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This is a sad post to write.

There has been no sign of Booey (the one that I like)  for a month now.  And while up until now I’ve not given up hope, I have to accept the fact that I probably will never seen him again.


I’ve had him since he was this big…


That’s him with his mum (she was one ugly cat, but a great mother).

If he shows up I’ll let you know.

41 Responses

  1. Now you’ve made me feel sad. I do hope he shows up, but a month is quite a long time. Do you have places where he could get trapped? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.(hugs)

  2. oh…i hope booey will be OK and i hope You’ll be OK too dad!
    i’m sure he’ll be back anytime soon ..

  3. Sorry to hear it, I know how hard it is to accept that a pet won’t be coming home.

  4. Hope he turns up WT, cats can wander off for a while sometimes.
    Heard on the news this evening that there was a bad accident at Willow Tree, hope no friends were involved.

  5. Sorry WT 😦 Will look forward to hearing about it. Sends you all hugs.

    Our Tigger suddenly left us after 9 years, I’d like to think he went away to be in peace.

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Peter – I missed that accident by about 10 minutes, it was right outside the Willow Tree truck-stop, the ambulances were just getting there as I was trying to get around it, and it did look pretty bad. Two small cars, people trapped in each of them.

  7. Dear WT. It’s very sad that Booey has gone. He’s probably happily becoming a even more feral cat, wherever he is.

  8. oh my god. this is terribly sad. this would be very hard to bear. the kitten picture just breaks my heart.

  9. I hope he turns up WT! This makes my heart sad….

  10. I’m sorry about Booey, WT. He’s the one that looks like our Bo(jangles) the stalker cat.

  11. I’m sorry Booey is missing. I hope he turns up sometime soon.

  12. WT, I’m so sorry to hear about Booey being MIA. Booey and my cat Yoda look like twins. I do hope he is ok wherever he is and that he will find his way home soon. Much love and hugs your way! XO

  13. WT, I am sending love and hugs. This breaks my heart for you. You never know, he could still turn up.

  14. I’m so sorry WT. I hope he shows up safe and sound.

  15. Oh no, very sorry to hear that. I hope Booey finds his way back safely. Cats sometimes come back after long absences. Maybe another home took him in and is feeding him, like you did in the past with a certain dog!


  16. I’m very sorry to hear this. We had a pet disappear like this (a digging dog) in 2003, and even now when we are driving through Oklahoma to go visit family, we still keep an eye out, without thinking about it. It’s kind of awful to not know what happened to them.

  17. I’m so sorry about Booey. I’ve never had one just disappeaar, but I know the wondering must be awful. I hope he shows up soon – probably with a new girlfriend and kittens following along behind him!

  18. maybe Booey found another home.
    My brother and his wife lost their beautiful cat — and about 4 years later they saw her. She was residing at a corner market about 2 miles from their home. She was well cared for and happy. The owners must have taken her in. They think she followed some kids away. It’s always possible she jumped in the back of someone’s pick up truck or something.

  19. Oh, I’m so sorry, WT. I hope there’s a big surprise in your future. Sometimes they turn up after a while looking worse for wear.

  20. Ah no. I’m so sorry Willow. I hope he does come home.

  21. Such a cute little kitty. Sometimes you never know what happens when they go off. Sorry about Booey.

  22. Oh, poor Booey. I am sorry, WT – I hope he is just off gallivanting somewhere….and if not, I hope whatever happened to him was quick and painless.

  23. What Karmyn said. I am sorry, sir.

  24. So sad dear boy. Breaks your heart when they go missing but you never know, he might just be full of the wanderlust and be back. Fingers crossed.

  25. I’m so sorry – it’s hard when you don’t know what has happened.

  26. I do hope he comes back. It’s so awful when they go missing. I cried for weeks when one of mine disappeared.

    I wonder if Saint Anthony could find him, the nuns always said he found things that were lost.

  27. Ouch! That’s so sad! [[[friendly hugs]]]

    Mal 🙂

  28. That sucks – the hardest part has to be not knowing. I’m sure someone has already said that.

  29. Well crap! That just breaks my heart. I truly hope he returns, but I have the same sentiments as our dear friend Karmyn. {Hugs Bud!}

  30. Oh, I’m so sorry WT. I remember what a terrible feeling it was when my cat Moses didn’t come home. I’m really sorry. I hope he surprises you and comes home, but know you can’t count on it after a time. I’m sorry.

  31. Aw, crap. So sorry to hear this.

  32. So sorry to read this. Here’s hoping Booey comes sauntering back soon with lots of tales to tell. I can’t even imagine. Not knowing would be the hardest 😦

  33. Sorry to hear. Being a pet type family ourselves, we know it is sad when one of them doesn’t come home. We thought we lost our Eloise but after 3 weeks, I spotted her. When we got her in, she had a nasty gash with teeth marks. $100 later, we had a partially shaved pussy with stitches. 🙂 But, she made it home and that is what was important. You’re Booey still might make it home. Keep the faith!!

  34. Oh I hope you are wrong. Maybe he is visiting with someone who is spoiling him rotten (fingers crossed). Amazing how much he looks like my brothers old cat and his mum looks like Marble, my mums cat. (Who by the way is NOT ugly! She has the most amazing colouring and huge green eyes. I hope Booey turns up soon. Big hugs xxxxx

  35. I guess we both ended up posting about our pets on the same day. I hope yours comes back, or you at least see him again. My condolences.

  36. I am sorry that your kitty is lost. Karisma has a good thought maybe he has adopted a new home. Take care.

  37. Oh, Peter, I’m so sorry. That just stinks.

  38. I sure hope that your little kitty is found safe and sound and was just out having an adventure!

  39. so sorry WT. It’s so hard to lose a pet, no matter how it happens.

  40. I’m sorry. They always leave such a hole in our hearts when they go.

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