anything that would go over 20 mph. Actually, I don’t know if his parents should have been driving that pickup truck they had either. They sure were nice people though.

    4) Just kidding about ED.

  18. Shoot! Your photo just reminded me I need to go get cat food! Thanks!

  19. Yes, the pics are not posting or showing in the quick post for me either. Oh well.

    Love the gravy wagon!

  20. I’m just ignoring your explanation of why that particular selection of items was in the trailer and have come up with a much more inventive version myself.

  21. that dog just slays me.

    dammit. i want her.

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