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A clue.



30 Responses

  1. You are killing me here! Now I have no clue…what the hell is turkey in french? Ha!

  2. Nope still don’t get it. I’m not surprised. I don’t expect to. It’s still fun playing along!

  3. Those aren’t turkeys…they’re buzzards!! as to the singer, I have no f*king clue!

  4. “The Buzzards Are Circling, M’Lady” by Henri LeCompte? [Does making shite up on the spot count at all? rofl]

  5. “Ibis something…something” by that French person, someone someone! I’m sure that’s it! 😀

  6. of course I meant to write piaf!

    Johnny Halliday?

  7. bermudabluez – grand poulet (just kidding, it’s dinde)

    LMM – is she related to Anna Pavlova?

    topsurf – take a wild guess, even I don’t know the correct answer!

    Claudia – They aren’t buzzards either.

    Mal – At least you got the bird right.

    LMM – sure you did…

  8. “Buvons un coup ma serpette est perdue”

    or maybe

    “Quand trois poules”

    I don’t know.

  9. Well, this is certainly not the first time I’ve said this, but I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    Not a clue.

  10. Ibis in my iris?

  11. I knew it was an Ibis by the bill. very nice!!!

    were they just hanging around your house? I thought they ate stuff like mussels etc. What are they eating there. Snails ha ha.

    Weird Al Yankovich sang about snails. Is he french?

    (: I’m really digging here

  12. Doremi L’oiseau
    (I had a friend with that last name, except she didn’t put the little widget in there. I think that last part is bird in french. so I googled that name and got some french jazz person)

  13. nice. I’d only seen white ibis before this! durr….

  14. yeah I totally didn’t. I really thought she was named after an a middle eastern rice dish 🙂 it’s true

  15. Great hint. I knew the answer right away. I just don’t want to ruin it for everyone else.

  16. Le familia de Partridge???

  17. Michel Simon
    L’Ibis Rouge

  18. Which French singer recorded “Look alive! Here comes a buzzard!” ?????

  19. does Celine count as French? Maybe the song is “My Fart will go On”, and that is the reason for the declining Ibis population?

  20. “Kid Sparrow,” was Edith Piaf’s nickname just thought I’d throw that one in as bird link.

  21. I’ve tried…but I can’t figure it out. But I’m guessing Miou-Miou

  22. Sacha Distel singing on the tenth day of Christmas my truelove sent to me 10 unknown birds siiting in a field doing goodness knows what.

  23. HA!! someone nailed it because you took it down!!!

    [WT – I didn’t take anything down]

  24. I am now even more confused :-). I do like Winifred’s answer though.

  25. georges brassens. the reason is complicated, and is also a longshot.

    [WT – Ha! you think your reasoning is complicated! You ain’t seen nuthin yet!]

  26. Hell…I don’t know ANY French music…and I would NEVER be able to figure out your thinking!!! So I’m out of the competition!!! But I’m just trying to figure out how I got so far behind on the dingo! I thought I checked it regularly, and didn’t expect you to suddenly start posting again (although I’m glad you are!).

  27. I GOT IT!
    “On zee first day of Chreesmas moi tru luv gave to mee…a pahtreege in a pah treeeeee”…

    sung by that famous French artist: Swampeeeeee. No? Yes?

  28. well someone had posted Dalida and now it’s gone! hmmm…mystery added to the conundrum

  29. Well I would have had no idea. They look like birds, and Edith Piaf is a bird. That’s all I have, and I bet someone’s already said that. Sos WT.

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