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Some clarification…

First off thank you all for your support, but I think I need to set the record straight.

1. For those who are holding out hope that he has been adopted/fed by a neighbour.

I thought you understood that I live in the middle of cattle country (literally), that means I’m surrounded by beef producing properties.  Now in case you don’t know the implications of that, let me ‘splain…Apart from being half a mile away from my nearest neighbour (and cats rarely travel that far for fun), there are no pets around here for miles except for mine, the dogs are all working dogs. To my knowledge there are no domestic cats at all, if there are any, the property owners don’t feed them as they are used to keep the mice down in the barns, so no, no-one would be feeding him.

2. For those who think he might have met a lady.

We are responsible pet owners, and as such all our pets are neutered as soon as they are old enough, that’s dogs and cats, boys and girls, there are no exceptions. This means it’s very unlikely that he will show up with a litter of kittens.

3. For those who hope he had a quick demise.

Me too, he has come home beaten up a few times, but he’s always made it home. There’s a good chance that he was bitten by either a black or brown snake (both of which are plentiful right now).

Fortunately, whether he’s dead or alive there’s really not that much diferrence, given that he rarely came inside except for those times that he didn’t manage to catch his own dinner. Depsite the fact that I’ve had him since he was a kitten, neither he nor Buzz have ever been ‘people friendly’. Having said that, he still was a pretty good cat, not like Buzz who’s a real  pain in the butt.

But you never know, he may just show up one day.


This is a sad post to write.

There has been no sign of Booey (the one that I like)  for a month now.  And while up until now I’ve not given up hope, I have to accept the fact that I probably will never seen him again.


I’ve had him since he was this big…


That’s him with his mum (she was one ugly cat, but a great mother).

If he shows up I’ll let you know.

I’m not that deep.

Well here we are, at the all important revealing the answer post. Rather than spend the time and effort required to fill out the post with a cleaver and insightful preamble (because if any post ever needed a clever and insightful preamble,  it’s this one – which you’ll appreciate once you see the answer), I thought I’d let you guys provide the cleverness and insight.

Laurie summed it up most succinctly when, in her usual uncapitalised prose, she said “i love how all roads lead to Edith Piaf. all convoluted, twisted,winding and far-apart-from-each-other roads. if it’s maurice chevalier, i’ll eat my hat. hahahaha.

If you haven’t taken the time to read through the comments, here are a few examples of what she’s talking about:

Molly opined: “The second bird on the January 10 post reminded you of Edith Piaf. This bird might be a Cormorant, which has black feet. The term, Pied Noir, refers to black-feet meaning people of European descent in North Africa, Piaf’s heritage is European and Algerian.” Ah…o.k.a.y….

Whereas Lene astutely pointed out that they weren’t Sparrows when she said “The only French singer I can recall that has anything to do with birds is Edith Piaf (The Sparrow), but that doesn’t look like a sparrow, more like some sort of wading bird, so I’m stumped.”  She gets extra points for including a cricketing term.

However,  Kaycie based her hypothesis on that very fact : “It’s Edith Piaf and you were reminded of her because of her nickname, the little sparrow?

In a dazzling  show of global homogenisation, Mal decided that there were no longer any separate nationalities when he offered ” “The Shadow Of Your Smile” (Love Theme From ‘The Sandpiper’) by Perry Como…”

While in an effort to counteract Mal’s wanton act of Esparantoism, Chris employed the old french scatter gun technique with:  “Edith Piaf was my first thought then Charles Aznavour, Sasha Distel are two more that come to mind. And Maurice Chevalier just because I’m think French singers!” On re-reading that last sentence, I think she may have actually written it in Esperanto.

Ok, now Melissa in NZ gets included because even though she didn’t guess Edith Piaf, her answer is just so bizarre:  “does Celine count as French? Maybe the song is “My Fart will go On”, and that is the reason for the declining Ibis population?

Speaking of inventive answers, in an attempt to bluff her way through, Bethany came up with this gem: “Great hint. I knew the answer right away. I just don’t want to ruin it for everyone else.” Although she never actually said what her answer was.

This one is pretty interesting, Karisma chose to disregard the fact that this song has been sung by virtually everyone except Edit Piaf when she went with: “Edith Piaf – Green Grass of Home —-Coz its grass and other than that I have no idea why! Google is my friend!” Google has let you down, the reason Edith Piaf and Green Green Grass of Home show up together in searches is because Tom Jones has recorded a few songs that Piaf also sang.

And finally, RC is the only one who supplied a completely correct answer when she offered: “Either you’re really devious or I’m really stupid. Or both.” Unfortunately, although she was right on both counts,  it was for the wrong question.

There are lots of other great answers (just look for anything with Swampy attached to it) but the preamble has already turned into a tome, so I’ll have to leave it there for now.

Oh shit! The answer! I almost forgot. We need to bear in mind that it wasn’t until after I posted the first photo that I realised that what I had thought were Egrets for the past 5 years were in fact Ibises, however as my good friend Dr. Pill always says “Perception is reality”, so we’ll therefore disregard ornithological accuracy for the sake of the pun.

So this picture… Egrets:


whereas this next picture

(the one that was in the original post)…..

wait for it….


No Egrets….

ergo Edith Piaf.  As you can see, I’m not really that deep. You may throw things now.


You can take that however you like (an acronym for keep it simple stupid, or a big old sloppy wet one from me), either way is ok.

