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Fun (quirky) Monday

funmondaylogoFor those of you who know me, you’d know that I don’t do many FMs these days, but there was something about this one that hooked me (maybe because it goes back to the “show and tell” roots of FM).ย  Coincidentally, next week will be the 2nd Anniversary of Fun Monday.

That said however, I almost didn’t do it, for after I had signed up, I realised that while I had plenty of quirky crap, there’s almost nothing that I wouldn’t be prepared to give away. Just when I was about to go back and take my name off the list, I remembered these two gadgets, neither of which would I ever part with under under circumstance.

First off we have the wonder pliers, this thing has been my most handy all round tool for over 20 years, and it only cost a couple of bucks…


What the wonder pliers are to the garage, my magic scissors are to the kitchen…


All the other FMers can be found over at Jan’s place, have a Fun Monday.

29 Responses

  1. Those pliers look like you have used them a good deal….the scissors on the other hand look pretty scary to me….LOL

  2. I think these will be of interest to Embee he has so many tools and some are very old and he won’t part with any of them, quirky or not!

  3. PS glad you decided to join in today I had realised it was the second anniversary next week. I was trying to think of a show & tell topic we hadn’t covered so that I could host but can’t think of anything original.

  4. Both of the tools look scary to me. My husband would love the tools though. He always says that you never can have enough tools.

    I better get started on my Fun Monday. All my stuff is probably quirky, But I think it is cool because I am a little quirky.

  5. Both of those tools look scary to me. But this Fun Monday sounds well, fun.. I’ve never seen it before. Who knew what I was missing? LOL

  6. wow, those tools look like they have a lot of wear and tear. Have to show my hubby your blog, he would like them.

  7. Scary, but cool.

  8. I’ve never seen tools quite like that. Great choices, I’m glad you played along.

  9. And you hang on these things ? How romantic ! Lol !

  10. Happy Fun Monday! The scissors looks pretty cool/useful–never saw a pair like it before.

  11. Now that is a pair of scissors! I am a little afraid of your attraction to sharp things, though! ;0)

  12. Torture devices masquerading as useful tools!

  13. Those scissors look wicked!

  14. They look like the ultimate tool that hides in that clutter drawer in the kitchen, huh? The “Third Drawer”.

    I wouldn’t want to try assembling those scissors when I was tired late at night… SNIP! WARGH!

    Cool post, matey. Thanks. I think every household has some little bits and pieces that are invaluable, even if they rarely get used. I think mine would be a round flat piece of rubber that is perfect for using to unscrew shut-tight lids on jars and bottles.

    Mal ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Those scissors are fun!

  16. Those both look like very scary/manly tools. Perfect!

  17. Looks like survivalist’s tools to me, WT. Love the multi-functions of both. Which one do you use to nip the dogs’ toenails?

  18. Those are kinda scary looking objects to not part with, is there something you are not telling us? They kind of look like torture implements!

    Now I have to wonder, do you only use those scissors in the kitchen? I only ask as my kitchen scissors seem to always end up in the tool box!

  19. Awww, cute…”wonder pliers” & “magic scissors”…you name your tools!

    Makes sense, these have been your faithful companions for decades!


  20. somehow, those things just look as though they belong to you!!

  21. Well, WT I would never get rid of those tools either. It seems that they have served you well!

  22. Ooer, medieval dental instruments!! Actually the pliers do look useful, but the scissors look a bit tricky!

  23. Oh, man would I love some tools like those!

  24. Goodness, I’ve never seen scissors like that! I’d probably hurt myself! But it sure is good to see you doing a Fun Monday!!! I think you should show us some more of your quirky stuff this week, even if it’s stuff you think you might be willing to part with if it came down to it.

  25. Boys toys!

  26. You can cut a cast off a dog with those things!!

    Trying to revisit and reenter the blogosphere…hope to be by more often, especially now that you’ve resumed blogging!

  27. So, so not surprised you’ve got weird stuff. Truly.

    Yep. It’s me!

    What? You thought a little hurricane would keep me away? Well, … you are correct … but not forever!!

    Cool weirdness, my friend!!

  28. WHERE oh WHERE can I get a pair of those scissors? Do you have any idea how long a pair of those would keep me out of trouble around here?

    Instead of wandering around thinking of ways to torture my husband I would be busy trying to figure out WHAT ALL THEY CAN DO.

  29. I could have sworn I commented on this earlier this week, now I am making stops on some of my favorite blogs and my comment is no where to be found. It was a really witty one too.

    These look like something you would have around the house, and something that McD would love to have.

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