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The other team.

The cats don’t get much of a mention in the blog, that’s mostly because two of them are arseholes and the other one (Beau) while being a great cat, pretty much keeps out of trouble so he doesn’t make the headlines very often.

So in the interests of balance, here’s a picture of them…


Now that’s progressive thinking.

In a time where people are leaving organised religion in droves, the Pope has recently ensured the trend will continue by re-emphasising that only those ‘pure of heart‘ may receive communion. That means that anyone who has been lucky enough to escape a bad marriage, is out of luck when it comes to the sacraments, it also means that in the eyes of the church you are considered second class.

However on reflection, this latest bit of brilliance from the leader of the catholic church may be a blessing in disguise; after all, I doubt that I’d be too thrilled to receive the host from this guy.

So how do you get around this seemingly impossible obstacle to the tabernacle? It’s really quite simple, you just do what Frank Sinatra did and get an annulment. Although I doubt Nancy Barbato was too thrilled about, because that meant that she was never married to Frankie (and consequently lived in sin for a number of years).

Stereo posting!

A couple of bits of info for anybody who is interested.

1. Firstly, I’m a little surprised that so many of you assumed that I was simply posting my TP rant on my blog and wasn’t going to follow it up. Fact is I was looking for the right email to send my complaint to. And no, I didn’t send him my rant (I wanted to be taken seriously, I did include a link to it though). Anyway, I heard back him yesterday…


Thanks for your note. We know that the new editor, which is based on Yahoo technology, has caused some pain for some users. We are deeply sorry about it, but more importantly, we are working overtime to address it. It’s our top priority. I’m sure we’ll have it sorted well before October, and in the meantime you can author via tools like Windows Live Writer which will post directly to TypePad.

Thank you for filing tickets — these do help and it will help us let you know when we’ve fixed the issue.

Sorry to lose you to WordPress for the time being — we’re working hard to win you back.


Christopher J. Alden
Chairman & CEO, Six Apart Ltd.
548 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

2. If you read Chris’ email, you would have noticed that he suggested that I could use Windows Live Writer. Well, my initial response was “What the fuck? I’m paying for the TypePad service, why would I pay for a third party application to write my posts?”

There are two things that I want to say about this, a) Windows Live Writer is actually free, and b) it’s surprising good, in fact it’s fantastic!! I’ve never been much of a M$ fan, but in this case they’ve really done a good job. Not only is it the best editor I’ve used so far, I can publish the same post to multiple sites (which is what I’m doing here).

So if you are a TypePad user and the editor is sending you crazy, you should consider getting Live Writer.

Some points addressed.

Yesterday’s (well, now it’s the day before yesterday’s, but…whatever) post raised some questions (and some concerns), so rather than respond in the post’s comments, I’ll do a post to clear things up.

First, let’s address the shattering of several readers’ illusions of WT. OK, so while I don’t wear the uniform, I do have one, although I prefer denim jeans to moleskins (as does everyone under 95 years old), and I don’t own an oilskin because not only are they outrageously expensive, they stink (seriously, those things are rank!). I’ll not getting dressed up for you, but I will show you a picture…

I mostly wear this as safety type clothing when I’m doing work around the place or getting firewood. And I do wear them a lot in winter, but I still normally wear a baseball cap.

One other thing I should mention, I don’t wear R.M.Williams boots as they are also way too expensive since the yuppies in the city started wearing them and they took on brand-name worship status. I prefer Rossi boots, they are better made and are much cheaper. As for the design of the boot, not many people realise this, but the reason they are designed this way i.e. elastic sides (R.M Williams is credited with coming up with the original design) is so that your foot can slip out of the boot if you get thrown from a horse and you get caught up in the stirrup.

Now to address a few points:

From Rudee:
I like a man in uniform.
Then this may be just what you’re looking for.

From Molly:
“Was that a wild pig then?” asks the citified/suburban/urban fringe American lass?
Yes is was a Wild pig, they are hunted in the mountains about 10 miles from here, and my place is on the way to the chillers.

Tranny meaning…?
Molly are you kidding me?? Google it!

From Jenni:
Australian cowboys (or whatever you call them there) are hot, too.
Around here they are called stockmen, but further into the outback they are called jackaroos.

From LMM:
Looks like something chomped on its neck. What would have done that? Pig shooters or animals?
Actually, when I had a closer look (when I took the photos), I noticed that it had been butchered. My guess is that someone saw it there and cut off some meat for their dogs, Brett agrees.

From Kila:
And please enlighten us. Just how do dog’s balls vary from cat’s balls?
Kila, think size.

Well, I must say, thw WordPress editor is even better than the TypePad editor that used to work properly. For the next few days (at least) I’ll be posting on this blog. I think I’ll change the Feedburner feed to this blog so that if you have subscribed, you shouldn’t have to make any changes. Disregard that, I tried but I dont’ think I succeeded.

Meat the neighbours.

It's nice to have neighbours with cows, because sometimes these…


Can end up being these…

Meat 008

My next door neighbour called me this morning and invited me up for coffee, as I was leaving he gave me this…

Meat 006

It's a cooler (in case you live in on another planet), and it was jam packed with freshly butchered beef. That thing at the bottom right of the meat picture is corned beef, I probably should have arranged it better but I was in a hurry to unpack it, break it up into smaller packs and get it in the freezer. Those T-bones are about the thickest I've seen for quite a while, I had one for lunch because I didn't have a freezer bag big enough to put it in. Now, if only one of my neighbours had a french fry farm I'd be set for life.