I decided not to get too elaborate with my  post,  as all I really want to do is wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year…


I hope yours is a great one.

Season’s Greetings!

Merry Christmas to all my friends.


Best wishes from WT, MDW, Bentley, Buddy, Belle, Buzz, Booey and Beau. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

It’s our Anniversary.

MDW has finally got herself a broadband connection, which may be good for her, but it’s really cramping my style…because now she reads my blog!

So Sweetheart, if you’re out there lurking…Happy Anniversary xoxo

Such a handsome couple…..


The bride and groom weren’t too bad either.

Update: We have had the first instance of MDW meddling in my blog! She wanted this one in the post because it has her Matron of Honour and my Best Man (the Legendary ET!)


WT is in da house!

I know it seems like I’ve been ignoring you, but that’s just not true (well actually is it is, but it wasn’t on purpose, I swear, profusely, specially when something doesn’t fit just right). The thing is, I’ve been on the Coast for a few days, and while the good news is that MDW finally has broadband there, the bad news is I forgot to take my passwords with me, so my intention to ‘post from the coast’ was unfulfilled. I promise to tell you all about it tomorrow.

For Me???

Yesterday as I was chatting to Equoni, a package arrived on my front verandah. Here’s the interesting bit, it was actually a package from Equoni. I was both surprised an alarmed, surprised because it was totally unexpected, and alarmed because I had never given her my address! But then I remembered that Swampy had it, and that she had threatened to write it on the wall of the Colorado Springs bus stop, so it turns out that Equoni wasn’t really a stalker, she was just someone waiting for a bus.

But before I get into the package, there are a couple of other thankyous that have been owing for a long time. First off, about ten years ago (I know it was that long ago because she was still blogging at the time) Beccy (Peppermint Tea) sent me a few tasteful items (with some input from ChrisB)…

But wait! There’s more……

The first one is a postcard, the second, a thick plastic sign. Very nice of them to send me a 12″ x 10″ saying that men are full of crap don’t you think? There was also a fridge magnet that I absolutely love, but I’m too lazy to go to the other end of the house and get a photo, another time. Thank you Chris and Beccy!! Hugs….

Now this next one is a bit more complicated. A while ago Beckie (sounds the same but spelled different) had a sort of “Welcome to my new Blog, I’m quitting” give-away that I happened to win. I wasn’t trying to win anything, I was just saying hello. Anyway, she sent me a $50 Amazon gift certificate, which ordinarily would have been fine, but since there’s no Amazon in Oz, it would have cost almost the entire value of the certificate for shipping. But as luck would have it, MDW just happened to be in LA for the past month, so I forwarded it on to her, and she’s now the proud owner of an iPod Shuffle. Thanks Beckie…(smooch).

Ok, on to yesterday’s package, let’s see what in it….

Could it be? No! No-one knows of my secret obsession with bubble wrap!!! I can’t believe it! Woo hoo…

Okay, okay, don’t get your knickers in a knot, I’m getting to it…

Have you ever seen wrapping paper like that before? I know I haven’t! Ok, so now I’ll just show you what was under the wrapping without any further commentary….

Take it from me, if you’ve never had Huckleberry chocolates, you haven’t lived!

Thank you C.

Who was that masked man?

Is it just me, or are there others who would like to know who the hell this Equoni is?

Let me be clear about this, Equoni is not me, she is an actual, 3D person and not a filament of my vivid and over active imagination (yes I know it’s figment, but I wanted to tie into her post). So here’s what I propose, let’s take a vote to see if there’s enough of us to form a majority, and demand she give us a short history of herself.

So, are you with me? Do you want to see Equoni’s Bio? If so vote now.

Oh, I’ve made it easier for all you indecisive people, you can choose more than one option, and you can vote more than once (you can also add your own option), so now I’m sure you will all screw it up completely! But hey, we could get a result…

I’ve taken on a protege.

In the spirit of community volunteership (that is totally a valid word, don’t believe spell check, it’s just a robot), I have decided become a mentor to an up and coming (potential) blogger, and give them benefit of my vast blogging knowledge and experience, not to mention access to the inner sanctum of “A Dingo’s Got My Barbie!!”! (the first two exclamations are part of the blog name, the third was an actual exclamation), I do this with nothing but altruistic intentions. Well almost, the reality is that I’ve become so slack with my blogging of late, that I’ve needed to engage another person just to keep the old Dingo afloat. You know what they say, ‘post or perish’, and I’m just not posting much these days (I think I may need to throw another dog in front of a truck).

Ha ha ha ha! I just had a funny thought, although I suppose you already figured that out by the maniacal laughter. I had a vision of me dressed like Crocodile Dundee (aka Paul Hogan) staring at a computer screen, I turn to the camera and say “Come on over and read my blog, I’ll chuck another pet on the roadway.” Ha ha ha. Now that’s funny shit, I should blog more often!

Anyway, over the next few days and weeks, you’ll be seeing the emergence of a surprise new blogger, one that many of you already know, and one that I hope doesn’t send me completely bat-shit crazy during the process of them becoming a contributor to the Dingo. So stay tuned, this could get interesting…

PS. You’ll love this, I think Bentley must have caught wind of me planning to sacrifice another dog for the sake of the blog, and he’s not taking any chances. He just showed up with two rabbit’s feet!

Seriously, he’s got one hanging from each side of his mouth, at this stage I can’t tell for sure if they’re front or back, but there doesn’t seem to be much body left either way. I’ll spare you the photos.