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Some clarification…

First off thank you all for your support, but I think I need to set the record straight.

1. For those who are holding out hope that he has been adopted/fed by a neighbour.

I thought you understood that I live in the middle of cattle country (literally), that means I’m surrounded by beef producing properties.  Now in case you don’t know the implications of that, let me ‘splain…Apart from being half a mile away from my nearest neighbour (and cats rarely travel that far for fun), there are no pets around here for miles except for mine, the dogs are all working dogs. To my knowledge there are no domestic cats at all, if there are any, the property owners don’t feed them as they are used to keep the mice down in the barns, so no, no-one would be feeding him.

2. For those who think he might have met a lady.

We are responsible pet owners, and as such all our pets are neutered as soon as they are old enough, that’s dogs and cats, boys and girls, there are no exceptions. This means it’s very unlikely that he will show up with a litter of kittens.

3. For those who hope he had a quick demise.

Me too, he has come home beaten up a few times, but he’s always made it home. There’s a good chance that he was bitten by either a black or brown snake (both of which are plentiful right now).

Fortunately, whether he’s dead or alive there’s really not that much diferrence, given that he rarely came inside except for those times that he didn’t manage to catch his own dinner. Depsite the fact that I’ve had him since he was a kitten, neither he nor Buzz have ever been ‘people friendly’. Having said that, he still was a pretty good cat, not like Buzz who’s a real  pain in the butt.

But you never know, he may just show up one day.

27 Responses

  1. Well maybe he found work in a local barn. Damn, I hate snakes. No doubt I couldn’t live where you do and I would have made a really lousy pioneer. I’ve no stomach for roughin’ it.

  2. I take back my New Year’s wishes regarding vet visits if it will bring Booey home.

  3. Yikes! I’d have a problem with the snakes for sure…I still hope the little kitty makes it back home…

  4. I’m so sorry.

    And as I type this I’m crying my eyes out over my own pet who died today. It sucks to lose them.

  5. I just didn’t want to think about those snakes.
    It would be pretty quick then?

    Or a fox?

  6. Dear WT. You’ll have to think of a fitting blog-ute (that’s a tribute on a blog).

  7. Well maybe, just maybe he ran away and joined the circus! Lets not go and get negative either way!

  8. I am firmly of the opinion that we can never own a cat; they just tolerate us until they find a better gig. Here’s hoping Booey found a better one….doubtful judging from the amount you spend on veterinary care, but I am an optimist!!

  9. how old was he, WT? i hate that you don’t know.

  10. As one who holds out hope, I knew all the information in your post, but strange things happen and you just don’t know, even if the odds are against it. However, letting go is a good idea given those odds. So sorry WT. XOXO

  11. speaking of cats, what about Beau?

  12. My heart is with you.

  13. I hate snakes, and could not live where bad ones are plentiful like they are there. It was coyotes who got my Moses (I think). I’m very sorry. Do they do snake training for dogs there? It’s something they do a lot for dogs here in Montana, mostly for rattlesnakes…but they use a shock collar, and a defanged snake, and teach the dog that approaching the snake results in quite a jolt. Soon the dog associates the smell and sound of the snake with a bad thing and will avoid them….then he gets rewarded for that. (No, I don’t know who catches and defangs the snake…NOT ME!!!)

  14. I knew you lived a long way from your neighbours but I suppose I just wanted to hope there was an explanation1

  15. Okay, these black and brown snakes…are these the ones that can kill you in like thirty minutes flat? I’m not trying to divert from the kitty problem, but I’d really love a snake post. Look how many people in the States are saying Ugh, snakes. And poisonous ones at that. Smells like a post to me.

    That said, my optimist is still holding out hope that your boy comes home safe and sound.

  16. When I was a kid, we had a cat named Midnight, black with a white patch on his chest. My brother was little and thought it looked like a moon in the dark sky. Anyway, Midnight disappeared a couple of times, for several months each time. He came back the last time pretty beaten up. Daddy hauled him to the vet and had him fixed up. He ran off again a few months later and we never saw him again. Daddy always told us that cats can’t be kept if they want to roam and Midnight was happier wherever he was. True or not, I always liked that thought.

  17. {{hugs}}

    sadness reigns at the Land Down Under.

    I’m sorry, Peter…

  18. I like Kaycie’s thoughts about him. Wherever he is let’s hope he’s happy even if we don’t like the thought he won’t be coming back, glass half full!.

    It’s true that cats own us, not the other way around. Free spirits rule.

  19. Okay – so maybe some little old Aborigine lady was taking a Walk-a-bout through the local property and spotted him and thought “Well, here’s a traveling companion” – so she picked him up and put him on her shoulder and away he went on some grand adventure. That’s just hoping.

  20. So now I feel reeeeeally guilty about not mentioning my blog buddies in OZ. God WT I am so so sorry. I hope it was quick too. I’m sending a hug. I would bring it in person but if I’m honest I am a crappy British person who is terrified of spiders and has sworn never to visit Oz for fear of creepy crawlies. Yeah I know, sad.

    So so sorry about Booey mate. x

  21. WT, So sorry to read this. My thoughts are with you. (hugs)

  22. If it was a snake, I hope he took the bastard down with him.

  23. And again – bugger it! 😦

  24. I should offer a ray of hope … bu when our super cool outdoor cat went missing, it was because the neighbor over the fence had LOCKED HIM IN THEIR GARAGE. He was nearly starved when we found him a week later.
    But a month?
    He catches his own dinner most days, so maybe he just ventured REALLY far away this time and is fine and well fed (fed by himself) and it’s a long trek back? But don’t they say that cat’s always come back? It could happen. and then what a post you’ll write about it with the made up adventure you’ll write to accompany it. It’ll be awesome.
    Seriously, though …
    Sorry your Booey boy is missing. The second time our Siamese went missing (DeGama was his name) he didn’t come back. I still wonder what happened to that beautiful fun cat.

  25. oooh … I just noticed that “notify me of follow up comments” button and I have to try it.

  26. Ooh! I am subscribed! That was easy.

    Why haven’t I clicked / seen that button before?

    Dang my eyes.

  27. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, all it does is send you an email whenever anyone makes a comment, you’ll end up being flooded with emails of you’re not careful.

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