PS. My knee is fine now, thanks for all your concern.

Some random photos.

In keeping with my exceptional literary efforts of late, here are a few random photos…

Belle staples 003

Pic 1. These guys are Galahs (which is also a derogatory term).

Rosellas 001

Pic 2. I'm pretty sure these are Eastern Rosellas, the photo doesn't do them justice.

Wood 006

Pic 3. This is some firewood I got the other day.

Now, here's a short clip of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, if you want to get the true effect, turn the volume up really loud (I'm not kidding, these things are noisy!)

WT’s Trivia Challenge.

It's been a while since I've mentioned the Trivia challenge, partly because I haven't been all that enthused about blogging for for some time now, and partly because the majority of people who play don't seem to read the Dingo anyway. However, I feel I should acknowledge Degutails' splendid effort in winning the last three months in succession. For those who may be interested, here's the top ten results for each month since it started.

May 08
30 players played during the month.

1. degutails (332 points, 5 wins)
2. Andrew (323 points, 3 wins)
3. cacaphone (314 points, 12 wins)
4. KarmynR (290 points, 3 wins)
5. WT (283 points, 3 wins)
6. claudia (280 points, 2 wins)
7. PrairieAir (248 points, 0 wins)
8. Lene (237 points, 0 wins)
9. gracewannabe (228 points, 0 wins)
10. AsKatKnits (213 points, 2 wins)

Apr 08
33 players played during the month.

1. degutails (441 points, 6 wins)
2. Lene (323 points, 6 wins)
3. Andrew (297 points, 2 wins)
4. claudia (284 points, 2 wins)
5. WT (279 points, 4 wins)
6. KarmynR (279 points, 0 wins)
7. jgr (242 points, 0 wins)
8. janet (235 points, 0 wins)
9. cacaphone (230 points, 3 wins)
10. mjd (220 points, 0 wins)

Mar 08
40 players played during the month.

1. degutails (358 points, 2 wins)
2. WT (329 points, 4 wins)
3. Andrew (317 points, 4 wins)
4. Lene (315 points, 2 wins)
5. jgr (291 points, 3 wins)
6. janet (290 points, 2 wins)
7. AsKatKnits (267 points, 0 wins)
8. PrairieAir (266 points, 1 wins)
9. gracewannabe (252 points, 1 wins)
10. stu (249 points, 0 wins)

Feb 08
52 players played during the month.

1. pacalaga (463 points, 7 wins)
2. Andrew (416 points, 2 wins)
3. WT (352 points, 5 wins)
4. janet (350 points, 1 wins)
5. degutails (332 points, 4 wins)
6. jgr (300 points, 1 wins)
7. Sandy (296 points, 0 wins)
8. gracewannabe (295 points, 0 wins)
9. KarmynR (291 points, 0 wins)
10. claudia (288 points, 0 wins)

Jan 08
47 players played during the month.

1. Lene (454 points, 7 wins)
2. jgr (423 points, 2 wins)
3. glenyalla (413 points, 3 wins)
4. Sandy (387 points, 3 wins)
5. janet (360 points, 2 wins)
6. degutails (359 points, 4 wins)
7. KarmynR (353 points, 2 wins)
8. pacalaga (329 points, 3 wins)
9. gracewannabe (301 points, 0 wins)
10. nancy9876 (293 points, 0 wins)

Dec 07
52 players played during the month.

1. Lene (476 points, 5 wins)
2. janet (419 points, 1 wins)
3. glenyalla (378 points, 3 wins)
4. melissa (354 points, 2 wins)
5. jgr (350 points, 2 wins)
6. Fianna (344 points, 1 wins)
7. pacalaga (338 points, 5 wins)
8. Sandy (337 points, 2 wins)
9. laurie (334 points, 0 wins)
10. mjd (299 points, 2 wins)

Nov 07
31 players played during the month.

1. Lene (373 points, 5 wins)
2. glenyalla (303 points, 3 wins)
3. melissa (300 points, 7 wins)
4. Fianna (295 points, 3 wins)
5. gibnjen (263 points, 1 wins)
6. janet (258 points, 0 wins)
7. KarmynR (246 points, 4 wins)
8. laurie (243 points, 0 wins)
9. mjd (224 points, 0 wins)
10. Bethany (218 points, 1 wins)

Oct 07
36 players played during the month.

1. melissa (368 points, 5 wins)
2. Lene (366 points, 3 wins)
3. glenyalla (313 points, 5 wins)
4. gibnjen (308 points, 4 wins)
5. Fianna (303 points, 3 wins)
6. KarmynR (302 points, 3 wins)
7. laurie (267 points, 1 wins)
8. Bethany (204 points, 0 wins)
9. BlueMomma (199 points, 0 wins)
10. Alix (193 points, 1 wins)

Sep 07
30 players played during the month.

1. melissa (153 points, 6 wins)
2. glenyalla (145 points, 8 wins)
3. Lene (124 points, 2 wins)
4. KarmynR (118 points, 3 wins)
5. beccy (101 points, 1 wins)
6. BlueMomma (93 points, 0 wins)
7. chrisb (85 points, 0 wins)
8. mjd (75 points, 0 wins)
9. Sixy (56 points, 0 wins)
10. notadingo (49 points, 1 wins)