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The Story of me. Part 2

First the obligatory reference to Part 1

Sorry about the poor quality pic, but it’s old and it was a crap camera.

Managed to save my airfare back to Oz and returned to discover an even better form of employment, and for the next few years worked on mine construction, mostly in West Australia (that’s where the real money is, in 1975 I was earning in the top 3% of wager earners in Oz). This period is so interesting that I’ll write about it in detail at a later date, but here’s a primer – I saw an accident that killed five miners, and I had an accident that severed my calf muscle. Anyway, the money and the short term nature of the contracts allowed me to spend significant time in South East Asia, where I learned to speak Thai well enough to get a job at a resort in Phuket.

One of those seemingly insignificant events that happens to you when you’re young, but has a long term effect on you, happened to me when I was about 10 years old. I was walking to the bus stop with a lady who lived nearby and she was telling me about how she had been around the world. It not only impressed the shit out of me (in truth I didn’t really know what she was talking about but it sounded cool), but it stayed with me to this day. So when I was around 24, I decided to circumnavigate the world (without a boat), and started by travelling overland to Europe. On the way I met MBF in Thailand. I worked in England and Canada for a while, and eventually hooked up with MBF in San Jose, where I joined him in a money making scheme to buy six houses all next to each other, renovate them and clean up in the property boom. It sort of worked, at least I made money out of it.

MBF introduced me to the woman who would later become my wife. After only four dates in three months, during a night on the booze in Truckee (where I was living at the time) we decided to get married . Three months later we were married, no mean feat given that we lived roughly 300 miles apart(sound familiar?) for all but the two weeks prior to the wedding. We immigrated to Oz (well, she immigrated, I just came home), thus completing a five year journey from Sydney to Sydney in a westerly direction. MDW had previously completed a similar adventure, only her’s was LA to LA. We then spent two years working, followed by six months living in a VW camper on Cape York peninsula in far north QLD while we waited for my US residency (now that’s a story).

We returned to the States where I spent the next three years working on the construction of computer manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley before deciding that I didn’t want to be an electrician anymore. So we headed back to Oz , this time travelling east all the way, thus completing a circumnavigation in each direction. I did this because I wanted the day back that I had lost going the other way.

After spending time in Canada, Europe and Asia we arrived back in Sydney and moved to the Central Coast where I sat an entrance exam to university and was accepted (not bad for someone who left school at sixteen with only a High School Certificate). The reason for coming back to Oz to further my education rather than going to college in the States was that not only was the tuition free, but the government gave me $7,000 a year to attend university, this has since changed.

Coming up next, the one you’ve all been waiting for, why we live so far apart. I can guarantee you will be disappointed. It really is a non event, but hey! you guys seem so interested.

17 Responses

  1. Wow, free tuition? That’s incredible.Did you recover fully from your injury? That sounded like one dangerous job. I can’t wait to hear that story.

  2. You’ve traveled so much and done so many things. Makes me feel positively boring! Free tuition and a government stipend to attend university….amazing.

  3. I was about to say the same thing Songbird said.. If I started to tell you about my life…let’s see. something interesting…ya wanna hear about my episiotomy. (:I’m loving your story — but I have the feeling you are skipping some things because you don’t want to make it too long. ???Take as long as you like.

  4. Wow! So were you a Lineman? That is what we call them here. My Dad was a lineman, before his BIG accident. It was bad, might mention it on my blog someday. Talk about a brush with death. We had, key word being HAD, a University here that started giving free tuition to get more students enrolled. Needless to say their finances never caught up and that University is no longer here.Awaiting Part 3~

  5. oh.. I nearly forgot the obligatory comment on how cute you looked.Couldn’t quite see the cheeks… butt, you do look so very cute up there.

  6. Oh wait. Forgot to mention that the calf muscle injury made me wince. That just hurts thinking about it. But do tell!What an interesting life you have! :)(I knew that if I didn’t come back and mention the injury I would get in trouble!)

  7. When are you going to publish your book? Thanks for sharing and Happy Rockin’ Birthday. Cute little boy in the smocked jumper.Anxiously awaiting part 3.

  8. I did this because I wanted the day back that I had lost going the other way.^ I let out a mini-snort on that line :). And I almost did on Pamela’s comment–witty girl, she is. This is a rather pithy telling of the story of your life, in spite of its 3-part nature; I imagine you have plenty of blog fodder to fill in the details as time rolls along. I was wondering if there were any residual effects from your calf injury. Did it leave you with a manly swagger?I was right there w/Pamela and Songbird, feeling like I’ve barely “lived” when I hear your life experiences. But, when I think about the details, many of which I’d rather forget (or wish hadn’t happened), perhaps there’d be a story to tell after all. Without the travel. And international intrigue. And near brushes with death. Just a whole lot of family insanity. I think it all comes down to being able to tell a story, and you, my friend, can tell a story!I was hoping Part Deux would be up; reading this is my morning wake up (that, and a yummmmmmmmy cup of Joe). I still feel like crap, raging end-of-summer crud or bronchitis or diptheria or something (and yeah, I was going for sympathy as I say “au revoir”). Thanks for putting it “out there” for your blogmates :).

  9. Wow! I’ve led a rather boring life, but that’s okay – it’s mine.I agree, I think you’ve skipped some parts and maybe you will fill us in later. . .Patiently waiting for more!

  10. Wow. That is one big pole. And I have a weakness for linemen and well, linewomen. Ok. Linepersons. And now I have Glen Campbell stuck in my head. (I know I need a small vacaaaaattiooon, but it don’t look like rain). I think that I need your kind of marriage. Lots and lots of space, but someone to call when you just need to hear a voice that sits in your heart. I don’t suppose your wife has a sister? And if she were a um lineperson that would be such a nice little perk.

  11. Like others have said before me, I lived a boring life so far, but I like it that way. I am waiting for me kids to become older than I will become the wild woman that lives deep inside of me. 🙂 My word verification lobusity…a lobotomy gone bad.

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  13. Severed the calf muscle? That must’ve hurt like a mutha. Like MJ asked, full recovery?I sit in awe of the story and feel like the 10 year old you, wow! that sounds cool!

  14. I love how you incorporate clever little quips into each of your posts. My favorite line this time: “I did this because I wanted the day back that I had lost going the other way.”Hysterical.

  15. Thanks everyone. I dispute totally that any of you have led boring lives, while they may seem boring to you (and that’s only because you know everything about it), they wouldn’t be boring to someone else.Don’t let all the place names fool you, you have to breathe wherever you are. Plus I’ve never had kids and they really make life interesting.

  16. Me likey the new profile pic…

  17. okay, once again – I took a day off and am now hopelessly behind….1st Happy Belated Birthday, 2nd – so, if you had traveled the same direction around the world to get back to Oz, would your birthday have been a day earlier? heh heh heh?Now off to read part3

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