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What can I say?

There’s really nothing to say except that these guys are idiots!

This was only done today from clips over the past week, while her leg doesn’t bend, she seems to have learned to live with it.


27 Responses

  1. That is just hysterical. I adore the dogs!

  2. they just get better and better, national TV show next 🙂

  3. What a bunch of sillies! Good to see her getting in the mix despite the leg 🙂

  4. They are not idiots, they are darlings! I laughed out loud, thanks for that.

  5. So am I wrong or is Belle turning into the Queen B? They sure are cute together!

  6. Didn’t you once say that they were not allowed to bark in the house?
    They are so cute! I enjoy these videos!
    I’m really LMAO at “Not so Fresh Dingo and Smelly Old Dingo”

  7. Kat – Yeah they’re a hoot.

    BronsonT – And then I’ll be rolling in it (instead of just stepping in it).

    Keli – She usually instigates it.

    Annie – You’re welcome.

    Sandy – You’re not wrong, she’s definitely the Queen B.

    Kaytabug – Yes that’s correct, and if I wasn’t making an action movie I would have told him to shut the fuck up!

  8. boy she’s a happy dog. and she looks very healthy. this made me glad.

  9. thumbs up to Buddy for having the best rhythm.
    His was the only tail that was keeping time. hee hee

    For the first time ever, your house looked lived in. Looks like the dogs were making sure you had chores to do?

  10. I thought one dog was funny…three dogs are hysterical!!! But you can tell by who keeps looking to the camera who is daddy’s little girl!!! Great video!

  11. Haha… Three tails wagging, too funny.

    Little boys and small dogs behave much the same, but your three play nicer!

  12. By the time it’d hit 11 seconds, I’d laughed three times and it continued. Thanks so much – I really needed that. Belle bounces back real well. Which I supposed is a blessing, considering how often she gets herself into trouble!

    And I don’t think you should “control” them. They’re just being dogs, doing what dogs do. Besides, controlled pets aren’t nearly as funny….

  13. Haha – not sure who I worry about most here – dogs or Willowtree – very cute

  14. They all look so happy! Wish my cats would play together. They hate each others guts.

  15. This looks exactly like my house when the three of them get rockin’ and rollin’ GREAT Video! Belle looks so happy!! And I’m so glad she’s feeling better. And thanks for the music….now I can go to sleep to the tune of Everybody was KungFu Fighting….over and over and over and over and over…….

  16. Wow! Belle is doing really well on that leg! Its great the other dogs stir her up and keep her moving! She sure is a super trooper! Very cute video (Two days in a row! Wow!)

  17. I love that song! It makes me laugh and want to karate chop things–even at 4:20 a.m.

  18. I love the soundtracks to all your movies, this one included.

    I wondered how it would end there for a bit with the great stand-off. Your dogs are clowns!

  19. Dude..I’m going to be singing that song the rest of the day!!

  20. They are brilliant! Peforming for the camera. Was just about crying laughing at them, not just their actions, their expressions too.

    Loved the music too. Other background music for future film projects could be “Catch us if you can” or maybe “Saturday Night’s Allright for Fighting”.

  21. Woof! Glad they’re keeping you good company, matey. Don’t stess about feeling flat about Plurking. These new ‘fads are often just a passing thing. You are still you, no matter how you choose to share yourself, on or offline. And that’s what we treasure, matey. 🙂 [[[friendly supportive hugs]]]

    Mal 🙂

  22. I want to join this circus!

  23. I always enjoy seeing the gang having fun and you too of course 🙂

  24. Yes … but do you have a magic eye picture of them racing around the corners?

    You are certainly quick with the responses!

    And Belle looks SUPER. I couldn’t tell her leg wasn’t bending until she sat down at the end. She really seems to have adapted to a non-bendy leg superbly.

  25. Ahhhhh. I loved that. Ta WT, you can’t beat daft mutts. Well you could beat them, but that would be mean. I love when they do that jerky jumpy thing with their heads down and their bums in the air ready to pounce. They are hilarious.

  26. . … sigh. Just waiting for a new post.

  27. OMG! What a fight haha. nice one

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