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This is a sad post to write.

There has been no sign of Booey (the one that I like)  for a month now.  And while up until now I’ve not given up hope, I have to accept the fact that I probably will never seen him again.


I’ve had him since he was this big…


That’s him with his mum (she was one ugly cat, but a great mother).

If he shows up I’ll let you know.

Fun (quirky) Monday

funmondaylogoFor those of you who know me, you’d know that I don’t do many FMs these days, but there was something about this one that hooked me (maybe because it goes back to the “show and tell” roots of FM).  Coincidentally, next week will be the 2nd Anniversary of Fun Monday.

That said however, I almost didn’t do it, for after I had signed up, I realised that while I had plenty of quirky crap, there’s almost nothing that I wouldn’t be prepared to give away. Just when I was about to go back and take my name off the list, I remembered these two gadgets, neither of which would I ever part with under under circumstance.

First off we have the wonder pliers, this thing has been my most handy all round tool for over 20 years, and it only cost a couple of bucks…


What the wonder pliers are to the garage, my magic scissors are to the kitchen…


All the other FMers can be found over at Jan’s place, have a Fun Monday.

I’m not that deep.

Well here we are, at the all important revealing the answer post. Rather than spend the time and effort required to fill out the post with a cleaver and insightful preamble (because if any post ever needed a clever and insightful preamble,  it’s this one – which you’ll appreciate once you see the answer), I thought I’d let you guys provide the cleverness and insight.

Laurie summed it up most succinctly when, in her usual uncapitalised prose, she said “i love how all roads lead to Edith Piaf. all convoluted, twisted,winding and far-apart-from-each-other roads. if it’s maurice chevalier, i’ll eat my hat. hahahaha.

If you haven’t taken the time to read through the comments, here are a few examples of what she’s talking about:

Molly opined: “The second bird on the January 10 post reminded you of Edith Piaf. This bird might be a Cormorant, which has black feet. The term, Pied Noir, refers to black-feet meaning people of European descent in North Africa, Piaf’s heritage is European and Algerian.” Ah…o.k.a.y….

Whereas Lene astutely pointed out that they weren’t Sparrows when she said “The only French singer I can recall that has anything to do with birds is Edith Piaf (The Sparrow), but that doesn’t look like a sparrow, more like some sort of wading bird, so I’m stumped.”  She gets extra points for including a cricketing term.

However,  Kaycie based her hypothesis on that very fact : “It’s Edith Piaf and you were reminded of her because of her nickname, the little sparrow?

In a dazzling  show of global homogenisation, Mal decided that there were no longer any separate nationalities when he offered ” “The Shadow Of Your Smile” (Love Theme From ‘The Sandpiper’) by Perry Como…”

While in an effort to counteract Mal’s wanton act of Esparantoism, Chris employed the old french scatter gun technique with:  “Edith Piaf was my first thought then Charles Aznavour, Sasha Distel are two more that come to mind. And Maurice Chevalier just because I’m think French singers!” On re-reading that last sentence, I think she may have actually written it in Esperanto.

Ok, now Melissa in NZ gets included because even though she didn’t guess Edith Piaf, her answer is just so bizarre:  “does Celine count as French? Maybe the song is “My Fart will go On”, and that is the reason for the declining Ibis population?

Speaking of inventive answers, in an attempt to bluff her way through, Bethany came up with this gem: “Great hint. I knew the answer right away. I just don’t want to ruin it for everyone else.” Although she never actually said what her answer was.

This one is pretty interesting, Karisma chose to disregard the fact that this song has been sung by virtually everyone except Edit Piaf when she went with: “Edith Piaf – Green Grass of Home —-Coz its grass and other than that I have no idea why! Google is my friend!” Google has let you down, the reason Edith Piaf and Green Green Grass of Home show up together in searches is because Tom Jones has recorded a few songs that Piaf also sang.

And finally, RC is the only one who supplied a completely correct answer when she offered: “Either you’re really devious or I’m really stupid. Or both.” Unfortunately, although she was right on both counts,  it was for the wrong question.

There are lots of other great answers (just look for anything with Swampy attached to it) but the preamble has already turned into a tome, so I’ll have to leave it there for now.

