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Well that was just bizarre!

Just when I finally get around to doing some half-arsed blogging, my blog disappears! Not like as in “Shit! I deleted my blog again.”, no this was more like “Where the fuck is my blog??”

I’m writing this post on the free webspace that WP gives you when you publish though them, I have been generously hosted by a good friend that I met on plurk ages ago. So, Saturday morning I see a comment on a famous social network from someone (you know who you are) saying they couldn’t get my blog to load. “Bullshit!” Was my first reaction – it always is, no matter the circumstance.

Clicking on my toolbar shortcut button, my next reaction was, “Bugger me!”

No blog, nowhere, nohow. This has happened before, and it’s always been a server issue. This time seemed different. I drop a line to my friend letting her know that neither of our blogs are working. I still haven’t heard back from her (and frankly I’m a little concerned).

So now it’s Tuesday and not only have I not heard from my friend, but the blog is still down and the hosting service says that neither I nor my domain are known to them. Oops!

This morning I went out and got myself a hosting service, right now I’m just waiting for them to set up the servers so I can make the changes to my domain and wham-bam-thankyou-m’am, I back! Sadly I predict that when everything is working again, the only thing I’ll be back to, is not blogging.

Postscript: I had intended just to start on a draft while I was waiting to get my DNS info, and then I’d just export it to the new blog for posting, then I thought “Derrr, this is a live blog, post it here and tell people where it is to keep them informed. – Insert forehead slap sound here.) Hopefully it all works.