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Sometimes when I’m dorking off, I think of something that strikes me as funny, then for my own amusement I find objects to make a cartoon. That’s not the case here. I took this photo for a completely different reason, it was only when I saw it that it turned into a cartoon.

Last week I needed dishwashing detergent, but when I went into town to get some I spent five minutes going up and down the aisle trying to find it without success, until I eventually realised that the bastards had changed the shape of the bottle…after 20 years!! I was shattered. But the top on the new model is much better, so I’m over it now. I took the photo so that I had a record of the old bottle, I don’t think I’ll see it again.

Silent Saturday.


A tune. (gazunheidt)

Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn’t feel like communicating? And even if you wanted to, the words just wouldn’t come. Oh sure, you’ve got all kinds of thoughts bouncing off the the old synapses like a box of ping pong balls emptied from hot air balloon on to a dance-floor, but they just don’t make enough sense to put on paper, or even to cast them into the great cyberspace beyond. No? Me either.

But if I did, I’d probably just post a clip of some sort. And I was really devoid of ideas, I’d probably just steal an idea from somewhere else, say, like Fun Monday for instance.

Here’s a song that has been one of my favourites since the early 70s. I’d always thought it was written about the end of the relationship she had with Graham Nash, but in researching it to make sure, it turns out that popular belief is that is was about her relationship with Leonard Cohen. Either way, it’s a hauntingly beautiful song…

I can’t say for sure that all the artwork is hers, but I’m assuming it is since not only is she an accomplished artist, but she did all the artwork for her albums. Oh, in case you’ve lived your life in a cave it’s Joni Mitchell.

Cat lovers


Donkey Diner


Well blow me down!


Saucey pickup lines…