Oh shit! The answer! I almost forgot. We need to bear in mind that it wasn’t until after I posted the first photo that I realised that what I had thought were Egrets for the past 5 years were in fact Ibises, however as my good friend Dr. Pill always says “Perception is reality”, so we’ll therefore disregard ornithological accuracy for the sake of the pun.

So this picture… Egrets:


whereas this next picture

(the one that was in the original post)…..

wait for it….


No Egrets….

ergo Edith Piaf.  As you can see, I’m not really that deep. You may throw things now.

Ok, one last clue…

This will be as good as giving you the answer! So here goes….

funmonday-fridge-0021 You have to appreciate that I’m not much of an ornithologist, and up until I did this competition I actually thought that this little guy —>

bird-two was one of these —>

So they you have it in a nutshell!

I realised that seeing as  I was going public with the photos,  I should verify what kind of bird it was, so as not to show my complete ignorance, boy did I feel stupid when I found that I was wrong! (maybe I should have checked before I started the contest and posted the photos). Anyway there you have it, clear as mud!

All you have to do, is put 2 and 3  together and somehow get 6. You would do this by taking the first two photos I posted, and add my appalling knowledge of birds to give you answer to why I was reminded of the French singer (which by the way has been guessed numerous times so far).

A clue.


A competition.

It’s been a long time since I’ve have had a competition at the Dingo (hell it’s been a long time since I actually blogged at the Dingo!) Anyway, I’ve decided to herald the new year with a small contest and a prize so good that, if you win it, you’ll wonder why you even bothered to enter in the first place.

I used to hold competitions all the time, but I’ve come to realise that mine were way too easy, judging by others that I’ve seen (you know, the ones that make you spend an hour scouring their old posts for the answers), so from now on, no more Mister Nice Guy! This one is really going to make you think, at the very least it will make you think I’m an idiot.

So here goes…

The question has two parts 1) What French singer does this photo make me think of, and 2) Why?


*If no-0ne has got it by tomorrow I’ll give you a clue.

Very patient, or a slow learner?

For some time the hot water tap (faucet) in my kitchen had been leaking. While a leak is not normally such a big deal, a leak in the middle of a drought can’t be ignored for too long if you collect your own water.

So putting on my plumber’s pants (the ones that show my butt crack to its best advantage) I went into town and bought some replacement washers. Seeing as I had to drain the the hot-water tank in the roof (the hot water is gravity fed, while the cold water is on a pressure pump), I decided to replace them all at the same time. The preceding sentence has absolutely no relevance to this story whatsoever.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I had accomplished the task (I make Tim Taylor look good). Before I knew it, everything was put back together, and the pump switched back on. Bingo! no more leak. But there was one thing that seemed a little odd. When I turned on the hot water tap at the kitchen sink, the water didn’t come out immediately, it took a few seconds. “That’s new” was my astute observation. As I was changing the washers I noticed that the spindle was sticking in that tap, so I pulled the tap apart and sprayed WD40 on it, and eventually loosened it up, so I knew that it couldn’t be the tap that was the problem.

Eventually I determined that because the leak had been stopped, and because the hot water was only gravity fed and not under pressure, and because the pipes come from above the ceiling then under the sink and back up again that those three things conspired to make a slight delay in the delivery of water. So I decided to live with it.

Different situations produced different results, for example it was always worse first thing in the morning, but it wasn’t as bad if I used the bathroom taps before I filled the jug. But then it began taking longer and longer. It got to the point where I would go to the kitchen, turn the tap on and then go back, have a piss, wash my hands and get back to the kitchen before the water showed up, every… fucking… morning.

One day as I was standing there waiting for the water to come out of the tap, I got to thinking. First off I decided that this was bullshit. Then I tried to figure out what was causing it (actually this wasn’t the first time I’d thought about it).  It couldn’t possibly be that the tap itself was cactus, as I’d given it a grease and oil change when I replaced the washer, but what else could it be? Finally I bit the bullet and bought a new tap.

Well cut off my legs and call me Shorty! The water flow was now instantaneous. It was the tap all along. The inside of the tap was so pitted and grungy that apparently when I turned the handle, the washer didn’t move until there was enough water pressure  built up to push the washer out of the way, which took a while seeing as it was gravity fed.

I was ecstatic! So for the past 4 weeks I’ve had water whenever I want it, my life is wonderful. It’s just a shame I didn’t stumble onto the remedy two years ago, when I changed the washers….