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Ok, one last clue…

This will be as good as giving you the answer! So here goes….

funmonday-fridge-0021 You have to appreciate that I’m not much of an ornithologist, and up until I did this competition I actually thought that this little guy —>

bird-two was one of these —>

So they you have it in a nutshell!

I realised that seeing as  I was going public with the photos,  I should verify what kind of bird it was, so as not to show my complete ignorance, boy did I feel stupid when I found that I was wrong! (maybe I should have checked before I started the contest and posted the photos). Anyway there you have it, clear as mud!

All you have to do, is put 2 and 3  together and somehow get 6. You would do this by taking the first two photos I posted, and add my appalling knowledge of birds to give you answer to why I was reminded of the French singer (which by the way has been guessed numerous times so far).


18 Responses

  1. nope, I’m going to have to wait till you spell out the answer.

  2. Dear WT, can you please first give me a clue as to what the bird is called?

  3. “The Shadow Of Your Smile” (Love Theme From ‘The Sandpiper’) by Perry Como? Oh god, that’s just a totally wild guess in the dark! lol

  4. i suspect there is a wonderful, wonderful pun in there and i can’t wait for someone else to solve this because i am no good at all at puzzles.

    french singer?
    so it must be edit piaf, because she was the little bird, wasn’t she?
    or maybe it’s maurice chevalier for reasons that i cannot even pretend to guess at.
    those are the only two french singers there are, aren’t they?

    what are you sending me? i must be so close as to be dancing on the edge. (which i will do for you, if you’ll send me a prize.)

    you know my addres, WT.

  5. It’s Edith Piaf and you were reminded of her because of her nickname, the little sparrow?

    What the hell does an ibis have to do with it?

  6. Happy New Year WT. I’m not even going to comment on this as I can’t be arsed what kind of bird it is. Your last post about plumbing made me almost lose the will to live! Let the cat lose on the thing then it won’t matter what kind of bird it is…..

  7. looks like a heron.

  8. I still have no clue but boy is this fun!

  9. After googling bird pics, I am guessing that this is a Straw-necked Ibis. You might remember that I incorrectly pondered whether a baby common grackle was a baby robin. Now granted, not everyone needs to be or should be bird experts. But, my degree is actually in biology, and I have partially completed a correspondence course in ornithology. Besides that my blog actually has the word Robin as part of the name. Gratefully, some real bird experts, Pamela, my SIL, and the folks at Cornell University set me straight.

    Now, the French singer puzzle, I will have to give that some thought. I know less about French singers than I know about birds. Unless you mean Celine Dion, the French Canadian, singer with her long neck.

  10. After reading comments on your previous post, the singer must be Edith Piaf, she was Pied Noir, meaning black-feet. The birds that you show have black-feet. Pied Noirs were French colonists that settled in Algeria. Piaf’s father was of French Italian descent and her mother was of Algerian descent.(Maybe you thought originally that the bird was a Cormorant even a Little Pied Cormorant,)

  11. It is Edith Piaf. But Molly has the reason why, which I would have never guessed :-).

  12. Either you’re really devious or I’m really stupid.

    Or both.

  13. The only French singer I can recall that has anything to do with birds is Edith Piaf (The Sparrow), but that doesn’t look like a sparrow, more like some sort of wading bird, so I’m stumped.

    Of course, I haven’t been thinking very hard about it, but … erm… it’s Saturday. I try not to think on Saturdays.

  14. is it supposed to be an egret? because that would make it edith piaf.

  15. Okay Peter, not that I am obsessed with your contests, but maybe I had it slightly backwards so I am revising my answer. The second bird on the January 10 post reminded you of Edith Piaf. This bird might be a Cormorant, which has black feet. The term, Pied Noir, refers to black-feet meaning people of European descent in North Africa, Piaf’s heritage is European and Algerian.

    Well, maybe I am a little obssessed.

  16. A partridge without a pear tree!

  17. Well, Thank Goodness Molly spelled it out for me – because I was “CLUE-LESS”.

  18. i love how all roads lead to Edith Piaf.
    all convoluted, twisted,winding and far-apart-from-each-other roads.

    if it’s maurice chevalier, i’ll eat my hat. hahahaha.

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