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The Story of me. The wrap up.

Well that’s it, thanks everyone for all your compliments. There’s just one thing that I want to make clear before I answer (if I can) a few questions. Several of you have expressed the fear that your life is boring compared to mine, or just plain boring. Read my lips..’Your lives are not boring’. I don’t say this to make anyone feel better, I say it because it’s a fact and I believe it. It only seems boring to you because you are living it and you know the full story.

Just stop for a second and ask yourself “when was the last I time was able to spend all day watching TV because I had nothing to do?” That’s closer to the definition of boredom. You need to be careful not to confuse a boring life with one that doesn’t have an exotic backdrop. The only difference between our lives is that my stage scenery is a bit more colourful, but ultimately the script doesn’t vary that much between us all. You’re born, you leave the nest, you make a life then you die.

1. How long ago was this? I’ve lived here for 3 years.

2. Don’t you miss the spoonin? Even when we sleep in the same bed we don’t spoon, never have.

3. Don’t you miss morning coffee on the patio – no words- just company? MDW doesn’t drink coffee.

4. Don’t you miss someone to tell you to take out the garbage? NO.

5. How difficult is the cost of two households? It’s not too bad. As this house is in regional Australia the rates (what you call taxes) are very cheap, I don’t pay for water, sewerage or garbage because there isn’t any. We own this one and only have a fairly small mortgage on the Coast house (and we have enough money in the bank to pay it out if we want to).

6. Don’t you worry that someone might sweep her off her feet? She is gorgeous. No I don’t and yes she is.

7. Did YDW just say Okay? Yes, she had to be on board because everything we own is in joint names. She’s used to my hairbrained schemes, I’ve come home with sailing boats more than once.

8. How often do you guys get to see each other? Usually every two or three months, but sometimes it can be every week. It depends on her schedule, she speaks at conferences all around Australia and overseas, last Feb she spoke at one in Vancouver.

9. Are you guys on the phone with each other a lot? We speak every few days. She gets home so late after a day of intense human interaction that she doesn’t have much left in the tank. If we need to talk we do.

17 Responses

  1. I think I’m the only one of all y’all (that’s southern–I’m not–learned it from my hot husbnad) who appreciates solitude as much as willow…Man, it sounds ideal!BethB-007

  2. I think y’all are all sissies. What y’all wanna ask is about sex but you’re all too chicken to ask (for the record, this isn’t a question). Pamela got the closest with her “spoonin” question.I haven’t even had breakfast and I’m cracking myself up!Great story, Willowtree, with few exceptions since June 2006, your posts have been delicious (and yeah, you can think of the exceptions to “delicious”);).

  3. Wow. Great morning coffee read. I’m thinking you’re not really that different from most of us. I don’t know about the other girls, but between my husband’s 70 hour a week job and our three kids, I think we see each other once about every two to three months too.

  4. Well, I am impressed! I could not do it, but certainly am not going to judge you for doing it. Thanks for answering all the questions.

  5. Thank you willow tree, that is AMAZING!!! Your life experiences should be written and documented in book for others to read.YDW must have incredible patience and understanding your need for solitude takes a special person but just from the tidbits you’ve written it sounds as if her own background maybe leads to more understanding than most of us could or would.You are a great writer and I love hearing about your adventures and cant wait for more. After 3 years of “camping” do you still love it that much?I could do with solitude but not the no water, sewer, and garbage pickup thing. Lived it, hated it.I like flushing. I like daily showers.

  6. This works better than some other people’s err…arrangements. I used to work for this guy. He and his wife lived in the same house, but had completely separate lives. They didn’t seem to like each other very much but apparently it was easier and less messy for them to remain cordial roommates than divorcing. Now that I thought was weird.

  7. when the hubby was a firefighter we sometimes met in the hallwaycoming and going…now he’s 8 to 5 or so like me.my word ver: xwisx which I think is the question about sex

  8. Robin, just so you don’t go to your grave wondering, this is not a Michael Jackson/ Lisa Marie Presley marriage. We do have a physical relationship.C. I’ve known two diferrent couples like you just described. One finally ended in divorce (thankfully) the other still exists in misery.Now here’s a question. How many of you are genuinely happy every time you see your spouse and genuinely sad when they leave? I am.

  9. willowtree said… How many of you are genuinely happy every time you see your spouse and genuinely sad when they leave?I know I am. Me and Robo Cop do get on each other nerves at times, but one NEVER knows what life has in store for you and what can happen in a day. The look in his eye tells me he is sad when he leaves for the day. I know I am VERY happy and grateful when Robo Cop comes home. 🙂 Your blog is interesting. Thanks for answering personal questions 🙂

  10. Michael & Lisa Marie weren’t physical???!!Hey, friend, you know I wasn’t fishing for an answer. Just felt like “we” were all over the question, that’s all.Thanks for playing along 🙂

  11. Okay – earlier today I made this awesome comment and then blogger puked and it got lost…I’m going to try again and duplicate it.First part was: Thanks Robin for hitting the nail on the head and “not” answering the right question.Second part was: WT – I think the only reason your marriage works is because you and YDW TRUST each other….and that is amazing, beautiful, and completely wonderful.

  12. This situation clearly works for you and YDW. It wouldn’t work for everyone, just like my life wouldn’t work for everyone, etc.You’re very lucky you’ve found the perfect match!

  13. Ree, that is the most insightful comment on the matter (all due respect to everyone else who left great coments).It’s not so much a matter of how wonderful she is or how great I am (although I am pretty great). It boils down to not only being able to recognise your perfect match when you see it, but more importantly, being lucky enough to stumble across it in the first place.

  14. Dang WT, you need to copy parts of this and save them for a rainy day for your wife years from now. That was so tender hearted of you and so wonderful.It would make a wonderful anniversary letter.

  15. I’ve gotten behind! Wow, what an amazing relationship. . .Birddog and I were apart during the week and then he drove home every weekend (over 500 miles one way). He would get in late on Friday night and leave as early as I could shoo him off on Sunday afternoon’s. I was so excited for him to get him and cried every time he backed out of the driveway.It was hard for me to go a week without him with me. . .When he finally got to stay home it took A LOT of adjustment.You do have a perfect match.

  16. Very Innovative lifestyle. I think it’s wondrous. People look at me funny when I say “Let there be space in our togetherness. ”

    Sometimes I like living with peeps.. other times I go walkabout – I can be gone 6 weeks and never see another soul in the mountains.

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

  17. It sounds like you’ve had an interesting life! and I don’t blame you one bit for wanting some peace and quiet.

    and I’m glad that your blood pressure was controlled, otherwise I wouldn’t be reading your blog!

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