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It must be the colour scheme.

I have a huge apology to make to Belle (aka the Walking Disaster). All this time I’ve been accusing her of being an accident prone airhead, who refuses to pay attention to the world around her. It has been my opinion that she is just plain dumb, and that she throws herself at everything regardless of the consequences.

That was until today when I saw this at I Can Has Hotdog…


So it seems that it has more to do with a combination of the white tip on the tail, the tri-colour patterning and the size of the ears that is causing all the trouble, rather than her being a silly young pup. I apologise Belle, it’s not your fault.

PS.Β  In case you’re unsure — No, that’s not Belle.

This is Belle…



24 Responses

  1. And I am so very glad that it is NOT Belle!! Yikes!

    PS…Glad you noticed The Big Guy’s appearance!!

  2. I am just glad is not your Belle

  3. Was happy to see that is not your dog!

  4. Walking disaster she may be. But she is still a 10/10 on the cuteness scale.

  5. According to I Can Has Hotdog, it looks like you should be monitoring her interaction with Booey, Buzz, and Beau. Those cats are a bad influence.

  6. Oh, that is hilarious!! Has Belle ever been lucky enough to have a yellow cast? I hope she’s not setting her sights on that or you will be in for another expensive trip to the vet!

  7. Every time I see a pictue of Belle my heart melts. I just want to plant a thousand kissy kisses on her gorgeous face. Glad she is well.

  8. Belle is not dumb! I am not sure it is the cats fault either, perhaps it is just bad karma :-).

  9. Whoa – coincidence? I think not.

  10. Do you think the cats made Belle do it?

  11. I saw that and was going to email you (then wandered off, because apparently, I’m an airhead, too). Made me laugh. In that sickly way.

    We once had a beagle. Lovely dog, dumb as a post.

  12. p.s. one of the (many) things I love about Belle is that even while at the vet, with a huge cast on her leg, she still looks like she’s smiling. Could be the ginormous bone, but still. Happy dog.

  13. Oh she is lovely even with a red leg.

    What on earth are you feeding her, dinosaur?

  14. The look on the “hotdog” face reminds me of our Freebea, when she had both front legs like that.

  15. I love Belle. πŸ™‚

  16. Ahhh. So THAT’S her motivation.

    Cats are on my shit list right now.

  17. Cheap Animal Photo Op Comment Whore!!!

    Poor Belle!

  18. You definitely have the most interesting, adventurous little fellows I’ve ever seen!

  19. LOL, Poor Belle, it’s genetics, she never had a chance πŸ˜‰

    We had a beagle once. It didn’t last long. Grandpa gave it to my little brother for his 5th birthday, and Dad sent it to heaven within a few weeks.

  20. Belle is part kitty? Aww the leg cast 😦

  21. Haha, of course, the cats did it!

  22. I think we can blame it all on Snoopy and his danged Sopwith Camel. No wonder all beagles think they can fly!

  23. Ahhh! We all has a doppelganger somewheres!

  24. They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere! heh heh.

    Mal πŸ™‚

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