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Arrggghh more Vet bills.


No prizes for guessing who it is, but at least it’s not Belle for a change.



36 Responses

  1. Oh poor puppy. You have the most graceless animals ever. Damn good thing you don’t have kids to pay for too.

  2. Poor bentley-What happened?

  3. Story, please.

    You need to thank your lucky stars that dogs don’t go to college.

  4. Chances that it was Buddy were slim! What happened? (I’m starting to think it’s something in the beagles….)

  5. Awwww,. Poor guy has a pity-paw. Look at him showing us with such a pathetic look. Did he get bit by one of those nasty looking lizard creatures?

  6. Fer fuckssakes, what is it with these beasties?? What happened? Poor Bentley – he has that ‘I’m not feeling well and having this thing makes me look undignified, so why are you sticking the camera in my face?” expression…

  7. Poor Bentley…he looks so pitiful! What happened??? I was actually surprised that it wasn’t Belle. I hope he’s ok. It looks like an “I’m going to be ok” bandage. But we’d like to hear the story.

  8. You poor buggers! In the wars again, huh?

    Mal 🙂

  9. You better write a book.
    You could call it something like:

    “My 24 karat K9s”

    The sales would help you finance their boo boos.
    At least your vet is stylish with his color choices.

  10. Her color choices?
    was it your nemesis?

  11. Has anyone suggested Munchausen-by-doxie syndrome? Just kidding – I have the only mutts even close to yours in lack of coordination.

    Poor Bentley.

  12. Might be worth retraining as a vet!

  13. No more jumping on the furniture for him.

  14. Oh Poor Bentley he looks so sad! What happened, did he get bitten, grass seeds? Did you tread on him?????

  15. Wow, your pets are accident prone I think you should change their names. TO things like “My trip to Europe” and “BMW”.

  16. poor Bentley..what happened??

  17. beagles! nothing but trouble.

    and i say that as the proud and beleagured owner of a part lab part springer part bluetick coonhound part beagle.

    did he rip off a toenail?

  18. Poor little pooh bear!

    Wish that little not-Buddy and the other little Buddy Happy Dirtdays for me.

  19. BENTLEY!!!!1 Those pups.

    We had sad news on our end – my SIL had to put her dog down this morning. She was 14 – chocolate lab. A great dog. We’ll miss her

  20. Oh my word!! Your vet is going to have a luverly Christmas, on you! Never a dull moment.

  21. Well that’s not very good. Not very good at all :o( Good grief do you have your hands full with those animals of yours! But I was popping over to say Happy Birthday to Bentley and Buddy because they are both on Robinella’s December Birthday list. So Happy Birthday Bentley and Buddy and for goodness sakes try and stay out of trouble so you make it to the next birthday!!

  22. Was it my nemesis: Gum in the cross walk?

    Cricket congregation?

    Ant avalanche?

    …. chiropractic convention? (adjust adjust SNAP …. Oh snap.)

  23. Oh no…poor puppy.

  24. You MUST stop breaking your dogs’ legs just so you’ll have something to post about.

  25. Don’t have a clue how that “i” ended up on my name on the above post.

  26. Well at least he looks good in blue!!

  27. Awwww! What this time?

  28. Bad pet owner, bad, bad, bad…

  29. Barbara – I’m thinking a bad pet owner would be one who left it untreated to save on the vet bill.

  30. …. maybe he wants to take up clogging?

  31. Oh poor Buddy. And poor you, all the stress on your walet must be a nightmare 😀

    He looks kind of embarrassed in his blue sock.

  32. and it’s so weird how much Buddy is looking like Bentley these days, (Bad Jo)

  33. WHAT Happened?? Poor little guy! And I can’t even imagine what your vet bills are like.

  34. Awww, suc a cute doggie. I know , vet bills are just so high. Yet, we love our pets, they are part of our family so we don’t mind paying, sort-of.
    I have told my kids to become a vet or a dentist, if they can handle it, then they will make dosh, and they can suport me when I am in the fossil farm!

  35. Poor Bentley. But no wonder he has that look on his face. Look where Belle’s leg is!!!!!

    Happy New Year.


  36. WT, just become a vet. The study bills would be cheaper in the no so long term, I’m sure.

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